Difference Between Curd and Yogurt; Health Benefits of Yogurt

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Humans have been consuming Yogurt for many centuries now. It has been an integral part of the various delicacies across different communities of the globe. To ask the basic question, what is the difference between Yogurt and Curd? Its really astonishing how a lot of people do not know the difference! Yogurt and curd are two different types of dairy products. Yogurt is the product of bacterial fermentation of milk. The name of the bacteria which ferments the lactose present in the milk is “Yogurt Culture”. This process causes the milk proteins to curdle because of which Yogurt gets its amazing taste and texture. Curd, on the other end of the spectrum undergoes the same curdling process, but is triggered not by bacteria, but by some external acid like lemon juice, sugar or vinegar.


healthy benefits of yogurt
healthy benefits of yogurt


Yogurt has a rather tangy and acidic taste, while curd is more acidic as compared to yogurt and also is sour. Yogurt can be made from a variety of milk, that of cow, water buffalo, camel, reindeer, yak and also sheep, but mostly is created using cow’s milk.

Let us now move ahead and look at Yogurt’s contents.



eating yogurt and its amazing health benefits
eating yogurt and its amazing health benefits

Yogurt is very high in calcium, which is a very important mineral for strengthening your teeth and bones. Having a cup of yogurt, fills your daily quota of calcium consumption by 50%.

Vitamins is another nutrient that Yogurt contains. Specifically high in vitamin B it proves to be good for your heart and also can prevent specific birth disorders. Phosphorus, potassium, magnesium are some of the nutrients required for regulating the flow of blood in your body.

Having one cup of yogurt also completes 15% of your daily quota of these minerals. Also, a lot of yogurt manufacturing companies fortify their yogurt product with vitamin D which is essential to maintain a good immune system.


Since Yogurt is generated from milk, it naturally is very high in protein. Protein is very important for increasing the rate of your body’s metabolism. What this does is it helps you burn more number of calories in a day. Yogurt on an average contains 12 grams of protein per 200 grams. But there is an exception to this, greek yogurt which is much more thicker than the everyday yogurt contains 22 grams  of protein per 200 grams of yogurt. High consumption of yogurt per day also keeps you away from the feeling of hunger for longer periods of time.


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healthy yogurt benefits
healthy yogurt benefits


Now usually, people who are lactose intolerant would skip this article. But yogurt, unlike milk actually is easy to digest. The people who are lactose intolerant need not worry, since the lactose present in yogurt gets easily absorbed into the body because of the good bacteria present in Yogurt. The word Yogurt, is actually Turkish which means curdled form of milk resulted due to bacterial transformation.


Now let us talk about the benefits of Yogurt.


1) Yogurt Keeps Bloodpressure Under Check

With today’s eating habits, most of the adults end up consuming 2 times the amount of salt that is actually recommended for your body. Since Yogurt contains a large amounts of potassium, a lot of sodium content present in the salt is flushed out of the body. On an average, yogurt contains 600 mg of potassium per 200 grams of yogurt. Another added benefit of consuming good quantities of Yogurt is that it prevents you from catching cold as well. T cells are essential to keep your immune system robust. Here’s where yogurt comes in and helps you strengthen your immune system keeping you away from those viral infections.


yogurt after workout is good
yogurt after workout is good


2) Speedy Recovery After Workout

According to many gym trainers across the globe, it is absolutely ideal to have a cup of yogurt within 60 minutes of your workout. Since yogurt is high in proteins and carbohydrates, it becomes an excellent post workout snack. Yogurt is high in proteins which provides amino acids that are essential for building back your muscles and also is high in carbohydrates that replenish the lost energy due to workout. Also, since there is consumption of protein, it helps the intestines absorb more and more water which also keeps the body hydrated.


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yogurt benefits for womens and females
yogurt benefits for women and females


3) Yogurt For Women !

Diabetic women, face a very common problem with the vaginal infection. Yogurt which is high in acidic content helps balance the pH value for the women and helps them get through the infection by reducing its effects. Also, women face with the problem of osteoporosis, where the bone mass of women starts reducing mostly after the age of 35. But since Yogurt is high in calcium, an essential nutrient that maintains the bone mass, has maintained the bone density of many yogurt consuming women and by large people of all age groups and gender.


yogurt helpful for digestion
yogurt helpful for digestion


4) Digestive Benefits

Yogurt is a result of bacterial fermentation and hence contains probiotics. Sometimes, the yogurt contain bacteria, not all of which are good for human health. Because of this, the yogurt is pasteurized, that is it is heated under high temperature which kills all the unwanted bacteria. But what this also does it also kills some of the beneficial bacteria that it may contain. Yogurt has immense digestive benefits and to avail full benefits of this, one should always check the nutrients list printed on the packaging. The good bacteria contained in Yogurt, improves bloating and also the stool consistency and frequency which is a sign of a good digestive system.


yogurt benefits and differences
yogurt benefits and differences


5) Helps In Weight Management

High amounts of proteins in yogurt, contain an appetite reducing hormone. What this does is it reduces your desire to consume excess amounts of food, or basically stops you from overeating. Obesity is one disease that plagues our race. Consumption of yogurt might also be able to put a check on this. A study has found out that people who started consuming yogurt, were able to reduce their weight much faster than people who refrained from its consumption. This can be attributed to yogurt’s high protein and nutrient content compared to its low calorie content.


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But, Yogurt may just not be for everyone. People who are highly lactose intolerant or suffer from milk allergy should avoid it. Also those who cannot have very high amounts of sugar should watch their consumption. But, for people who can consume yogurt, must watch what they consume and should only have yogurts high in nutrient content and low on sugars and fats. For the best health benefits, one should choose plain unsweetened yogurt that would boost his overall metabolism and would give him an edge in the gym!


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Shubhankar Kamat

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