Covid Vaccination, Covid Treatment and Covid Mutation FAQ

Last Updated on January 12th, 2022

Covid is one of the rather the most common things ringing in our ears for a year now. With the second wave hitting us with a more severe Covid mutation, people are again grabbed by terror. But a little relief is that now we have two Covid vaccination to help prevent us from getting fatal. 

However, there are quite some questions and confusion etched in the minds of the mass regarding the vaccines. 

Read on to get a clearer vision of what the vaccine is, its side effects, how to register and all the other most asked questions regarding the same. 


covid mutation and vaccination
covid mutation and vaccination

Who all can get vaccinated?

Every citizen above 18 years old can register to get vaccinated. The availability of the Covid vaccination may however vary from one state to another.


Should a woman not get vaccinated when on her periods?

Yes, although the internet is flooded with messages claiming that a woman should not get vaccinated when on her periods, scientists have dismissed these. There is no concrete evidence to back any such false claim spread.


How to register for the Covid vaccination?

To register for getting the Covid vaccine, a person has to log on to the Co-WIN portal. The link to the portal is

Once on the portal, search for the sign ‘Register/ Sign In’ and get registered.


covid vaccination
covid vaccination

When do Covid vaccine slots open?

The GOI has made the Covid vaccination available to all citizens above the age of 18 years old. The slots can be booked as and when the vaccines are available from the Co-Win portal.

But these slots might quickly again shit since thousands of people are booking the vaccine at the same time. Hence, here are some apps that might notify you the moment a slot is available. They are:

  • Paytm
  • Disclaimer


Is online registration mandatory for Covid 19 vaccination?

Citizens who are aged above 45 years of age can just walk in to the vaccination centers and get them vaccinated. However, citizens below 45 years and above 18 years must ensure to get themselves registered through the Co-WIN site first. This is mainly due to the fact that there are very few on-spot registration slots available.


covid vaccine and treatment
covid vaccine and treatment


Can you take vaccine if you have Covid?

It is not advised to get the Covid vaccination while you are Covid positive at that moment. This if for your safety and of the safety of the doctors and others who have come to get vaccinated as well. Wait till you are completely healed of it. This implies even if you have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic.


How many fully vaccinated get Covid?

Yes, there are chances of a person getting Covid even after getting Covid vaccination. However, the good part is that result shows that the people who got Covid post vaccination are very unlikely to get hospitalised.


Is the Covid vaccine safe long term?

There are rarely any instances that show vaccines having any long-term side effects. The side effects of the Covid vaccine are not fully known due to the fact that it was made just a year back in 2020.


What are the chances of getting Covid after being fully vaccinated?

All vaccines come with their own ‘Vaccine breakthrough cases’. This means that individuals who might have got vaccinated with a certain disease still get infected with the same. The same thing can also happen with the Covid vaccine.

People who might have taken both doses might still find themselves Covid positive with any of the Covid mutation. Luckily, the chances are very rare. Most vaccines are very protective. Hence, there a 90% chance of not getting affected after vaccination.


How long after vaccine do you have side effects?

Some people might not get any side effects after getting vaccinated at all. Then there are some who might find some days very difficult. However, your body reacting to the vaccine and having side effects is actually a nice sign.

It is through the side effects that a person can be sure that their body is reacting to the vaccine. It is more like your body is making you go through a mini battle to prepare you for a rather big war. Side effects are a sign of the body strengthening the immune system.


vaccines for covid
vaccines for covid


Can I drink alcohol after my Covid vaccine?

To put it in a simple way, medical experts aren’t really bothered if you consume a little alcohol before or after getting your Covid vaccination. In fact, according to them, a little alcohol consumption might strengthen the immunity system.

However, it is a matter of concern if you over consume it. So, the next common question is, how to know where to draw the line.  For men, moderate drinking is 2 drinks in a day. And for women, it is one drink per day.


Why do I still have to wear a mask after vaccine?

