Hot Chantel Zales Body, Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Chantel Zales is a fashion and swimsuit model and an internationally published lingerie model. She is also a high-end fashion designer, actress and is a famous online celebrity.


Hot Chantel Zales
Hot Chantel Zales


Born on 6 July 1990, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the gorgeous model moved to Pheonix, Arizona soon after. Growing up, Chantel was highly involved in sports and played soccer and was also an active member of her school’s swim team. As a teenager, she got exposed to modeling in Arizona and went for numerous shoots. It was then, that she realised that glamour modeling was what she wanted to pursue. Since then, she has been featured in dozens of magazines, notably Maxim and in several issues of FHM. Apart from those, she has also been featured on Venus Zine magazine, Girls of FHM(2014), Lowrider Magazine cover, Hot Bike Magazine, Glam Jam Magazine (Canada), ShowOut Magazine and Hush Hush magazine among several others.

Chantel Zales Contact
Chantel Zales Contact

She is also the brand ambassador for the extremely popular fitness brand Shredz and constantly flaunts their products on her social media. She has also begun her own clothing line of accessories, swimwear and dresses. Mode De Vie Chantel is her online fashion store and sells a variety of products, including jumpsuits, fashion accessories and the like.


Sexy Chantel Zales
Sexy Chantel Zales


Chantel has a formidable presence online with her social media blazing with fans and followers. She has more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram who follow her every move.

Let us now look at the gorgeous model’s vital statistics with the help of which she is earning millions!!


Chantel Zales Vital Statistics
Chantel Zales Vital Statistics

Chantel Zales Vital Statistics:


Height: 5’ 7″ or 170 cm


Weight:  120 pounds or 54 kg


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Breast Size: 37 inches


Waist: 25 inches


Hips Size: 36 inches


Shoe Size: 8(US)


Bra size: 32DD


Chantel has made it into the modeling world and is here to stay. However, doing so is no mean feat. To thrive and succeed, one must keep working at achieving and maintaining her fitness. Let us dive into the workout routine of Chantel to see how she manages to rock the modeling world!


Chantel Zales Workout Routine:


Chantel believes that modeling requires a lot of hard work, patience and focus. And, of course, a good workout routine.

Chantel stays in shape mostly by doing cardio and ensures that she squeezes in at least 5-6 hours of cardio a week.


Chantel Zales Yoga
Chantel Zales Yoga


Apart from that, she also does a lot of strength building exercises and is consistent with her intense workout sessions.

Her workout sessions are mostly more of body shaping; focusing on different body parts rather than losing weight.

She also avoids doing weight training, because according to her weight training may lead her to develop muscles, which she does not want to grow.

Set of exercises that Chantel likes to perform in gym with trainer or alone at home are :

Chantel Zales Workout
Chantel Zales Workout

hatch kick

birthing squat

cart wheels

stiletto squats


skater luge

capoeira lunge kick

chaturanga push ups


side planks with leg lift


None of these workouts include weight lifting, she only builds her stamina by jogging/running or these simple exercises which focus more on giving shape to body.

Chantel believes that one’s focus must be on staying fit rather than building those heavy muscles. Thus, she makes sure that she stays in that curvy shape and alongside build a fit body that is healthy.

After getting in touch with yoga, Chantel has become a fan of yoga as well. She has made a routine such that she starts her day with yoga.

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According to Chantel, yoga is the best way to achieve health and stay fit.

Yoga has also helped Chantel to stay stress free and get a better night sleep.


Chantel Zales Diet Plan
Chantel Zales Diet Plan


No workout routine is ever complete without the perfect diet plan complementing it. Let us look the diet plan that Chantel follows to get that enviable figure!


Chantel Zales Diet Plan:


Chantel does not keep a diet per say but enjoys eating clean, healthy food every day.

She focuses on feeling strong and energetic and has found that the cleaner she eats, the energetic she feels and hence has opted for healthier food choices.

Chantel Zales Diet
Chantel Zales Diet

Most of the time, she eats lot of protein rich food and fresh, green veggies. She understands the fact that whatever goes inside is reflected outside. Thus keeps a control on her junk food cravings.

Though she has appeared in the advertisements of several carbonated beverages, but she herself avoids drinking any of them in regular days.

Chantel strongly believes that moderation is the key to having the perfect diet plan. Occasionally, she does indulge in pizzas and the like when she feels she needs a break. However, whenever she does so, Chantel ensures that she is exercising enough to balance out the junk!

Apart from this, Chantel also knows the importance of drinking adequate amount of water. Chantel makes sure that she drinks 2-3 liters of water every day. It helps flush the toxins out of her body regularly, keeps her hydrated and also gives that radiance and glow to her skin.

Chantel has taken the world by storm and shows no signs of stopping. She has worked immensely hard to achieve and maintain such incredible fitness and health. Her mantra of never denying herself anything and yet ensuring that she remains healthy and fit nonetheless is one that we all can adopt!

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To know more about Chantel, you may follow her on Instagram and Twitter as well.


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