Drinking Water The Correct Way? Common Mistakes With Water

Last Updated on September 18th, 2020

“Water”, an element on earth that can’t be replaced with anything else.  Water is among the 3 elements that together are considered to be the building blocks of earth. (FIRE, WATER, AIR).

In simple words “Water is life”. That is true but another truth is; we are making lots of mistakes in utilizing the benefits of water. From my early childhood days, I remember how my grandparents used to drink water from handmade containers known as “mud pot“. They are made from mud and then heated to give perfect shape.  They used to value water very much not because they used to live in Rajasthan, but because they knew the value of drinking water and the value of not having water at all.

Water is something that every living being drinks and uses daily. But many of us don’t know that this colorless and odorless liquid is having many health benefits that are worth knowing.

It is always suggested not to drink water like gulping it but to sip it (according to Ayurveda), and not all at one go.

There are many reasons why we are saying that, and we will put forward all the reasons so that you can realize the mistakes you are making while drinking and can correct the same.

drinking water the right way
drinking water the right way

Get The Saliva Mix Up

Our mouth produces saliva in abundance and that saliva is alkaline by nature. We have hydrochloric acid in our belly that helps in digestion of food. But this hydrochloric acid also creates a burning sensation in our belly. Our saliva stabilizes the acid when it reaches the stomach. When we are gulping in water from a plastic bottle, we are not allowing that to collect saliva from mouth. We do not hold that water to mix up with saliva and just swallow that water directly. So very little or no saliva reaches the stomach and it remains acidic for a long time.


drinking water post and pre workout
drinking water post and pre workout

Water if Gulp Can Be Heavy

When you have vomiting you very well can make out that gulping water makes it worse and that finally ends up with more throwing up things out of the body. Taking sips of water can help you in this. It will help you relax your stomach and give you necessary liquid to bring back the balance of your body.

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Keep your Body Weight in Balance

Yes Sipping water at regular intervals helps you keep your body weight in correct balance and helps you avoid that extra belly or tummy. It also makes sure your body does not get dehydrated in hot summer days. It keeps your digestive system in check as well. You are not asked to drink too much water in one go. But take few sips after regular intervals, say after every 2 hours or so. This will help you keep your skin hydrated and thus you face will glow more. Have a practice to drink water after 1 hour of having your meal. Not immediately you should have water after meal. This will help you avoid extra weight gain and other health problems also. 


Drinking Water the Right Time

You should not drink water at least half hour before a meal and half hour after a meal.

The water dilutes the digestive juices so it is always advisable to drink water at least half hour before a meal. Because of the same reason it is also suggested to drink half hour after a meal, so as to allow the body to absorb the essential nutrients.


drinking water in the morning
drinking water in the morning

Drink 1 Glass of Water After Waking Up

Drinking 1 glass of water after waking up helps to remove or flush out all the toxins in your body before your first meal of the day. So it is always advisable to drink 1 glass of water after waking up. It also helps to activate your internal organs. Having Luke warm water in the morning empty stomach helps a lot in removing all the digestive waste easily. Thus helping in cleaning the intestine and kidneys. It helps you getting rid of many stomach problems like, gastric issues, constipation and regular body pain.


People have forgotten the natural way of drinking water and now drinking water is just a task that needs to be done only when you feel really too much thirsty. Otherwise with busy lifestyle, people tend to ignore the need to drink water after regular intervals. Water has so much to offer to our body that it can actually help us stay fit without putting any extra efforts.


how you should drink, health facts
how you should drink, health facts

Use Proper Water Container

The Plastic water bottles kept in your refrigerator are making you unhealthy.

They are responsible for your bigger bellies and the cold that you get after drinking it on a hot day. Before these refrigerator came into existence people used to drink water from mud pot. Even my family uses it today. That mud pot water is never too chilled for your body so you can drink it anytime you want. Moreover that water is stored in mud containers that are very hygienic and safe. Plastic containers are made from chemicals which can harm your body and add unwanted substances in your body which is harmful in long run.

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Drink 8 Glass of Water Everyday

Who has said you to drink 8 glasses of water everyday? You must have read this somewhere or in some books. This is not the correct statement because it does not hold any scientific fact or figure.

No one knows where this concept came from. The fact is your daily requirement depends on many factors like your diet, size of your body and your unique body chemistry of course. You need to know the correct requirement of your body. You can find out that in our other post which tells about “facts and myths about drinking regular water”.

8 glasses of water every day
8 glasses of water every day

Cold Water Can be Toxic to your Digestion System

Never have cold water with your meal, since it acts as toxic to your digestion. If you are having cold-water or chilled water it gets all the bacteria which helps in digestion to become inactive. Drink lukewarm water or normal temperature water to help your body digest the food properly. Cold water is not good for your gums as well. They reduce the sensitivity of your teeth and gums if taken regularly over a long period of time.

You must have noticed this thing, that when you are drinking cold water or chilled water, you start feeling thirsty soon compared to when drinking warm water or normal temperature water. This is because warm water when touches your lips gives you feeling of satisfaction and also signals body of water intake.


drink more water , stay healthy
drink more water , stay healthy

The Correct/Right ways of Drinking Water:-

  • Always avoid drinking water from bottle directly. Instead always prefer to use a glass to drink water. Avoid storing of water in plastic bottles. It contaminates the water.
  • Never try to drink too much water at once. Filling up stomach with water alone is not good for health.
  • Drink as much water as you can when you are ill. Water helps to give the toxic substances a path to get flushed out from body easily and hence helps you become well soon.
  • Try to avoid drinking chilled or cold water as much as you can. It can make you ill.
  • Your doctor asked you to take water with medication; then do so. Water gives your medication a push to get spread in the digestive system for rapid absorption. It also helps to dissolve the medication.
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Concluding Thoughts

Nature has given us ample supply of water but we need to make sure that we are not disturbing the balance of nature so that the water supply is not blocked.

Water is really precious and we all should practice measures that can help us save water. Since we have limited water supply that can actually be used for drinking and other necessary tasks like bathing, washing etc, we should conserve it as much as we can.

drinking water benefits and healthy effects
drinking water benefits and healthy effects

We urge you to follow these small-small things to help us save water for our future generations and let them also see the colorful rainbow after the heavy rain.

  • Do not leave your taps open. Fix the leaking taps.
  • Do not use shower for taking bath, this way we are using more water than 1 single bucket.
  • Do not wash your car with a running pipe. Instead use a bucket of water and a cloth and put some manual effort.
  • Do rain water harvesting if possible.


These small-small practices can make a big difference in our life. Our children follow what they see, so let us teach them something good and healthy.

Now we transfer the control to you. Speak up your mind and tell us what you think about this and what are your views and opinions regarding the same subject. You can share it below in the comment section. We would be happy to help you if you have any queries or doubts that are disturbing your health. You can even mail us at medictips2015@gmail.com

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