Botullinum Toxin Treatment For Male Facial Wrinkles, Forehead Lines, & Crow’s Feet

There is no doubt, men and dermal fillers rarely end up in the same sentence. It is generally women and dermal fillers, never men. Why? First, and foremost, it just seems out of the ordinary for men to be that concerned about their appearance. Botulinum toxin treatment is a dermal filler with many cosmetic purposes. 

Women were immediately drawn to this form of cosmetic procedure as soon as it hit the market. Men, on the other hand, have always been a bit hesitant to follow in their female counterparts’ footsteps when it comes to cosmetic procedures. On a good note, dermal fillers are non-invasive, meaning there is no surgery involved in the treatment.


Minimizes Acne Scars

Some boys are prone to acne, a condition that when severe can result in permanent damage to the skin. Like girls, boys struggle to get and keep their acne under control. At such a young age, no one wants to monitor every little thing they eat to avoid an acne flare-up. While acne is more about out-of-control hormones, some food tends to make the symptoms more severe. 

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By the time, the acne is under control, the skin is filled with discolored craters of all different sizes. Contrary to belief, these very noticeable scars can be very traumatizing for a young boy or teenager, which is where cosmetic injectable treatments can come into play. A dermatologist injects the dermal filler into each depressed area to give the appearance of a smoother appearance.

Dermal fillers offer several months of relief from the damage left behind by childhood and teenage acne. 


dermal fillers
dermal fillers

Minimizes Frown Lines & Forehead Lines

As a child, frown lines or dimples are adorable. As an adult, they are unappealing and unattractive. Some men have some very apparent frown lines that become more pronounced with age. Dermal fillers have proven to be an effective treatment in minimizing furrows, a term utilized in reference to frown lines.

While the frown lines will not permanently disappear, a dermal filler can make them less noticeable. Not all men are ashamed of their frown lines but those who are can always rely on cosmetic fillers to minimize the impact.

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Minimizes Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are permanent damage caused by skin stretching due to obesity, bulking up, and high levels of cortisol, an adrenal gland hormone. Men who continuously bulk up and cut weight to build muscle are oftentimes left to deal with stretch marks. 

Professional male bodybuilders are very particular about their appearance. They go to great lengths to perfect their skin, muscles, and other parts of their bodies. Standing in front of a panel of judges is stressful enough but a single stretch mark could ruin all the hard work, time, and resources invested in looking perfect. Professional and amateur male bodybuilders are turning to cosmetic dermal fillers to temporarily ward off unappealing stretch marks. Injecting the solution into the skin near the stretch mark fills in the indented area. 

Dermal fillers offer male bodybuilders up to 12 months of relief from unsightly stretch marks.


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