What Does Different Color of Urine Indicates About Health

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Have you ever seen the color of urine changing? Sometimes it is light yellow shade and sometimes it is dark yellow. But have you ever wondered why this happens and what does it indicate? May be not and we say you should consider it sometimes since it says a lot about your health. You can also find the early symptoms of major health issue like internal bleeding in your urine.

Your urine can reveal what you’ve been eating, how much you’ve been drinking, and what diseases you have.

different color of urine indicates about health
different color of urine indicates about health

Doctors often do urine test, but that is in depth test which we are not discussing here. What we will discuss here is the fact that color of urine is the indicator of your health status and early signs of any minor or major health problem that needs to be addressed on time.

Urine is an important part of the body’s disposal process. Its job is to remove the extra water and water-soluble wastes the kidneys filter from the blood. “The urine is there primarily to get rid of toxins or things that would otherwise build up in the body that would be bad for the body”. There are many toxic substances that are separated from blood by kidney and if not done so, they can cause many health problems.


Different Color of Urine and their Possible Indications

Urine may have a variety of colors. It usually ranges from a deep amber or honey color to a light straw color, with many golden variations in between.

The natural color is pale yellow indicating a good healthy condition.

different color of urine
different color of urine

The Dark shade of the urine is a sign of dehydration in your body. You are not taking enough liquid/fluid. Your body needs certain amount of liquid, water may be, to function properly and so if you are travelling with lesser liquid, the urine will become concentrated. Always make sure your travel with sufficient water. Drink water in regular intervals.

Urine can turn into multiple colors, and an unusual hue isn’t necessarily cause for alarm. There are certain medications that can result in making your urine color change to fluorescent green or blue, carrots can tint it orange, vitamins can give it a yellow hue, and an inherited disease called porphyria can shade it the color of port wine.


Seeing Red Color can be Alarming

Seeing red is typically a sign that there is blood in the urine, but before you panic, know that a little blood can produce a dramatic color change and it can be a sign of something serious, like an infection or cancer, and it warrants a visit to your doctor or urologist. Also make sure you know what you eat. Sometimes any fruit or vegetable can also cause color change in urine. Like if you have Beetroot in your diet, you will surely see light red color in your urine during that time.

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If it’s something that is more brownish, it can point to a problem with the liver, but really looking at the urine color is just a very first kind of screening indication that tells you that maybe more in depth analysis needs to be done may be in terms of looking at it under microscope.

your urine color can indicate health
your urine color can indicate health

Odor Changes

Urine normally doesn’t have a very strong smell. If you get a whiff of something particularly pungent, you could have an infection or urinary stones, which can create an ammonia-like odor.

Finally, don’t hold it in. As soon as you feel the urge to go, excuse yourself from whatever you’re doing and find a bathroom release the pressure so that your bladder can relax. Holding it for long can have bad effects on your bladder contraction and expansion.

Take good care of your bladder. To avoid having to make too many bathroom visits, stay hydrated, but not over-hydrated. Drink whenever you’re thirsty but not just to make your stomach full of water.


Now it is your turn

You can ask questions if you have any or you may share with us any of your experiences in the comment section below.

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Urination is a part of our life and we do this to stay healthy then why you should avoid talking about it. If some talks like this can help save someone’s life and help him to understand the state of his health then we should share this with others.

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