Covid-19 Treatment: Answers to All Queries for Coronavirus

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Coronavirus, officially named SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that has affected millions of people across the globe, causing COVID-19, a disease that affects your respiratory tract along with other symptoms. This was declared as a global pandemic soon after the rapid transmission of the disease from one country to another. There is no Cure for it but we have covid-19 treatment available that is helping millions of people recover from this virus. There is no vaccine available for covid-19 but many scientist and researchers are working day and night to create a vaccine and cure for the same.

covid-19 treatment and cure
covid-19 treatment and cure

What Are The Symptoms Of COVID-19?

The main symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of taste and/or smell
  • Nausea and diarrhea
  • Shivering or chills
  • Body and head aches

The virus can lead to septic shock, respiratory failure or pneumonia, and even death. If you or anyone you know has been sick or appears to have symptoms related to COVID-19, please visit a doctor and get yourself checked. It is extremely important to heal yourself and prevent others from getting infected.


Covid-19 Treatment

Until now, there has been no definite cure for Covid – neither medicines nor a vaccine to prevent it. Research is underway 24×7 across the globe to find a covid-19 treatment. However, Healthcare organizations and practitioners have been prescribing certain medicines and other methods of a possible covid-19 treatment to patients. Let’s understand these better.

safety and covid-19 treatment
safety and covid-19 treatment


This medicine was used to fight the Ebola outbreak. After the outbreak of Covid-19, the medicine was used as a possible treatment for the virus. Remdesivir has previously shown impact on a larger body of viruses, apparently by interfering with the self-duplication of the virus, causing severity of the disease. Research has shown that Remdesivir has in fact helped in improving the recovery time from Covid by 31%. Studies are still undergoing, and it is possible that with combination treatment and early use of the drug, the results could be even better.

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This is another medication that has been in use for treating auto-immune conditions. The medicine is being used for treating Covid-19, though the exact implications of the drug are yet to be seen.


Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine are medicines that were being used to treat autoimmune diseases and malaria, and were seen as a possible treatment for Coronavirus. There has been no evidence to suggest any reduction in the mortality rate or improvement in the recovery rate for patients.

Convalescent Plasma

Plasma therapy involves the transfusion of the plasma of a Covid recovered patient into a patient requiring treatment. This method transfers antibodies from the recovered patient’s body to the current patient, thereby helping the body fight the virus. Though the data available for the benefits of this form of treatment for Coronavirus is less, it is still positive in terms of the effect.

Supportive Treatment

This is aimed at reducing the effect of symptoms on your body. These supportive aids include pain relievers, cough syrups, increased fluid intake and ample rest.

Immunity Boosters

It is important to keep your immunity at its best, for fighting the novel coronavirus. Doctors usually prescribe Zinc, Magnesium and multivitamin tablets to increase immunity. Zinc has been found to not only impact your immunity drastically, but also has an impact on a broad spectrum of disease causing viruses.


Other Methods to Heal Yourself From COVID-19

Apart from treatment from medication and prevention through vaccines, there are a few methods through which you can give your body the boost required to heal itself from Coronavirus.

  1. Get enough sleep and take ample rest.
  2. Eat healthy meals and include green leafy vegetables that could boost your immunity.
  3. Ensure you’re doing physical activities regularly, including yoga, exercise, walk. Also, try meditation and breathing exercises for a better mental well-being.
  4. Drink lots of fluids. You may want to drink warm fluids to sooth your throat.
  5. Inhale steam to sooth a sore throat or cleanse an irritable nose.
  6. Increase the intake of immunity boosting elements in your diet, including zinc, magnesium and vitamins. These would help your body fight the illness.
  7. Antibiotics are meant to treat bacteria only, and therefore, they do not have any impact on viruses. However, if your doctor has prescribed any such medication, it might be to cure some other infection. So, follow the course properly.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Coronavirus

coronavirus treatment and precautions
coronavirus treatment and precautions

Q. Is Coronavirus new?

Coronaviruses were identified, first in the 1960s. These viruses caused flu symptoms and would not have any major adversity. However, in 2003, SARS was caused by a coronavirus, causing deaths of over 770 people. Similarly, the virus caused MERS in 2014, causing the death of 858 people. Yet, the novel Coronavirus causing COVID-19 is a mutation of the earlier coronavirus, which is much more deadly and has caused a global pandemic.


Q. Is there any definite cure for Coronavirus?

No, there isn’t any definite treatment or vaccine for COVID-19. Research is underway across the globe to develop a cure for the same, but until now, there isn’t any successful treatment available.


Q. Can you get Coronavirus more than once?

There isn’t very clear evidence on the same. Reports have suggested a few cases where a patient has been affected twice, but the number is extremely small. In case of other coronaviruses, you are usually immune for a certain period of time after being cured, which eventually goes away, posing you at risk again.


Q. What are some key ways to prevent getting infected with Coronavirus?

The most important preventive measure is wearing a mask and social distancing. It can not be emphasized enough, that you must maintain a 6 feet distance from anyone in your surroundings. You should wash your hands and sanitize regularly to keep yourself clean. You should also keep your hands away from your face as much as possible. Avoiding unnecessary travel and any crowded places is an absolute must. Most importantly, contact a doctor as soon as you feel sick with symptoms related to coronavirus.

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covid-19 treatment and medication
covid-19 treatment and medication

Q. Can COVID-19 lead to death?

Until now, there have been over 867,000 deaths worldwide because of COVID-19. Coronavirus attacks your respiratory tract and can cause acute pneumonia, septic shock and organ failure. It has also caused blood clots in several patients. These extreme symptoms could lead to a collapse. However, it is extremely important to remain optimistic and take all prescribed treatment. With care and preliminary treatment, the chances of getting affected by extreme symptoms can be largely prevented.


Concluding Thoughts

The world is witnessing a global pandemic, and in these trying times, it is extremely important to take care of yourself and the people around you. Ensure that you are taking necessary precautions including social distancing, isolation and sanitization. If you have been infected with the virus, take the right treatment for COVID-19, after consulting a doctor.

Take Care, Stay Healthy and Stay Positive!

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