Why More Doctors Are Now Prescribing Yoga Meditation in The West

In India, there are a large number of yoga gurus who have worked with their students to heal their chronic ailments with the help of various yoga postures. Now, there are a growing number of doctors in the west who are turning to yoga as a way to help their patients feel better. Major health care centres are now recognising yoga therapy as a clinically viable treatment. There were only five yoga therapy training courses in the database of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) in 2003. Now these are more than 130 worldwide. In the health care field increased the acceptance of yoga therapy is partly due to significant positive results of many researches on yoga and meditation.


What is Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the application of yogic methods or a process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved wellbeing and health through yoga. It uses yoga poses, breathing and meditation to re-establish harmony, to treat illness and balance in the body, mind and spirit. It serves as a safe alternative.
The main aim of yoga therapy is to increase self-awareness and self-regulation. There are two parts of yoga therapy that help us to influence our internal environment and make positive changes in our bodies and minds.

These two parts are :- 
* Self-regulation– It involves the use of techniques that create internal changes in our body and mind. It has capacity to support deep rest and rejuvenation. For example, Yoga Nindra is a deep relaxation technique to manage almost all disease.
* Self-awareness– It is the awareness of the experience and understand how we influence our health for better and worse. So that we can make better choices, positive changes and reduce negative or destructive thoughts, lifestyle and behaviors and emotions that are making us sick.

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yoga mudras for health
yoga mudras for health


Why More Doctors Prescribes Yoga Therapy:-

There is a growing number of health care practitioners are now convinced about the benefits of yoga therapy to their patient. It has positive effects to people dealing with anxiety, depression, back pain and insomnia. It can also deal with the side effects of cancer treatment based on some studies. Many Western doctors trust on it because of its positive effects based on some researches. The studies and researches on yoga have increased exponentially in the last five years. The number and quality of clinical trials and funding for studies on yoga therapy have significantly increased.

yoga therapy
yoga therapy

Because of the trust and confidence of the doctors the patient now looking at the yoga meditation, massage and acupuncture as some of the worthy alternative treatment options. Yoga therapy is the appropriate application of yoga techniques to increase self-awareness and self-regulation and engage the client/student’s energy in the direction of desired goals.

Practicing yoga regularly can improve overall well-being and strength. A yoga therapy is for those people who are suffering from a specific health issue or injury. This is a health care tool for those having any health issue. This therapeutic field has become more established now.


Health Issues that Yoga Therapy can Heal:-

Yoga therapy is a most effective medicine to heal many health issues. It can be use as an alternative wellness or healthcare tool. When it combines with a healing and therapeutic modality then the effectiveness and efficiency of those methods increase and can be applied to both physical and psychological conditions. It can be used to remedy psycho-spiritual crises and can work on both symptoms. Some universities runs yoga and meditation incorporated holistic mind-body medicine programs.

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* Depression, anxiety, stress-related exhaustion, IBS, moderate hypertension, insomnia- The combination of yoga and meditation for the beginners with a yoga teacher triggers the parasympathetic nervous system. This keeps you in the present moment. Since the depression is created by obsessing over the past and anxiety is fretting about the future. So keeps you in the present moment can be helpful.

yoga and meditation power
yoga and meditation power

* Inflammation– The yoga can control many modern ills like heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. According to study, yoga is a notorious contributor to inflammation, reduces stress and changes the way we deal with stressful situations off the mat. It improves our stress response system and sleep that affects hormones that play a role in inflammation.

* Heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, severe hypertension, diabetes complications- There are many yoga programs organized by the yoga centers or hospital and specifically designed for these conditions. These have been vetted in scientific trials. Yoga programs designed for these conditions may be very helpful.

* Chronic pain and arthritis– The aim of yoga therapy is to develop your inner strength with self-awareness. 


How to Find the Right Yoga Therapist: –

The yoga therapy might help you with a health issue if you can find a fit yoga therapist for you. There are some tips to navigate this field for you. This new therapeutic field has a lot of options for you.

  • Do research to find a yoga therapist– Research that a yoga therapist can help you to heal your specific condition or not. 
  • Consult with your primary health care provider– Many doctors think of yoga as vigorous exercise and this is inappropriate for people with health challenges. You should consult your primary health care provider before discuss your case with a yoga therapist.
  • Explore your local options– You can search IAYT database to check details on style, training and areas of expertise for yoga therapists near you. If you have not any option nearby you then you can travel to a nearby town. Exploring your local options can help you to see a yoga therapist only intermittently according to your needs.
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Practice Yoga Stay Healthy

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