A very common question amongst people is what is the need of wearing a mask if one is already vaccinated. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • No vaccines are sure to be 100 % effective in protecting a person from the virus.
  • The vaccines take some good time to start working.
  • Covid vaccination may not be very effective towards the new Covid mutation.
  • By masking up, and wearing other PPE equipment from somewhere like SciQuip, one can help to protect people with a weak immune system.
  • A person might carry the virus and spread it to other people.
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What are the side effects of the second Covid vaccine?

The side effects of Covid vaccination are different in different humans. To some, the reactions and side effects can be mild and to others, they could be severe. To mention, a few of the side effects are:

  • Pain at the site of the injection shot.
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Pain
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Chills
  • Weakness
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea


covid safety measures
covid safety measures


Is a smoker at a higher risk of getting the COVID-19 virus than that a non-smoker?

Smoking is injurious to health. Smoking tobacco reduces lung capacity. This, in turn, reduces the power of the body to fight against various respiratory diseases. It is not hidden, that Covid 19 poses a serious threat to the lungs of a person. According to the studies, people who smoke are less likely to fight the virus off and have a greater chance of it getting severe even causing death.


Do side effects of Covid vaccine mean it’s working?

Most people believe that the side effects that a virus causes are proof of it working.  However, this does not apply to a lot of people. Many people see symptoms such as fever, pain at the spot of the injection, nausea, fatigue, tiredness, etc. This is a positive sign that the immune system is working to fight the virus that the vaccine has intentionally injected in. However, studies show that almost half the population might face no symptoms at all even though their immune system is also similarly working and fighting the virus.


What are some common side effects of the Covid vaccine?

Side effects are common in people who have taken the Covid vaccination. Some of the common side effects that people face after getting the shot are:

  • Weakness
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Tiredness
  • Pain at the area of the vaccine shot
  • Nausea
  • Chills
  • Diarrhea


Is COVID-19 reinfection possible?

It is seen that people who were covid positive have got an infection with the new Covid mutation. The certainty of the occurrence however is not fully known. Once you have tested positive, you may however also continue to test Covid positive for at least another three months. This can happen even though you have no symptoms and also do not threaten to spread to others. Hence, it is advised by the doctors to get tested for Covid again after testing positive once only if a person sees any new symptoms.


covid test and covid vaccination
covid test and covid vaccination


Can COVID-19 spread in hot and humid climates?

All of the Covid mutation are found to survive and spread in all weather conditions. Hence, it is always advised to stay at home and step out only if it is extremely urgent. Stepping out too requires following various precautionary measures. Some of them are:

  • Keep a distance of a minimum of 6 feet from other people.
  • Avoid touching the nose, ears, mouth etc.
  • Sanitize frequently.
  • Double Mask.


In what conditions does COVID-19 survive the longest?

It has been learned that all the Covid mutation survive the longest when at room temperature. It takes longer to die when the humidity is less than 50 and is relatively low.


Can I breastfeed after Covid vaccine?

There is no concrete report yet that has pointed to any harm that has occurred when breastfeeding a baby after getting vaccinated. Hence, a person can continue to their baby before and after getting the Covid vaccine shot. All Covid mutation die very fast when they are exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.


What is Black Fungus?

The Black fungus also known as Mucormycosis is a rare fungus that is seen affecting the covid patients. If unrecognized and untreated, this virus can also be deadly. This disease is recognized to be caused by some molds, in Covid 19 recovered patients, and are identified as Mucormycetes. These molds are present everywhere in the environment, especially in decayed substances, soil, etc. People who have lower immune systems are more prone to getting infected with this disease. This is for the fact their body has reduced capacity to fight germs and fungus.


Who are prone to this infection after covid recovery?

While recent studies show that every person who is a covid warrior is prone to getting black fungus, there are some who are more prone to the disease. They are:

People who already take anti-fungal drugs for some infections.

Any one who has diabetes mellitus.

Was in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital for a long time.

Have weak immune system owing to different factors.

