Chandan: A Treasure From Ayurveda That Enhances Beauty Naturally

Have you ever heard about Ayurveda? Well, you definitely must have heard from your mother saying, “Ayurveda” is the best medicine to cure almost any disease or condition, didn’t you? Ayurveda is a natural remedy, which is anciently known to cure diseases. Moreover, Ayurveda helps an individual in keeping up their mind, spirits, and the body in harmony. Like the Chandan health benefits we are going to cover here.

Among many, one best thing that falls under Ayurveda is the Chandan, also known as Sandalwood. This super helpful wood smells extremely impressive and even has multiple chandan health benefits and superpowers for your skin, mind, and body.

People usually use sandalwood at times of burns or itchiness. Why? Because sandalwood is known to have calming effects that soothe the skin. Plus, it is also known to be a gentle friend for your face as it helps you get rid of those rigid scars and pimples. Think sandalwood as your natural highlighter! Furthermore, Chandan is known for tightening the loose pores of your skin and even as a natural cleanser, making it feel refreshed and super relaxed.


Types of Chandan

how to use chandan or sandalwood for skin
how to use chandan or sandalwood for skin

There are mainly two types of Chandan which are increasingly used by individuals for various purposes. Let’s know about them below:

  • White Sandalwood (Santalum Album)

This type of Chandan is the most famous among people. Why? Due to its amazing sandalwood health benefits and even due to its mild fragrance. Moreover, this is the kind of sandalwood someone refers to when they recommend using Chandan for skin care. 

  • Red Sandalwood (Santalum Rubrum)

This type of sandalwood has a slightly deep red color and it even has a slightly different scent rather than white sandalwood. Although red sandalwood is used in Ayurveda, more than beauty, it majorly is used for medicinal purposes.

Benefits of Chandan

The natural properties of Chandan make it a superhero for achieving healthy and happy skin! Let’s discover the beauty benefits of Chandan below:

  • Calms and Soothes

Are you feeling a sting of breakout or sunburn? The anti-inflammatory properties of Chandan come to the rescue. It not only helps in reducing the skin’s redness but even takes care of irritated skin and provides relief to the discomfort. Think of it as a gentle hug to your skin!

  • Brightens and Evens the Skin Tone

Do the dark spots on your skin and the uneven skin bother you? Why worry if Chandan can be your ally? The natural properties of Chandan help to reduce pigmentation and blemishes, which in turn promotes a brighter and more even skin complexion.

  • Tightens and Cleanses

Chandan acts as a natural astringent! How? By removing the excess oil from your skin and by tightening your pores. These things help not just keep your skin clean but even prevent the dust and dirt from settling down on your skin or building up. This in turn leads to healthy skin!

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sandalwood sticks for ayurvedic cure
sandalwood sticks for ayurvedic cure

How to Use Chandan?

Chandan comes with its natural goodness. Here are the top ways in which Chandan can be used for effective results:

  • Source Wisely

Gather Chandan from reputed stores to ensure that you don’t bring home an impure Chandan. 

  • Mix it for More Effective Results

For a more balanced look, you may mix the chand with rose water or any essential oil. This would help you with a more charming glow on your skin. 

  • Body Bliss

Chandan isn’t just for the skin. It can even be used as an exfoliator for the body. You may mix it with oatmeal or even gram flour for a gentle body scrub.

  • Patch Test

Some people may be allergic to chandan. Hence, to avoid an allergic reaction, you may do a patch test before applying it on your skin. 

  • Be Consistent

Consistency is the key! Applying chandan for a day or two won’t give you the desired results. Hence, make sure to apply it consistently for more effective results.

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Chandan, nature’s gift and a gift from Ayurveda comes with a wealth of Chandan health benefits for the achievement of a naturally radiating complexion. Chandan has a delightful scent that adds a touch of aromatherapy to your beauty routine. By including Chandan into your everyday beauty regimen, you’re not just treating your skin but even harmonizing your mind, body, and soul.

So, utilize the full potential of Chandan and unlock its natural benefits that lie within!

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