CareKit Platform from Apple Launched, 4 health Apps to start with

Apple has decided to dedicatedly jump into healthcare domain with its new platform called CareKit that will bring up new health care apps for people to track their health conditions in a more better way. The new framework CareKit iOS is now live and is an open source platform which allows developers to create integrated software for doctors and patients to handle all medical conditions in a much more advanced way.

It offers multiple integration possibilities for developers to build better apps offering two-way benefits by helping doctors track and monitoring the health conditions of patient and patient also observing the progress over time.

The Carekit framework is made up of series of interactive modules that can be configured as per requirement and need. Many application or tasks such as medication scheduling, workout or exercise scheduling, symptom measurement, reporting metrics such as weight, height, heart rate, blood pressure etc can be managed and configured.

At present the launch is made with 4 apps which are:-Glow Nurture fertility tracker, Glow Baby maternity app, diabetes monitor One Drop, and depression medication tracker Start.

apple carekit app for health tracking
apple carekit app for health tracking

Earlier Apple had also made medical research based open source framework “ResearchKit” for developers enabling them to create iphone apps.

The CreaKit will enable features in apps which include sharing photos of a wound or quantifying range of motion by using the iPhone’s accelerometer and gyroscope. According to apple, this will help doctors to find the early symptoms and start early treatment for the problem.


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The Framework has a lot of potential applications that can be used to monitor post-surgery progress, diabetes management, pregnancy care, workout or exercise fitness planning, physical therapy and much more.


The 4 apps launched with CareKit

One Drop, a diabetes management platform which is made to help people gather health data and help them understand the symptoms of diabetes and how the food intake and activity affects insulin level in their body.

Glow, the second app focuses on women health and pregnancy. Glow Nurture is for pregnancy that helps then track their health during pregnancy and send and receive alerts based on data.

Glow Baby tracks health of baby, dealing with diapers changes, sleep schedules, feedings and medications.

Iodine is another good app that helps people finds the right medicine for them.

Start lets users take depression test and track their progress. The app is basically to deal with depression and provide necessary help for people suffering from depression.

carekit framework open source health apps, apple
carekit framework open source health apps, apple

Carekit is different from HealthKit which is the platform that lets developers work with iphone’s sensors and gather information which is more of health metrics.  Carekit apps aren’t design to get health metrics or to do any medical research. They will be instead using these health metrics and research to help monitor the progress of recovery and track your health over the period of under medical supervision. Moreover these apps will not only be served for patients but also to doctors who wants to keep an overview of their patients’ recovery from any remote location.


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For Apple the biggest challenge will be quality control and penetration in the health market especially with doctors who are not that much tech savvy. Using the new technologies will take time and with time they have to meet new benchmarks for accurate medication advice and data analysis.

Health is something that can be taken on any easy note and apple has to make sure that all the data shared on apps remains private and confidential between the patient and doctor. Also the app has to be really accurate in terms of data to avoid any mistake that can otherwise result in big failures.

The Internet penetration and upcoming telehealth with IOT is making things possible for health industry to track and monitor health of individual from remote areas as well. The future holds many new discoveries and we yet to see many new health tech coming up our way by 2020.


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