Discover the 10 Health Benefits of Onion that you should know

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020


health benefits of onion that you must know
health benefits of onion that you must know


There are people who just cannot do without an onion salad. But yeah! There are people who absolutely hate it because of its pungent smell. Even our mouth stinks after consuming onion. Think about eating onion immediately before an important official meeting.

Depending upon personal choice and preference some prefer it cooked and while some eat it raw. Love it or hate it but you cannot deny the fact that it is an essential part of our daily lives.

Because of its rich nutritional values and health benefits, onions are often called a Super food. The Ayurvedic benefits of onion were known in ancient India as well. Charak Samhita also commends it as therapeutics for a diuretic, excellent for digestion, good for joints, eyes and even heart.


Onions contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and a good amount of folate. They are also rich in calcium, phosphorus magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

They are an abundance of carbohydrates and dietary fiber present in onions.

Now let us read benefits of onion to our body.


simple ways to gain weight for women
simple ways to gain weight for women


  1. Improves Immunity

With the help of onion, we can also give improve our immune power. Eating an onion increases blood flow which further results in sweating. Eating onion in cold weather is useful as it lowers fever, and sweats out colds & influenza by increasing blood flow & sweating.


  1. Sexual Health

Onions are not only for taste rather they have the power to improve one’s sexual health as well. You would be really amazed to know that onions are greatest aphrodisiac foods that you might be knowing. Many studies across the world have proven that onions help strengthening the reproducing organs and stimulate libido. Onions are also known to increase testosterone levels in the body which in turn increases the sexual stamina.

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health benefits of sex and foreplay
health benefits of sex and foreplay


  1. Lowers Cholesterol

The major reason behind heart attacks is cholesterol. Heart attacks can be avoided by reducing LDL cholesterol and it also regulates blood clotting if one consumes half medium size fresh onion daily.


  1. Cures Tinnitus

Tinnitus, a perception of noise, such as a ringing or drum beat sound, which no one else can hear. Onion can help fight such annoying disease as they are rich in Vitamin A and C, its juice can protect against the free radicals that damage the inner ear and cause tinnitus by strengthening the immune system.


healthy onion eating benefits
healthy onion eating benefits


  1. Controls Blood Pressure

It can be consumed in raw as well to cooked along with other veggies. Onions are known to help lower blood pressure spontaneously.  Not only this, it liquefies blood clotting and dilutes the blood. Thus helps control blood pressure.


  1. Helps for Hair Growth

Applying fresh raw onion helps in hair growth (pardon the smell). Onion juice also helps get rid of any dandruff and other hair problem.

If onion juice produces some irritation, mix it with rum or honey before applying. Onion is rich in sulphur, and its juice will help to stimulate follicle growth by increasing blood flow. 


mistakes with hair your should avoid
mistakes with hair your should avoid


  1. Anti-inflammatory and Anti Bacterial

Onions have high anti bacterial properties. Studies have proved that a freshly chopped onion provides a high antibacterial effect. Not only onion but its seeds also contain anti-inflammatory properties which can ward off esophageal and mouth cancers. In addition to it, Onion’s anti-inflammatory agents can cure headaches caused due to inflammation, help in healing arthritis.

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  1. Improves Digestive System

If you are suffering from any digestive problem then you should always include freshly chopped raw onions as a salad along with your food. It is also known to increase appetite and maintain a healthy stomach.

Regular intake of onions helps increase the release of digestive juices that cures every problem related to it.


health benefits of onion in daily diet
health benefits of onion in daily diet


  1. Helps in Minor Burns

Obviously, if one suffer from major burns than you should seek immediate medical attention but onions juice can help minor burns.

Onions juice can be immediately applied on the burnt area which helps in the burning sensation almost immediately. They can also reduce the burn scars by stimulating collagen which helps in skin repair.


  1. Dental health

Chewing raw onion help to protect your dental health by checking tooth decay (excuse the smell) but it can help you in long run. The anti bacterial properties of onion anti to relieve your teeth from any kind of bacterial growth inside your mouth. 


why peeling onion makes you cry, discover health benefits of onion
why peeling onion makes you cry, discover health benefits of onion


However, it is important to know the correct way to peel and consume it for deriving maximum benefits. There are some points to keep in mind with onions:


Don’t overcook: Overcooking onion loses enzymes responsible for forming of organosulfur. It’s better to have onions raw in sandwiches or salads or wraps.


Peel Properly: It’s important to note that too much peeling of the outer layer of onion will result in loss of nutrients because most of the ant bacterial properties of onion are stored in outer layers of the bulb. To get most of it proper skinning of onion is necessary.

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Limit amount of onion: Excess consumption of onion by pregnant women can have an adverse effect like heart burn during their pregnancy.


We do not suggest changing your eating habits all of a sudden but slowly and steadily try and include this superfood in your diet to work on long term benefits. Start by small changes in your diet and experience overall increment in your immunity as well as stamina.


Eat Healthy Stay Healthy!

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