Brahma Mudra : How To Do It And Its Health Benefits

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma is also known as the ‘Creator of the universe.’ Brahma means divine and is also cited as the ultimate consciousness of one’s inner self. Brahma mudra is a hand mudra that can be performed either as a part of pranayama, meditation, or can also be performed autonomously.

The Brahma mudra has in numerous benefits and is known to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression, and other physical health benefits.

The Brahma mudra involves the integrated movement of the hand, neck, mind, and the sound of “Om.” The process involves deep breathing, hand movements, and OM sounds simultaneous.

mudra asana for healing health
mudra asana for healing health

The Connotation of a Hand Mudra

According to ancient history, the universe is built of five elements- fire, water, earth, ether, and air. The human body is said to be made of these elements. The five fingers each represent one of these elements.

The hand mudras are each designed to perform a specific function and provide numerous health benefits to the human body.

Performing these mudras is very simple and convenient, and can be achieved, anytime and anywhere. When executed accurately, each mudra yields a lot of positive results in your mental and physical health.


How to Perform Brahma Mudra?

The Brahma mudra is to be performed, according to the steps mentioned below:


Step 1

Sit in a comfortable place and convenient posture. You may sit in Vajrasana (diamond pose), Padmasana (lotus pose), or Sukhasana (the relaxed pose). If you cannot sit on the floor, you may use a chair or bed.

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sukhasana pose
sukhasana pose

Step 2

Once you are seated, close your eyes, keep your spine straight, and breathe in a rhythmic pattern. Slowly keep your hands on the thigh facing upwards.


Step 3

Fold your thumb inwards and touch the base of your little finger. Now slowly cover the thumb with your fingers forming a fist.


Step 4

Do it with both your hands and then bring the fists towards each other such that the knuckles touch each other facing one another. Rest your hands near the belly and stay in the position for 10-12 minutes a day. You may perform it up to 30-40 minutes if you want.

brahma mudra asana
brahma mudra asana

Brahma Mudra for Neck Strengthening

As already discussed, the benefits of Brahma mudra are manifold. It is also executed in a way to strengthen your neck, especially in today’s time, when most of us sit for long hours in front of computers. Perform the Brahma mudra to bolster your neck by following the given steps:


  • Follow the previous steps.
  • Sit with your head straight. As you slowly inhale, move your face in the right direction. Hold. While exhaling, bring your neck back to the straight posture.
  • Now, inhale and turn towards left, and exhale and bring the neck back to the center.
  • Wait for a few moments. As you inhale, take your head upwards, and while exhaling, bring it back to the straight posture.
  • Lastly, as you inhale, bring your head down to touch the chest, and as you exhale, get back to the straight position.
  • Chant “Om” as you exhale to enhance the tranquility and meditation.
  • Do this mudra 5-6 times as a beginner.
vajrasana pose or diamond pose
vajrasana pose or diamond pose

Thought Behind the Brahma mudra

According to the Hindu deity, Lord Brahma was known to have four heads, each inclined in the compass’s four directions. As you perform this mudra, the head is to be shifted in all the four directions along with regulated breathing. It calms your mind and leaves a tranquil effect on you.

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The Brahma mudra gives divinity and power to oneself to do anything one desire to, just like Lord Brahma.


Benefits of the Brahma Mudra

Brahma mudra is beneficial for your mental and physical well-being. The underlying benefits are what you will experience with the regular practice of the mudra.


  • The regular practice of this mudra can calm a stress nervous system.
  • Brahma mudra is known to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression by removing all the negative energies.
  • Peace of mind will be attained through the Brahma Mudra.
  • Helpful in cervical spondylitis.
  • The higher chakras (throat, heart, and crown) of the body are also refreshed through the Brahma Mudra.
  • It takes one to a higher level of consciousness as it is a higher level meditative mudra.
  • Brahma mudra removes toxins from the body and makes the lungs healthier.
  • Brahma Mudra strengthens the nervous system and digestive systems.
  • Another benefit of Brahma Mudra is that it bolsters neck, spine, memory, and shoulder bones.
  • Brahma Mudra helps in hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.
padmasana or lotus pose
padmasana or lotus pose

Precautions to be Taken

  • People with Kapha in their system should not perform prolonged durations of this mudra.
  • Move your neck slowly in all the directions. A fast movement may cause a painful jerk in the neck.
  • It is best when done on an empty stomach, but can also be performed after at least one hour of eating. Do not do the mudra immediately after consuming food.
  • Perform this mudra freely in a flowing manner. Do not put pressure on your fists, hand, or neck.
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Brahma mudra, when done with the right procedure, yields assorted benefits. Not only a person becomes more aware of its surroundings, but also more aware of their inner self. The simple mudra has high meditative value and leads to inner consciousness.

The mudra is a blessing for people suffering from depression, anxiety and stress. The mudra also helps one from various acute and chronic physical health issues.

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