Derma Rollers for Hair Loss and Grey Hair Treatments 

Hair loss is a huge problem that has been of great concern to men and women equally. Experts are continuously conducting various experiments to get this problem sorted in the best possible way. One of the newest treatments which are gaining a lot of popularity is that of the derma rollers. This is a unique way for hair loss to be looked after, and new hair growth can be looked after. It is the most convenient way to manage hair loss, and the treatment can be done very well at home at a lower cost.


What are Derma Rollers?

Derma rollers are just like ordinary rollers with a handle that have numerous needles on them. The sizes of the needles are varied so that people with different hair types can use them. All the user has to do is, roll the instrument on the scalp. The mechanism behind this treatment is numerous small holes created on the scalp as the needles move over the scalp, causing minimal injury. This is not very painful and does not cause some discomfort. However, this causes heavy blood circulation on the areas that have holes made on them. If the holes are made on the hair follicles, the injury causes the outer layer of skin to produce stem cells, promoting thick and quick hair growth.

Women have faced considerable improvement from this treatment, and they have started seeing incredible hair growth within three months. Putting appropriate hair oil and massaging the scalp with it can accelerate the growth as well.

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Types of Derma Rollers used

There are two different kinds of derma rollers for hair loss, namely titanium and stainless-steel rollers, used for the treatment depending upon the type of hair the user has. This has gained a lot of popularity since the ’90s and is still considered a somewhat helpful method. To get this done, anesthesia needs to be done on the scalp. The treatment lasts only for about ten to twelve minutes, and some specialists get this done.


The size of the Derma rollers has to be decided by the people who are performing the treatment. We should never determine what size needles are best for us as we will never have any idea about it. Different people have different dermal depths, and we will have to use the correct size so that the treatment is successful. If we resort to a small extent, then the treatment will be useless, and we will never be able to achieve the result we were longing for; however, if we think that the bigger the size of the needles, the better work it does, that is a mistake. We will have severe dermal injuries and infections if big needles are used for the treatment.


What Else Derma Rollers are Useful for?

Derma rolling is also used for various other issues like treating acne problems, wrinkles on the skin at a younger age, and fine lines that make the skin look old. This treatment, when done on the scalp, also helps to treat the greying of hair. With the increase in age, the hair follicles produce less melanin than making the color of the hair black. When this treatment is done, the activities of the hair follicles are energized, as a result of which the production of melanin in the scalp is also accelerated, thereby decreasing the greying of hair. So, this has become a pretty coveted treatment for hair issues like thinning of hair or for a receding hairline too.

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Derma rolls are not something that can be done on every alternate day. This needs to be done under the supervision of an expert that controls the factors for perfect treatment and ensures that the best and apt service is given to the patient. Everyone has their different treatment depending on how severe their case is, which is determined by the experts who perform the treatment.


derma roller for hair growth
derma roller for hair growth

Taking the Treatment of Derma Rollers

After the treatment, we must take good care of the scalp. We might see some redness caused at the scalp, which is quite normal after the treatment, as will be told by the expert performing the treatment. However, it is on us to take the aftercare very well by exfoliating the scalp by scrubbing it gently and washing it with a mild shampoo so that the area is kept clean without any irritant.

Some people use specific oils at the root of the hair to stimulate hair growth, which has often become fruitful in the treatment. People with severe issues concerning hair growth like Alopecia have also gathered benefits by using this treatment method. People who have diabetes must inform the experts initially as their treatment will largely depend on this. Diabetes can slow down the growth of new hair despite the treatment, so it is advisable to discuss it before Derma Rolls are used on someone for the treatment.

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