Different Sanitary Products for Menstruation

Last Updated on August 18th, 2020

We ladies spend 4-5 days of every month menstruating and hence dealing with continuous fear of spoiled clothes. Whether we are at work or at home, we have to be careful about this during periods. Taking a sanitary pad from your desk to washroom is another struggle, especially if you work in a male dominated team. I am not saying that it is something to be embarrassed about but let’s accept it, we are not that much comfortable with it yet. We still try to cover the pads or shove it in our pockets and then leave for washrooms. No? And the idea of spending 7-8 hours at a place where there is no restroom around on the first or second day of menstruation terrifies us. Right?

Though these days are uncomfortable but are very important for a healthy body. Read our article on how to deal with irregular periods using natural remedies.

Today, we are here with 5 different sanitary options that you can use. You can choose one of these or use all of them on different days and different times of the day based on your flow and requirements.


  1. Sanitary pad:

    Everyone is familiar with is Sanitary pads/napkins and is the most used sanitary option during periods. These can be attached to inside of underwear to absorb blood during menstruation. These are made of super absorbent polymers and have a polyethylene back to prevent any leakage. Irrespective of the day of your menstruation cycle, pad needs to be changed every 4-5 hours otherwise it can cause bacterial growth near vagina.

    reusable sanitary pad
    Reusable sanitary pad

    The polymers in pad are non-biodegradable but now we have more sustainable option in market – Reusable pads. These are not only chemical free and safe for you but also safe for environment. Though some might feel a little disgusted in washing the used pad but once you get used to it you will notice the difference in terms of hygiene (lesser irritation/rashes) and of course in terms of finances.

    These pads come in large variety and you can choose the best one for you based on your period flow and outfits.:

    • Night special – which is highly absorbent and help you in getting peaceful night without any tension of leakage.
    • The thinner ones – which can be used if you need to wear some tight bottoms and it will be seamless.
    • Scented – these come with deodorant but might cause irritation to some girls.
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  1. Tampons:

    Just like sanitary pad, tampon is also made of absorbent material, but it is inserted inside the vagina to absorb the blood during menstruation. So basically, blood is absorbed even before it comes out of your body. This decreases the risk of leakage by great amount. These also come with different absorbency and option of with or without deodorant.

    tampon insertion
    Tampon insertion

    How to use:

    • Tampons often comes with an applicator to insert it into your vagina or you can simply use your finger to do the same. Wash your hands thoroughly to eliminate any risk of infection or irritation. The process of sliding it in will better if you are relaxed.
    • It should be changed every 4-5 hours and should not be left inside your body for more than 8 hours.
    • Tampon has a string attached to its end, pull this string gently when you need to remove it. Don’t worry if you are not able to find the string, tampon is still there, and it cannot go further up in your body as the vaginal opening is very small compared to tampon size. look for the string with your fingers.


    • Toxic shock syndrome is associated with tampons. Though it occurs in very rare cases. And to avoid this try going for tampons with lower absorbency

     Best for:

    • When you have to go for swimming or have an active routine full of physical worktampon
  2.  Menstrual Cups:

    These cups are made of silicone or latex rubber and instead of absorbing the blood during periods, they collect it. Just like a tampon, it is inserted inside your vagina and it prevents the blood from coming out of body by collecting it in the cup. Most of us think that using a tampon or menstrual cup can result in losing virginity but this is not true. Also, it doesn’t increase your pain or discomfort in any manner.

    There are also available in various sizes and you can choose the one which fits your requirement. Reusable cups also available in the market but they are quite pricey. These cups can be emptied, washed and reused.

    How to use:

    •  Fold the cup horizontally so that it can be easily inserted. Though It will easily slide up your vagina but if you are using it for the first time, try lubricating its rim with water or some other water-based lube. And once its there it will unfold and start collecting the blood.
    • It can be used for 10-12 hours straight and hence is more useful when you have to go outdoors.
    • Gently pull it out with your thumb and index finger, when you need to change.
      mestrual cup insertion
      Menstrual cup insertion


    • Collects blood rather than absorbing it, so no risk of bacterial infection or toxic shock syndrome.
    • Hold more blood so you can spend more time outdoors.
      menstrual cup
      menstrual cup
  3. Menstrual disc:

    Just like menstrual cups these also collects the blood during periods but there is a difference in their placement inside your body. Menstrual cup rests in the vaginal canal below the cervix while the disc stays lengthwise to fit into the vaginal fornix ( where canal meets the cervix). These made up of plastic and are flexible, therefore, fits well inside your body and prevents any leakage.

    menstrual disc
    Menstrual disc

    How to use:

    • Squeeze the rim of disc with your fingers and insert it up in your vagina.
    • It can be worn for 10-12 hours.
    • Go down with your fingers and grab the rim of the disc and pull it back to remove it from your body.


    • It can be messy to remove it. Cups have a stem like ending, so you can easily pinch and pull it but discs have no such thing.
    • Reusable option is not available.


    • You can have sex during periods and your partner won’t even feel that you are wearing it.
    • Collects blood more effectively than cups.
      menstrual disc and cup
      menstrual disc and cup
  4.  Period panties

    Yes, you read it right. These are just like your regular panties but made of absorbent material to absorb the blood during periods. You can use them alone during menstruation or with tampons/cups for extra precaution. Nothing can be worse than getting caught off guard by periods. Panties come to your rescue here. You can wear it the whole day when your period is about to start and that too without being uncomfortable. Few panties come with a pocket in front where you keep a heating pad to relieve the stomach pain.


    • One time cost is higher than other sanitary options and you will have to buy a lot of them.
    • Washing the used ones might not be comfortable for everyone.


    • These are super absorbent and few brands can even absorb blood that 4 tampons do together.
    • Layer which is in contact with body is breathable and dries quickly. So, no tension of moisture and hence rashes.
      period panty
      Period panty


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Hope you find this article helpful!

Read our article to know what should be done during periods and what should not be done.

Stay healthy! Keep Smiling!

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