Best and Natural Pedicure at Home with simple prducts

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Summers are here and you must be enjoying your holidays. While summer is  fun time for all of us, it takes its toll on our feet. They have to come out from the comfort of socks and boots and expose to the bare world.  Most of us ignore our feet the most when it comes to personal care and therefore make them vulnerable to cracks, blisters, corns, and so on. And that is when we pay emergency visits to salon for pedicure. Won’t it be good to know about natural pedicure at home?

Pedicure is not just about beautifying your feet. It is relaxing and therapeutic in nature. Our feet encompass many vital nerves of our body and a good pedicure can help in removing the stress and rejuvenating us. Personally, I feel pedicure should be done more frequently and that is why I have started pampering my feet with a weekly natural pedicure at home. As much as I love the results of this simple, easy and natural pedicure, I have decided to share it with all of you.


Pedicure at home
Pedicure at home


Lets talk about all the steps and products required for natural pedicure at home.

  1. Start with a Blissful Soak

Start with cleaning the toenails from previously applied nail paint by using an acetone free nail polish remover. Fill a tub with warm water; throw some small pebbles or marbles into it. Add a handful of Epsom salt, small amount of shampoo (or your favorite foot wash), a few rose petals and some lemon slices into the water. Also add a few drops of olive oil into the tub. You can also include some drops of essential oil into the water, as per your liking.

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Using lavender or eucalyptus oil would be the best options. While Lavender oil is good at rejuvenating the skin and nerves, Eucalyptus oil works great as an antiseptic & disinfectant. The anti inflammatory properties of Epsom salt soothe the inflammations and ease out the muscle pain.

Pebbles give a light massage to your feet and lemon slices are good for your tanned skin. Soak your feet into this water for good 20 minutes and keep rubbing the lemon slices on your skin in between. This soak will soften the skin and nails of your feet, so you can easily scrub away all the dirt and dead skin, by using a pumic stone and brush. Thereafter, dry your feet with a clean towel.


  1. Shape your nails

After this heavenly soak, cut the toenails with a nail clipper. Cut them straight across and don’t go too close to the skin. Cutting the corners too deep will lead you to painful ingrown nails, so be careful. Next use a nail filer to shape the nails. Always file the nails in one direction with quick and short strokes. Avoid using metal filers. Then use olive oil along with glycerine as a cuticle cream. Apply them on your toes and push the cuticles back. Never try to cut the cuticles. Besides being painful, damaged cuticles will make you vulnerable to infections as well.

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Effective Pedicure Tips
Effective Pedicure Tips



  1. Exfoliate

There are many foot scrubs you can make easily at home. The easiest and my favorite is honey and sugar scrub. Just take some granulated sugar and honey, mix them together and apply on your feet as a scrub. Powdered Masoor dal, turmeric along with milk makes another good scrub for your feet. You can either use your hands or a loofah to apply these scrubs. Exfoliate your feet for 5-7 minutes, focusing more on rough areas like the ankles, heels, sides and in between the toes, then rinse off with fresh water.

best home pedicure for females
best home pedicure for females
  1. Moisturize And Massage

After cleaning your feet from all the dirt and dead skin, now is the time to nourish them with a good massage. Any heavy moisturizer will serve your purpose. Sandalwood oil, sesame oil and coconut oil can also be good alternatives for foot massage creams. Start with pressing your thumb along the sole of your foot, going from heals to toes. Massage the sole in back and forth movements and make round strokes on the ankles and balls of the foot. Foot massage enhances blood circulation, reduces stress, helps your body to relax and nourishes your feet.


Painting Nails during Pedicure
Painting Nails during Pedicure


  1. Paint Your Nails

Finally wipe off the excess oils from the toe nails and paint them into the color of your choice. You can also opt for clear nail paint for a simple look. Use three strokes to evenly apply the nail paint. Always apply two coats of your selected nail paint and finish it off with a thin coat of clear nail polish. Clean the slip ups using a Q tip and nail polish remover, and you are done.

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Natural Pedicure Tips
Natural Pedicure Tips


This completes our natural pedicure at home. Health of your feet speaks volumes about your overall health. So pamper yourself with this simple and easy pedicure once every fortnight, and share your experience in the comments below.


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Keep Flaunting, Happy Living..!!

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