MS Dhoni Workout Routine and Healthy Diet Plan

The news of our favorite caption cool retiring has left us all shattered! The year 2020 is keeping to get worse with days like just a global pandemic was not enough. To look back, the journey of our Caption Cool was not really easy. It was filled with a crazy amount of dedication and various sacrifices. 

Yes, he is extremely well known for his iconic ‘Helicopter Shot’, but do you know what also makes him exceptionally good? It is his inclination and commitment to fitness.  

MS Dhoni is one of those people who have always thought of and maintained a healthy, balanced, and fit lifestyle. He was always into sports since he was a child so being fit was a part of the challenge for him. 

Hence, if you are wondering what makes our caption so cool, read on to know the Dhoni fitness mantras and Dhoni diet plan

captain cool workout fitness
captain cool workout fitness

MS Dhoni Workout Routine

Our captain cool, MS Dhoni divides his Dhoni fitness routine into three parts.

  • One is when he dedicates his time to work out with the team.
  • Another is when he likes to spend some time alone burning the sweat out.
  • And for the third, MSD also likes to play various sports to remain fit.


Read on to know what these Dhoni fitness mantras are and how to master them:

ms dhoni workout
ms dhoni workout

Workout Routine of MS Dhoni when with team:

It is not unknown that the caption cool has always loved to keep his team on their toes. He, therefore, ensures that the team always works out together.

The exercises on the field are mainly focused on keeping cardiovascular health, bone density, and strength up above all others. Some of the Dhoni workout exercises he prefers his team to do are:


Dumbbell chest press:

The Dumbbell Chest Press is one of the best exercises to choose when you want to work on your chest muscles. Here are the steps to master it. Lie down on a bench.

  • Take two dumbbells of the same weight in both hands.
  • Ensure that in the beginning, the palms face the feet.
  • Slowly press your arms to your chest.
  • Straighten the elbows until the arms become straight.
  • Repeat the process.


Machine Chest Press:

The Machine Chest Press is another good workout for the chest muscles. It also helps a lot to swings balls and bats for the sports people. The steps to perform this are:

  • Sit on the machine and place your feet on the floor. Ensure that they are apart aligned with your shoulder.
  • Adjust the seat according to you. Make sure that you can easily press the machine horizontally with your arms.
  • Ensure that your thumb grasps the handle of the machine with a complete grip.
  • Push the handle or the bars outwards using your chest. Exhale when doing so.
  • Pull the handle or the bard inward using your chest. Inhale when doing so.
  • Repeat the process.
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Cardio, short for Cardiovascular exercises are one of the best exercises to do in case you are looking for improving your cardiovascular health. It helps to burn the extra fat and calories from your body and also helps to control the appetite. Along with that, it also helps to decrease the chances of various diseases. Some of them are heart diseases, arthritis, blood pressure and diabetes.

The best thing about cardio exercises is that there are many of them. Hence, you can choose to do the ones you prefer.

ms dhoni workout routine
ms dhoni workout routine

Workout Routine of MS Dhoni

If you think that hours of working out session with the team is enough for Dhoni, then you are so wrong! MS Dhoni also prefers extensive workout without his team as well. Here are some of the various exercises he loves doing:

  1. Dumbbell Lunges: Lunges are one of the best workout in case you want to focus on the calves, abdominal, back, gluteal and hamstring muscles. It is considered an extremely good exercise to do for your lower body. Along with that, it also helps to strengthen the back. Here are the steps on how to master this Dhoni workout:
  • Take two dumbbells of the same weight in each and stand straight.
  • Bring one leg forward, leaning on the heel. The knee of this leg must remain parallel to the ground.
  • The leg at the back should balance on its toes.
  • Slightly go down keeping your back straight. Inhale while doing so.
  • Slowly come up and put the leg in the front back on its initial position. Exhale at this point.
  • Repeat the same with the other leg.


  1. Lateral Pull Down: The next exercise in the Dhoni workout list is the Lateral Pull Down. The Lateral Pull Down is your go to exercise of you want to strengthen your back muscles. It helps to strengthen the spine and also build good postures. There are many variations of this exercise. The trainer puts the suitable exercise depending on the body part you want to hit or work at. This exercise works wonders for the latissimus dorsi muscle.

