Best 5 Diet Blogs and Nutrition Bloggers in India You must Explore

Being a Blogger is no easy task and it takes lot of time and efforts to build a good post and share the best information through a 1000 words write up. To appreciate the work in the field of diet blogs and nutrition blogs we have collected these names from the rick blogging directory and tried to showcase the wonderful work these bloggers are doing in making a great online platform.

To give you the honest statements, we contacted these Nutrition Bloggers in India and asked them to share something about their work.

‘Without much delay’ , Let’s check out these what these bloggers have to say and find out more about them.


Diet and nutritional bloggers in India
Diet and nutritional bloggers in India


Just 1 quick note before we move ahead :- The listing order does not indicate their rankings. All are at equal level. Order is given because we want the article to have some format.





Anjali shah - diet nutrition blogger
Anjali shah – diet nutrition blogger

The First name on the list of Nutrition Bloggers in India is Anjali Shah. She has a polite way of writing her nutrition tips and sharing with her readers online. She is active on her blog and always available to answer your queries as long as they related to her field of work. So do not hesitate to check out her blog and ask her your questions about diet and nutrition.


# Short bio

Anjali Shah who is a food writer, best-selling author, board certified health coach, nutritionist and mom of two. She is a believer for healthy, clean eating for all individuals and families. She has been featured on various platforms like, SHAPE, Women’s Health, CNN, Cooking Light, Glamour, Reader’s Digest, Food Network, SELF, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Ladies’ Home Journal, Whole Foods, and also at Kaiser Permanente.

# About Her Website

With the Hope to prove that nutritious food could in fact be tasty, delicious and desirable, she taught herself how to cook. She successfully transformed her husband’s eating habits from a diet of frozen pizzas and Taco Bell to her healthy, yet flavorful recipes which are made with simple, wholesome ingredients. Soon after becoming a mom, Anjali expanded her work on nutritional diet plans to include numerous strategies and techniques to combat picky eating in kids of all ages. Anjali started The Picky Eater in the year 2011 in order to make healthy food accessible, tasty, easy to make at home, and picky-eater proof. You can follow her on various different social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

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## Contact details ( twitter and facebook )

@pickyeaterblog on Twitter

@thepickyeater on Facebook



payal - nutrition bloggers in india
payal – nutrition bloggers in india

Next on the list is Registered Dietician Payal Banka who is a professional blogger and she writes to motivate the readers for staying healthy with good eating. Your mental and physical fitness depends a lot on how you eat and what you eat. Ignoring the eating habits can hamper your lifestyle in ways you won’t be able to roll back to the good state. So always try to eat healthy. With this goal of creating more awareness among the people, she is writing this blog since long and has been a marvel in her field. Let’s know more about her.

# Short bio

Payal Banka is a Registered Dietician. She has also done her MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management. Payal has over 15 years of experience in the diet and nutrition industry.  She is a Professional Blogger now. Also apart from being a bloggers she is an Author, and a Youtuber. Payal believes in healthy living and eating. At Dietburrp, you will find her talking about health, weight loss, fitness, parenting, healthy cooking and how to keep yourself motivated to be healthy.


# About Her Website

Our Moto ” “Why starve when you can plan your food! “

Healthy does not always have to mean boring and tasteless food. Also it does not always need hours and hours of workout and staying hungry to get your dream slim body. At Dietburrp we try to bring to you the latest dietary and clinical news and research in a practically applicable form. We have a variety of sample diet plans  with an Indian menu for  almost all clinical problems. Our healthy recipes will help you in converting the boring tasteless food into tasty healthy food. Our articles and blogs will help you in exercising smartly and precisely.


## Contact details ( twitter and facebook )

DietBurrp Team

@dietburrp on Instagram

@dietburrp on Facebook


Samar - nutrition bloggers in India
Samar – nutrition bloggers in India

Next name on the list of nutrition bloggers in India is Samar. He is practically working on the complete fitness and health domain which covers various aspects of weight loss, diet plans, nutrition and many other categories. Do understand the complete website he is working on let’s check out his bio and details.

# Short bio

I am Samar, providing practical and feasible suggestions, tips, ideas and hacks on a range of lifestyle, fitness, diet topics including but not limited to skincare, haircare, productivity tips etc. The aim of this blog is to provide valuable tips and ideas for the needy.

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# About His Website

1. The engaging point of Find Health Tips blog is the informative content which is written in a very lucid manner making it easiest to understand. We have a zero bullshit information source for individuals who wish to be fit, but without feeling like they are giving up the best things in life or feeling overwhelmed. We answer numerous FAQs and give you a detailed analysis of why and how a certain remedy or practice is suggested.
2. Find Health Tips blog started by Samar contains articles on body positivity, weight loss, diet plans, health, and fitness tips. The blog also contains free fitness advice, free recipes, and diet plans and also has motivational weight loss stories.

The blog also has a review section where you can read reviews and information form health experts on different health products and ingredients that which you can use to improve your daily lifestyle.


## Contact details ( twitter and facebook )

Twitter : @findhealthtips
Facebook : @findhealthtips

website –



Koushik is our next nutrition blogger from India who is also an electrical Engineer. He is now a full time food blogger and following his dream and passion for great Indian food that not only serves taste but also great nutritional value.

# Short bio

Hi, i am Koushik an ex electrical engineer turn into full time food blogger.Cooking always gives me pleasure which ultimately gave birth of Recipes Of Home.

# About His Website

Recipes Of Home is all about indian recipes where you will get all types of delicious dishes including vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes with proper step by step instructions.If you want to cook famous indian food for your family then you must visit

Enjoy your dish, happy cooking.

## Contact details ( twitter and facebook )

Facebook: @recipesofhome

Twitter: @recipesofhome



jayashree nutrition bloggers in India
jayashree nutrition bloggers in India

The Last name currently on our list of nutrition bloggers in India is Jayashree. She is also a freelance writer but before that she is an enthusiastic food blogger who shares great recipes via blogging, ebook and social media. All the great food recipes filled with nutrition and energy are just a click away from you now. Let’s know more about her.

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# Short bio

Jayashree is a food blogger and freelance content writer from India. She believes in living life to the fullest. Her website has a wide range of vegetarian dishes. She is also an e-book author. Her books are South Indian Breakfast, 30 Tasty Dal Recipes, Breadbasket and Soulful Melodies. They are available on Amazon.

# About Her Website

Evergreendishes is a blog of vegetarian food from India and around the world. The dishes are ideal for the woman of today. They are tasty and easy to prepare. The author has modified the recipes to suit modern lifestyle. Her mantra is to eat in moderate quantity and do yoga regularly.

## Contact details ( twitter and facebook )

Facebook : @Evergreendishes
Twitter : @evergreendishes


Concluding Words

Diet and nutrition bloggers in India
Diet and nutrition bloggers in India

So now here we come to the end of the list. But these are not the only diet and nutrition bloggers you will find online. There are many more who are working on online platform and providing great information on health and fitness. If you are one of them or if you know someone who is, share with us. We will reach out to them and if they are really worthy of coming in the list, we will add their names. 

You can contact us via social media platform or gmail us directly.

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