People who have cancer/ have had an organ transplant/ co-morbidity.


What is the treatment for Black Fungus?

Black Fungus or Mucormycosis is a deadly disease and can be extremely fatal if not controlled and taken care of at the correct time. The fungus spreads rapidly and can harm the people affected in several ways.

Doctors have found the injection anti-fungal intravenous to be affection in curbing the effects this disease leaves on humans. This is more helpful for the patients who have controlled diabetes. The dose and other vitals of the same depend on how much the patient is affected by the fungus.

Apart from this, the people who are affected with Mucormycosis can also lose some organs that it infects. The fungus attacks the nasal and spreads quickly to the eyes and the brain if not treated urgently. Hence, the treatment of this fungus can also include performing surgeries to remove the organs it has affected.


black fungus Mucormycosis
black fungus Mucormycosis


How to stay safe from Black Fungus?

The Black fungus also known as Mucormycosis, is one of the rising concerns amongst the Covid-19 recovered patients in India. As the disease is fatal with a mortal rate of around 88%, doctors have now suggested various dos and don’ts to prevent oneself from getting Black Fungus. Here are some of them:


Wear a mask, especially of you are at/ travelling near a construction site.

Look after maintaining your personal hygiene.

Handle soil alarmingly. Wear covered shoes, fully covered trousers and shirts.

Regularly track and maintain your glucose levels and control hyperglycemia.

Use antifungals and antibiotics only if required and with good judgment.

Use steroids only if required and with good judgment.

Practice using sterile and clean water during oxygen therapy.


Don’t avoid warnings, signs and symptoms, if it starts to appear.

Take blocked noses seriously if you are a covid warrior.

Do not wait to seek treatment.

Do not avoid investigating vigorously to know if you have black fungus.

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Is black fungus deadly?

Mucormycosis, is a rare and rather a deadly infection if not catered to urgently. It could be fatal to cancer and covid recovered patients and affects the brains, sinus, and lungs. Hence, even with the slightest symptoms, a person should immediately seek medical attention without delay.

Based on studies, doctors suggest that out of 100 people affected by black fungus, 88 people are at a higher risk of being extremely fatal. 


Is the new covid strain “air-borne”?

In accordance to the new guidelines issued by WHO after a year since the pandemic struck us, the new covid mutation is airborne. This stands true in an indoor setting where there is no proper ventilation process.


double mask covid safety
double mask covid safety


Why should you use a double mask for safety?

Double masking is when you use two masks, one on top of the other. This helps to minimize the chance of getting infected by transmission by improved fit and filtration. The doctors consider this to be a protective and stronger barrier against the respiratory droplets. You must ensure that both the mask you use fits you properly. This is because poorly fitted masks are ineffective since it increases the chances of the respiratory droplets moving out and in of the masks.


What are the various helplines for covid in India?

The government of India has issued certain numbers that a person calls to dial when to answer their queries and/ or ask for help regarding the Covid 19 pandemic. These numbers are different for different states. These numbers are:

Central Helpline Number: +91-11-23978046

Helpline Number for States:


Name Of State

Helpline Number


Andhra Pradesh



Arunachal Pradesh





















Himachal Pradesh












Madhya Pradesh






























Tamil Nadu












Uttar Pradesh



West Bengal

1800313444222, 03323412600


Helpline Number for Union Territories:


Name of Union Territory

Helpline Number


Andaman & Nicobar Islands






Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu






Jammu & Kashmir

01912520982, 0194-2440283












What is the common 5 day covid medication prescribed during home isolation?

The fact that the covid 19 cases are spreading rapidly across the globe is not hidden by any. In such a scenario, keeping the shortage of medical facilities such as hospital beds, oxygen supplies in mind, the doctors are advising many corona patients to stay under self isolation at home. These patients are the ones who have mild or no symptoms, have no underlying chronic disease like lung disease or cancer, etc., and can get better at home.

