Celebs Who Turned Fat To Slim; Bollywood Weight Loss Journey

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

Hot bollywood celebrities Fitness Motivation and tips and secrets
Hot bollywood celebrities Fitness Motivation and tips and secrets

Do you think that these celebrities were born with the same glamour and beauty and fitness they hold now?

If you are saying yes, then let me correct you with this. There are many actresses in the bollywood film industry who were used to be fatty and chubby. They worked out sometime in the gym doing cardio and exercises which finally toned them to the current standard. These Actresses also did some yoga practice and meditation along with some healthy diet plan that helped them gain the necessary natural face glow and shine. They toned their skin with some makeup and they are now ready to come on big screens.

Are you struggling to lose weight?

If these celebrities can lose weight then why can’t you? Get inspired from them and their workout routines and try to give yourself a complete makeover by following their secret weight lose tips and diet plan along with some beauty mantra.

(We are not saying that these celebrities don’t deserve to be in the bollywood but what we want to convey is the fact that you can also transform your body into a perfect looking personality. Only thing you need is the correct guidance and motivation)

You are no less than a Celebrity and we mean it!!

You just need to give yourself some more attention and proper guidance towards your body health and fitness. We are taking care of your second aspect (guidance on health and fitness), you just start giving more attention to your beauty and body.

These celebrities were no more beautiful than you are when they were signed for their first debut movies. They had acting skills in their blood and that is why they are in the film industry. But that does not stop you from being more glamorous and sexy and you can beat the b-town beauty if you take proper care of your health, physique, diet and skin. Follow the workout routine and take a nutritious diet plan and we promise you that you can convert yourself into Fashion Diva or Model. Now if you have the talent you can further reach out for the big screens where you can showcase your glamour and natural beauty that is enhanced with some carefully chosen beauty tips.

Here we have merged the list for 10 actresses only, we have a separate list for actors as well who did the same and became fit with macho body shape.

Now without wasting much of your time, let’s get back to business and know about the celebs or more precisely actresses who lost their weight before coming to bollywood.


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Alia Bhatt

alia weight weight loss journey
alia weight weight loss journey

She had witnessed a complete new makeover before she stepped into bollywood. You will be shocked to know that Alia Bhatt lost “16kg“weight in just 3 months and did her first debut movie which became a hit.

Sonam Kapoor

She did a lot of work on her body to look hot and gorgeous. Daily workout routine and a very well managed nutritious diet plan helped her to lose “30 kg” in one year and get a sexy body shape.

Sonakshi Sinha Weight Loss Journey

sonakshi sinha weight loss secret, workout routine and diet plan
sonakshi sinha weight loss secret, workout routine and diet plan

She went under the weight loss program because she used to look bulgy and plumb and had to burn that extra fat to slim down. In order to burn that extra flesh over the bodies she had to undergo many workout routines.

Kareena Kapoor Weight Loss Journey

kareena kapoor weight loss secret, zero figure secret
kareena kapoor weight loss secret, zero figure secret

She turned from fat to fit in no time when she decided that she has to lose that extra pound and get herself into perfect shape that defines the beauty of a woman.

Parineeti Chopra Weight Loss Journey

parineeti chopra weight loss secret
parineeti chopra weight loss secret

Her determination showed that anyone can do anything if he really wants to do that. She was never so beautiful and sexy as she looks now with her fitness training.

Zareen Khan Weight Loss Journey

zareen khan weight loss secret
zareen khan weight loss secret

After her first movie, she got many reviews about her weight and fitness. Her looks were good but her weight was the only barrier that was not allowing her to move ahead. She worked hard on her weight loss routine workout and finally she looks as pretty and hot as any other actress. With her latest movie “Hate Story 3” she has finally made her point.

Katrina Kaif Weight Loss Journey

katrina kaif weght loss secret
katrina kaif weght loss secret

She was pulled back because of the high weight count which was the only chain holding her back and not allowing her to increase the graph of her progress rate. Later Katrina Kaif came back with her sizzling hot sexy figure that is now the cover topic of each of her films. She became famous with her beauty and figure in very short time.

Esha Deol

esha deol weight loss secret
esha deol weight loss secret

Not many people know that esha deol was also fat and she did a weight loss before entering into the cinema.

Rani Mukherjee Weight Loss Journey

rani mukherjee weight loss secret
rani mukherjee weight loss secret

She lost 10 kg for her movie mardani where she performed the role of a Indian women cop. To get into that perfect shape it took her 6 months during which she followed a strict diet plan and workout routine.

Sameera Reddy Weight Loss Journey

sameera reddy weight loss tips
sameera reddy weight loss tips

She has worked out her body from being super fat to super fit now. Sameera Reddy works out daily for atleast 1 hour and do power yoga as well. She loves swimming and feels swimming as the best workout technique to lose weight.


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There are many other actors and actresses who lost weight and did a complete makeover. While few were having more weight before entering the film industry, there are some celebs that became fatty after being into the film industry. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Vidhya Balan, pretty zinta and many are some of the actresses that gained weight while in the industry and lost weight as well. The weight loss journey of these bollywood actresses is again inspiring and motivating.

This must be enough to motivate you to start working out some time for your health and fitness because you love yourself and you cannot let your body be in bad shape.

Think Like a Celeb and Then only You can Look Like a Celeb!!

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