Credihealth: A revolutionary approach to make medical decisions online

Online Health Service is not something that everyone is aware of and this can actually help you save life and money both. Now the question – How?

Before going to the question how, let’s discuss more on what is online health and why is there a need for it.

online doctor and medical assistance
online doctor and medical assistance

Everything is happening online today then why you still have to see multiple doctors before you can actually take the decision of where you want to carry forward your medical consultation and medical treatment.

You sometimes land up into the hands of most costly hospital and regret why you didn’t made a quick survey before jumping into this Hospital.

There are times when you actually have to deal with health issue of your near ones and you can’t just take out time to deal with other hospital management or system related things. You need someone to just quickly guide you for all the required process and just let you focus on your dear one’s health.


How can Online Health Service help you?

Credihealth is one of the emerging online health service portals that are dealing with India’s most Top class Hospitals and Doctors from 10 cities (Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Pune, Ranchi) covering more than 500 Hospitals (Apollo Hospitals, BLK, Medanta, Jaypee, Fortis Hospital etc) . This is not just about giving you the list of hospitals or doctors. It is bigger than this.

credihealth medical assistance online
credihealth medical assistance online

You can also learn about your present health situation with online consultation and most importantly a team of in-house Credihealth (doctors) will help patient in all the necessary medical assistance. Assistance required in finding the right doctor for treatment of particular health issue, booking appointments, discharge procedures, getting you the estimate of procedure and many more.

Now Imagine yourself away from family and friends. Suppose you fall sick and need medical assistance. This is where Credihealth comes in the picture.

Similarly there can be many more such corner situations where Credihealth can be of huge help to you.

Credihealth, a medical assistance company provides the proper navigation to the patient in all steps of his medical treatment, in other words, they deal with the entire hospitalization process. 

Credihealth Provides many FREE Health Services.

#Book your appointment in Hospitals from the website or health app. There are more than 500 Hospitals linked to Credihealth.

# Get the Estimate of Cost of surgeries from 3 hospitals that will help you make the right decision.

# Get the Medical guidance by senior Experienced Health Experts and Medical Experts on various domains such as Hospitals and doctors-related queries.

# Medical Assistance on many other aspects like location of hospitals, consultation fees, insurance, comparison of doctors and hospitals and many other things.

# Get Health related info like on Cancer, Joint replacement, heart and brain related issues and many others.


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You can have everything that is mentioned above now in the android app from Credihealth.

Recently Credihealth has launched a new version of their health app which gives you with some great new features like getting estimate cost of your treatment and getting the list of the best surgeons and top doctors in a particular field of expertise. This makes it extremely convenient for patients to make well informed and well compared medical decisions.

Easy to use:- Simply submit request on the app with your credentials and get what you are looking for like procedure cost, types of procedures,  detailed descriptions, risk and complications and more.

You can also search & read about the commonly asked questions about the treatment.

Download the App and get the Best Health care treatment from the best doctors across India.

Tell us your experience with the app and share the app with your friends and family to help them choose the best healthcare facility while sitting at home.

Share your reviews and possible suggestions to help build a better healthcare online system.

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Ravinder Pal Singh Malhotra said : Guest Nov 10, 2017 at 10:33 AM

I Think Every Hospitals are now online, You can not survive if you did not provide transparency in your System- Ravinder Pal Singh Malhotra