Body Health Facts, Sex Health Facts and Best Health Practices

Last Updated on November 23rd, 2020

Have you ever thought of these health related facts and consider taking care of these. If no then you should because they are not just words of mouth but facts that are extracted out of research in science and technology. They are based on some studies that reveal that how your daily lifestyle affects your health in a good or a bad way. There are some interesting body health facts, sex health facts, sleep facts as well that will enhance your health knowledge.


Let’s Start with Happiness/Laughter Facts.

  • Happiness and a strong sense of emotional vitality help lower your risk of heart diseases. Laughter provides a full-scale workout for your muscles and unleashes a rush of stress-busting endorphins.
  • Laughter comes from the body not the mind. Since our bodies cannot distinguish between real and fake laughter, anything that makes you giggle will have a positive impact. You do not need to be happy or have a sense of humor to benefit from a good laugh. This is why we have laughter therapy called Laughter Yoga that helps you stay fit.
health benefits of laughter
health benefits of laughter

In September 2011, academics from Oxford University published research demonstrating that continuous laughter significantly increases people’s pain threshold, by as much as 10%. 
That means your body can bear the pain of more than 10% than normal and you wouldn’t even know that you are having pain in that situation when you are under the threshold limit.


You also get an aerobic exercise.  Laughter tones your muscles and improves your respiration – and your immune system is boosted which helps you to resist disease.

So keep laughing and let others laugh as well.



Amazing Facts About Your Heart

  • A women’s Average heart beat is faster than a man’s by almost 8 beats a minute.
  • Your Heart is a coordinated machine. The RIGHT SIDE pumps blood into your lungs, while the LEFT SIDE pumps it back into your body.
  • Each minute your heart pumps 1.5 gallons of blood.
  • Your heart beats 100,000 times a day.
  • The first heart cell starts to beat as early as 4 weeks.
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Conclusion:-“Your Heart is an incredible Organ, so you better take care of it.”



Shocking Body Health Facts

  • Guys are more likely than girls to have bad acne and this is by the ratio of 3-to-2. So guys take good care of your skin because girls are on the safer side.
  • Body facts:-The kidneys filter your blood up to 300 times per day.
  • The rate at which your body burns calories when you are resting is called your “resting metabolic rate.” If you cut calories below what’s needed for RMR, your body will go into survival mode because it doesn’t have the energy to perform basic functions.




Interesting SEX Health Facts to Know 

best foods that can work as vigra
how to increase your sex stamina
  • Sex helps to reduce Acne and relieve pain. Yes that is an incredible way for sure to deal with pain instead of taking pain killers. Seriously Sex can help you in fighting acne as well. How does that happen? The hero of this research is the “oxytocin” which is released right before and during climax to make you feel the good stuff. Oxitocin and a few other endorphins makes this possible for you to have the ultimate pleasure.


  • Sex also boosts your immune and cardiovascular systems, and can increase your immunoglobulin by 30%, which fights off flu and infection. As for the heart, it can cut the risk of heart attack by up to 50%.
are you performing good in bed, mens health and fitness
are you performing good in bed, mens health and fitness
  • Sex helps you Burn Calories. No doubt you might be aware of this since it involves the physical movement but do you know that up to 100 calories or more can be burned in one sixty minute “session”.


  • Sex keeps you younger. Forget the anti-aging serum – in a recent study in Scotland, men and women who had sex at least four times a week, looked, on average, ten years younger.
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health benefits of sex and foreplay
health benefits of sex and foreplay
  • Sex helps to bring good sleep. Due to the endorphin rush and post-climax decline, a calmness and peace replace stress and insomnia in most. The change from incredibly intense physical action by the muscles to relaxing and the addition of the endorphin decline encourages a restful, calming state that results in a deep, satisfying sleep.


  • Sex helps you stay physically fit. When you are sexually active, the thought of making your partner feel the same desire again makes you do some workout daily to get a muscular body ( for men ), good slim figure (for female). With the goal of keeping your physique desirable, extra time working out – wanting to be in your best shape ever for your loving partner have healthy advantages for both.
health benefits of having a safe sex
health benefits of having a safe sex


Fact :- Having a body you’re proud of improves your overall outlook on everything and can boost your self-esteem.


Some Important things you should practice for your good health

Practice this exercise:-

Grab toes and pull inwards like shown in the picture below. This stretching exercise will help boosts circulation after your feet have been cramped in the tight shoes all day long and didn’t have the chance to breathe out. This blocks the circulation in the toes and feet and without proper circulation, the muscles and nerves don’t work properly.  This can cause pain in knees, hips and back.

grab your toes and pull healthy stretching exercise
grab your toes and pull healthy stretching exercise

Follow this note:- 

Always keep a medical note or card in your wallet that lists out any allergies you have or medications you are taking, in case you end up in some situation where you can’t speak for yourself. This can save your life.

Reduce this noise:- 

MP3 players can create sound up to 120 decibels which is loud enough to cause hearing loss over time. To reduce the effect you should follow the 60/60 rule that is “Keep volume coming through your headphones to no more than 60 percent of the max, for no more than 60 minutes a day”.

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Kill the Bacteria in house:- 

The dish washing sponge is the house of many bacteria that can make you ill. So do have a cleanup or change it frequently to avoid the germs enter into your house.

Stay Naked for a while:-

Sleeping naked sometimes can help. Wearing no undergarments or just the cotton ones helps external genitals to dry and reduces bacteria growth that could otherwise make its way into your urethra and cause a bladder infection. It may also cause skin infection under the place.


So I hope these facts were able to help you in learning how you can stay healthy and avoid unwanted problems. If you still feel that something was missing than you can tell us in the comment section below and we will surely come up with the best of your suggestions and feedbacks.

We will come back with Healthy Facts Part 2, till then

Take a Healthy note of these facts and stay fit.


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