However, the doctor’s advice the 5 covid medications, they are:

The person infected must be kept in a separate room, or a corner. They must be at least a meter or 6 feet away from others and should not come in contact with anyone.

The patient’s room must be well ventilated. The windows etc of the room should be kept open at all times.

Only one person, i.e., the caregiver is allowed to be present at the patient’s room. It must be ensured that the caregiver has no underlying disease.

The patient and the caregiver should both wear at least two to three masks.

Patients must not be allowed to meet any visitors.

Some other things to note are:

The patient must have separate items, like cups and dishes to use.

Frequently touched objects must be cleaned regularly.

The caregiver should immediately clean themselves properly after leaving the patient’s room.


covid sanitization covid helpline
covid sanitization covid helpline

Who can do home isolation and who cannot?

Home isolation means, when a person is tested positive for coronavirus and can spread it to others, are asked to stay home away from others from the day, they get the results. With the surge in the covid cases throughout the world, the need for keeping some patients under home isolation has emerged. These are mainly the patients who are asymptomatic or have little or mild symptoms and have no underlying chronic disease such as lung problems, cancer, HIV, etc.

There are certain guidelines to understand which patients can be home isolated. Beyond this, all patients must be hospitalized. These guidelines are:

Patients should fall under the category of asymptomatic or mild.

The patient must be in contact with the hospital at all times. A caregiver should be kept for the patient.

There must be facility at home for self isolation.

Patients who are above 60 years of age or have underlying disease must be kept under home isolation only with the approval of a medical officer.


Is home isolation good?

With the huge surge in the covid 19 cases all over the world, the scarcity of hospital beds, oxygen and other health facilities have now become a point of concern. Hence, doctors suggest covid patients who have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic to stay at home isolation. For mild and asymptomatic patients, home isolation is rather good.

However, they also come with many rules and guidelines. They are:

  • Stay in a nicely ventilated room.
  • The person infected must stay in complete isolation, in one room only. They must not come in contact with anyone, especially elders, kids or anyone with any underlying disease.
  • The patient should wear three masks at all times. They can discard the mask after 8 hours of use, or when it becomes soiled or wet.
  • They can take it off and discard it only after completely disinfecting it.
  • Patient must be in complete rest and keep oneself hydrated at all times.
  • They must inhale steam and follow other respiratory etiquettes frequently.
  • The blood oxygen level must be monitor after short intervals. Call a doctor immediately if the reading drops frequently or is below 90.
  • The temperature must be regularly checked.
  • Patients must not use similar items as the others of the house.


How can you check oxygen level at home?

It is extremely important to get your oxygen levels checked frequently if you are at hoe isolation due to Covid 19. Blood oxygen level refers to the amount of blood that your red blood cells carry around your body. There are several ways to get your oxygen level tested at home. The most common way is to get it checked with a Finger Pulse Oximeter.

The red blood cells carry the oxygen from the lungs, throughout the body through a molecule which is known as hemoglobin. The Pulse Oximeter is a little device where you need to put your finger. The device measures the amount of oxygen that the hemoglobin is carrying around your body to the various organs. This comes as a percentage and is referred to as oxygen saturation. A normal reading is when your percentage is above 95%. Below 92% means your body is not getting enough oxygen. You must consult a doctor in that case.

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pulse oximeter blood oxygen measure
pulse oximeter blood oxygen measure


What is the normal range of oxygen levels?

A Finger Pulse Oximeter is a small device that helps you to check your blood oxygen levels. The reading comes in a percentage of 100 and is referred to as oxygen saturation. A normal saturation level is when your oxygen percentage is above 95%. However, in some people who suffer from lung diseases, etc., the normal blood oxygen level can be 90%.

However, if your oxygen saturation comes less than 92%, consult a doctor.


How much low oxygen level is serious for covid patients?

Blood saturation level refers to the amount of oxygen the red blood cells carry to the various organs of the body from the lungs. The Coronavirus causes inflammation in the lungs of a person that impacts the oxygen supply throughout the organs of the body. A healthy oxygen saturation is when the level is between 94 – 100.