The various forms of this exercise are:

  • Close-grip Lat Pull-down: This exercise is apt for you in case you want to hit the upper arms.
  • Unilateral Lat Pull-down: In case you think that the stronger hand of yours is lifting the weight and the other is not, then opt for this exercise. This exercise using one arm at a time ensures that both the sides gain equal amount of strength.
  • Straight arm Pull-down: In case you think that your lat muscle is not getting the proper focus it needs when doing the standard pull down, choose the straight arm pull down instead. Stand straight, keep the arms straight and pull down the bar until it reaches your thighs.
  • Underhand Lat pull-down: In this type of Lateral Pull Down, hold the bar in a way that the palm of your hand faces you. Keep the chest up and pull the bar down until it reaches your chin. Pause for a few seconds before every reps.
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More Exercises 

ms dhoni workout regime
ms dhoni workout regime
  1. Dumbbell rowing: Dumbbell rowing is another exercise to do for strengthening the Lat muscles. The steps to do this Dhoni workout is:
  • Take a bench. Take a dumbbell on your hand. Keep your arm extended to the ground.
  • Bend over on the bench in a way that the ground and your body are parallel to each other.
  • Lift your arm up by putting pressure on your shoulder and back muscles.
  • Release and repeat.


  1. Dumbbell curls: Dumbbell curls are one of the best exercises that directly puts a lot of pressure on the brachialis and the brachioradialis. In simpler words, it helps to work on the muscles of the lower arm and the upper arm. The steps to master this Dhoni workout is:
  • Hold a dumbbell of the same weight in both hands. 
  • Keep the feet a bit apart, stand straight, and keep your arms straight down. 
  • Rotate the arm and lift the dumbbell toward the shoulder. You can either do one arm at a time or both together. 
  • Slowly lower the arm. 
  • Continue the reps. 

Whilst these are some of the main Dhoni fitness mantras, there are several other exercises he likes to do. Some of them are:

  • V Grip Pull Down.
  • One leg Deadlifts.
  • Reverse Lunges.



Apart from being one of the best cricket players that India is gifted with, our MSD also likes to play some other sports for fun and to keep himself fit. Being attached to at least one of the sports and practicing it on a regular basis is one of the best ways to ensure fitness. What more is this fitness routine would not bore you. More because we all love sports.


Dhoni Diet Plan

Apart from just maintaining a well chalked out fitness routine, Dhoni also has eyes on keeping his diet plan healthy and nutritious. Here are some of the things that the Dhoni diet plan contains:

MS Dhoni loves to keep Indian food as a part of his diet. He focuses on having a balanced meal that contains all the correct nutrients in the correct amount. He focuses on the fact that neither too less of anything nor too much of a particular nutrient is good for the health.

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Each nutrient contains something valuable and nothing should be left behind. He also focuses on keeping unhealthy foods away from his lifestyle routine.

captain cool dhoni workout fitness
captain cool dhoni workout fitness

The Dhoni diet plan contains:

For Breakfast: MS Dhoni prefers to have a mix of these for breakfast.

  • A glass of milk.
  • Breads
  • Cornflakes
  • Parantha
  • Fresh fruits.
  • Eggs
  • Milk Juice.
  • Cereals
  • Porridge


For Lunch and Dinner: For lunch and dinner, MS Dhoni prefers to have something simple and home like, like any of us. He focuses mainly on having a protein rich diet. The lunch and dinner meal of MSD has somethings from these:

  • Rice or Roti.
  • Seasonal Vegetable.
  • Chicken
  • Dal
  • Pulses
  • Paneer
  • Salad
  • Curd


For Snacks: The Dhoni diet plan for a snack is something simple and not heavy. He would just pick up any of the following:

  • Fruits
  • Chicken Sandwich.
  • Yogurt
  • Fresh Juice.


For Pre and Post Workout: Pre and Post workout meals are very important and must never be skipped. There is no point in working out if you don’t give your body the healthy nutrients it needs. Some of the things that MSD usually grabs are:

  • Huge Glass of Fresh Juice.
  • Protein Shake.

MSD also focuses on having lots of water throughout the day. He also never skips any meal.


The lifestyle of our favorites is not as ‘cool’ as we might feel. Their life comes with a lot of restrictions and plans. However, just by following these simple changes, you can ensure a healthy and fit life.

Neelanjana Bhattacherya
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