Chalene Johnson Workout Fitness and Diet Plan

Last Updated on July 31st, 2020

Chalene Johnson is a multi-talented fitness authority, New York Times bestselling author, choreography, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and the founder of SmartLife Movement. Born on February 2, 1969, she is now a 48 year old woman and a mother of two. She weighs 55 kg at a height of 5’2″. Chalene Johnson Workout Routine is really good that helped her keep such a good body shape and sexy curves at such an age also.

Chalene Johnson’s Journey to Fame and Glory

She had started investing in used vehicles via auto auctions and re-selling them at a very early age of 13. After completing her graduation in Justice Morality and Constitutional Democracy at the Michigan State University, she secured as a paralegal in a law firm. She soon realized her passion in fitness and started training vigorously. Chalene Johnson workout tips and workout routine is well known in the fitness industry. After many years, she started a unique exercise class combining dance and kickboxing which resulted in the making of TurboJam home fitness exercise program. It is inspired by Chalene Johnson workout routine.

chalene johnson workout tips
chalene johnson workout tips

Achievements and Recognitions of Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson has appeared in the most number of fitness videos and currently hold “The Guinness Book of world Records” for the said purpose. She is the founder of SmartLife Movement. Together with her husband, Bret, she has built and sold many multi-million dollar lifestyle companies and helped countless others to do the same. She is the author of book series PUSH that has three parts till date. Huffington Post has also listed her on the Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs to watch in 2017.

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Chalene Johnson Workout Plans

Chalene Johnson says that her true passion is to help people make their lives easier, de-stress, improve relationships and build businesses but she can help people to practice great workout and exercise too! She developed four main unique and different workout plans that meet distinct goals people want to achieve.

PiYo is a workout plan inspired by Pilates and Yoga and has body weight concentrating, fluid performance, low-impact and high-intensity moves that will help you stabilize, stretch and strengthen your body muscles without jumps, weights and straining of joints. It is a perfect workout for those who want no bulk but still sculpt their body or lose weight or both.

TurboFire is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio based workout plan which ignites your metabolism and burns up 9x more fat and calories than the traditional cardio workout. It also includes two low impact but intense workouts to help you get up to speed.

chalene johnson workout PIYO
chalene johnson workout PIYO

ChaLEAN Extreme is a workout plan.

It is for those who want to burn body fat for overall body transformation and develop lean muscles. This workout plan consists of weight training and use of resistance bands to sculpt lean body muscles and level up the metabolism. ChaLEAN Extreme is said to help you lose body fat even while you sleep, long after your workout as it technically supercharges your metabolism.

TurboJam is basically a fitness exercise program that includes kickboxing, hip-hop and combined drills. This workout program is a home-based routine that is perfect for people who are open to dancing, working out and sculpting their body to the hottest music.

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Nutrition and Diet Plan

Chalene strongly believe that being on a diet and having a diet are two different things. Having a diet means habitual healthy eating. It is not a strictly planned and scheduled diet that often fuels the craving to eat the “forbidden foods”.

According to Chalene, successfully fit people eat whole foods like fruits, veggies and whole grains first. They drink a lot of water as it aids every aspect of your bodily functions. The fit people do not skip their breakfast. They eat small frequent meals and usually stick to the same daily menu. Chalene started a Diet Beta Test.

She says that diets don’t work very often. What works is a customised approach that balances your hormones, ignites your metabolism and improves your gut health.

chalene johnson diet plan
chalene johnson diet plan

For weekend weight loss nutrition tips, Chalene suggests that one does not indulge in alcohols and restaurant foods. As when Monday hits, we end up regretting what we ate over the weekend.

A cup of raw veggies (like cucumber, celery, red pepper, etc.) before and after lunch will increase your fiber and nutrient intake. It probably curb your crave for that tempting dessert.

She also lets on the secret of Intermittent Fasting that says start your meals late (like 11AM) and finish them up early (like 7PM).

Beauty and Health

The fitness enthusiast Chalene says that the best accessory for every outfit is a water bottle. She says that staying hydrated helps you to get a glowing skin. Chalene explains that she does her makeup and hair to training as it literally takes just 5 minutes. Besides, taking care of yourself and making yourself a priority creates a level of authority. It also makes you look more presentable and feel better about yourself.

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Chalene Johnson workout is utterly inspiring. She herself is a motivating woman and tells us to find our own happy workout plan. She tells us that fitness is her happy pill for each day. Success is a personal thing and you should be able to find your own definition of success. Finally, she motivates us to work for ourselves, fixate on our destination, lead with the truth and stay humble.


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