However, it is serious for covid patients if the blood oxygen levels keep dropping below 90. In that case, a person must immediately consult a doctor.


How does a pulse oximeter work?

A Finger Pulse Oximeter is a small device that helps a person to check their blood oxygen levels. That is the amount of oxygen the molecule is carrying from the lungs to the different parts and organs of the body. To get a reading a finger, toe, or earlobe is placed on it. A little light beam passes throughout the toe, earlobe, or the finger placed. The light changes when it comes in contact with oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. The process is quick and painless.


How to check SpO2 levels with smartwatch?

Technological advancements have not even made a smart watch possible to check your oxygen levels. This although was previously available in only high end devices, now can be measured through various smart watches.

Here is how you can measure your blood oxygen level on various smart watches:

Apple Watch Series 6

Open the Health app on your iPhone and set that up. Go to Respiratory, click on Blood Oxygen and then set it up.

Once set, you can go to the apple watch and record your blood oxygen level.

Fitbit Smartwatches:

There are two things that you would need to get a reading of your SpO2 on your Fitbit Smartwatch. They are updated version of Fitbit OS and the other is SpO2 clock face. To get a reading, set the clock face to default. Once done, this will give you a reading of your heart rate, floor count, step count amongst others.

Samsung Wearables:

For getting a reading of your SpO2 level, take your smart phone and go the Samsung Health App. The next step is to pair it with your Galaxy Watch 2.

Realme Watches:

Open your Realme Watch and go to the SpO2 page. To start the measurement, click on the SpO2 option. Wait for a minimum of 30 seconds to view the result.


spo2 leve l pulse oximeter
spo2 leve l pulse oximeter

Are apps a reliable way to measure blood oxygen levels?

With the epidemic hitting the world hard, oxygen levels, especially in covid patients have become a point of concern. Whilst people are finding different ways to measure their oxygen saturation level at home, smartwatches and apps have also found their name in the options for such. However, with this, the question that is apps and smartwatches a reliable source of measuring oxygen saturation level has also emerged.

Well, the answer is no. Research has shown that these smartwatches and apps are not fit to correctly measure the oxygen saturation level. This stands especially true when the oxygen levels are low and need urgent attention.

It is always a better idea to get a Pulse Oximeter from a nearby medical store for keeping an eye on the oxygen level.


What you need to know before buying pulse oximeter?

There are three things that a person must be aware of before purchasing a pulse oximeter. They are:

  • What does a Pulse Oximeter mean?

Pulse Oximeter is a small device that helps in measuring the blood saturation level of a person. Blood saturation level refers to the amount of oxygen carried by the molecule called hemoglobin to the different parts of the body from the lungs. The result comes in a percentage of 100. A normal reading is when the percentage is between 94 – 100. However, in some people who have a certain underlying disease, the reading may show below 94. If the reading is below 90, it is advised to consult a doctor. 

  • How does it work?

A Pulse Oximeter is a small device that helps in measuring the blood saturation level of a person. A finger, toe, or earlobe is put in the device. Small beams of light pass through it the moment the finger etc. is put in the device. The light changes when it comes in contact with oxygenated and deoxygenated blood records the percentage of the oxygenated blood and shows the reading in percentage.

A normal reading is when the percentage is between 94 – 100. It is a point of concern if the reading is below 90. In situations like these, you must immediately inform a doctor.

  • Why do you need a Pulse Oximeter?

The importance of keeping an oximeter home has come to notice after the epidemic hit mankind last year. It was advised by the doctors to keep an oximeter at home to regularly keep an eye on the blood oxygen level of a person. This was more important to the people who were infected by the coronavirus and were in home isolation.

However, infected or not, it is always a good idea to keep an oximeter handy at home. This helps to seek medical attention immediately when the blood oxygen levels drop in any person.

covid medication and home isolation measures
covid medication and home isolation measures
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