Charming Kate Middleton Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Beauty Tips; Celebrity Fitness Guide

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Kate Middleton, born on 9th January, 1982 in Reading, United Kingdom is the shiny new diva carving a new niche for the whole royal family. She was not born royal but her constant effort and sporty nature made her one. No doubt Prince William fell for her the moment he saw her. Something in his mind convinced him that she was the one from their very first meeting. You will be amazed to know that Kate is 5 and half months elder to Prince.


Kate Middleton & Prince William
Kate Middleton & Prince William


And yes she has been the constant talk of the town after they announced their engagement in, October 2010. Once she even threatened legal action for the constant media attention.

She was married to Prince William in 2011 and from the very first day after her marriage with Prince William she was constantly compared to Harry princess Diana (her late mother-in-law). Kate has completely altered herself and also changed many royal protocols. She has been an iconic benchmark in style with attitude. Look at those breath taking cringe worthy perfect fitted dresses that flash her clad figure. Her apt Duchess makes those designer gowns even more magnificent.  


Let’s have a look at her marvelous body stats:


Kate Middleton Vital Stats
Kate Middleton Vital Stats



Height: 5’9” or 175cm

Weight: 55kg or 121 lbs

Bust Size: 30 inches 0r 76cm

Waist Size: 23 inches or 58.5cm

Hip Size: 33 inches or 84cm

Shoe Size: 5.5 (US)

Dress Size: 2 (US)





Ever wondered how Kate eat, drink and maintains herself so well. It’s true that being silver spooned many things work in their favor like a chauffeur, domestic help, nanny etc. but still things need to be managed the royal way.  Being skinny is a different thing but look at those muscular arms and toned calves and you will see how hard it is to get those.

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And if being a royal attending various events and being a doting traveler is not enough for you. Then you will be certainly impressed by the fact that she is also a mother of two children who are also as adorable and mesmerizing as her. She has maintained herself so well even after so many years, of marriage, that is quite an achievement I should say.


Kate Middleton Family Photo
Kate Middleton Family Photo


No wonder Kate’s fitness regime is fanatic as she is an exercise junkie. She along with her sister Pippa Middleton work really hard on some hard core exercises to maintain their muscular strength. She tries her hand on every regime that requires muscular strength. Some of them are mentioned below:



Yes!! She swears by planks for maintaining an amazing torso and toned arms. Also, planks can be done anywhere anytime it does not require exclusive equipment. She basically does all the three style of planks i.e. the basic plank, side plank, and prone sky dive.

And if you have ever in your life tried planks you will also be wondered to know that she can hold each position for 45 minutes and repeat each set after 10. That’s some serious work out we must admit.


Kate middleton beauty secrets
Kate middleton beauty secrets



The duchess also tries her hand on cycling with Pippa or William. The secret for her absolutely toned legs that are evident from the fall of her designer labels.

An insider source admits that Kate has a record of an average 450mile cycle ride. Owing to her competitive nature.

She often accompanies her sister for swimming where they even indulge in aqua aerobic sessions. And enjoying their royal perks Prince harry, prince William along with the princess often take part in water polo and other stuff.

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  1. YOGA

The princess also indulges herself in some yoga every now and then to relieve her stress and stay calm. She adores various asanas which help her maintain the right flexibility and energy.


Kate middleton fitness and workout routine
Kate middleton fitness and workout routine



Kate started doing Pilates soon after the birth of her first child. She believes in the power of Pilates to improve muscle strength in your body along with providing right posture for our exclusive eye candy.



Along with all other exercises, she is also very fond of sports. Basically being sporty in nature, helps her taking everything heads on. She enjoys playing different kinds of sports. She is even fond of skiing, weight lifting, squats, rowing and her giant gym ball which is her favorite. 

Kate spends a whole 1 hour every day for her fitness regime which really matters owing to her stature.


Kate middleton beautiful pics
Kate Middleton beautiful pics



Exclusively nicknamed ‘the smoothie queen’ she loves to drink smoothies at morning and evening. She loves to blend fresh fruits or vegetables together to make a fresh smoothie.

Besides this, she balances vegetables and cereals for her daily requirement. She does not like to have any personal nutritionist she believes in herself for proper selection and consumption for her diet plan. 

The ideal diet for Kate Middleton includes  carbs, salads and lots of protein. As an evening snack, she loves munching beans, salad, and dried fruits. She refrains herself from sugar and often drinks organic juices and almond milk to manage that sweet craving. 

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After all, this supremely maintained diet plan and fitness regime she even includes a light spray tan twice every month. The dedication and commitment towards personal fitness are really commendable. It really puts a straight forward question on our faces ‘if she can why can’t we?’ and that too for our own physical and mental strength.


Kate middleton beauty and fitness mantra
Kate middleton beauty and fitness mantra


Kate Middleton has won the hearts of many with her charismatic physique and natural charm for which she has really worked head over heels. It only requires a sheer perseverance and ferocious attitude to win things.  

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