Early Signs of Dementia to Know About

Last Updated on December 17th, 2021

It is normal for brain nerve cells to depreciate with old age. But, it depreciates faster with dementia in the system. Dementia is a compound name for the disease that usually occurs when nerve cells in the brain stop working. Also, these brain nerve cells can die over time because of other health circumstances. So we need to understand the early signs of dementia to help recover faster.

There is a shortlist of dementia diseases you should know. They include Frontotemporal dementia, vascular disorders, Lewy body dementia, mixed dementia, and, the most common of them, Alzheimer’s dementia. 

Many people don’t even know that they are living with dementia till it grows worse. This is because they don’t know the early signs of the disease. Currently, dementia does not have any known cure. However, the effects and symptoms’ progression can be made sluggish, and you can have an improved living condition. So, we advise you to know the Alzheimer’s dementia signs and monitor your system for it.

Alzheimer’s dementia symptoms
Alzheimer’s dementia symptoms

10 Early Signs of Dementia


  1. Memory Failure

When you forget things easily and totally, you have memory failure. Also, when you need the help of a reminder or notepad to remember, you should check yourself for dementia. This is a common dementia sign. Normally, memory failure often comes with old age. But you remember whatever you forgot as time goes on. However, in a dementia case, you recall nothing as soon as you forget it.


  1. Place and Time Confusion

If you can’t keep track of or even tell what the time is, assess yourself for dementia. Additionally, when you forget places easily, and sometimes you forget how you arrived at a particular location, it’s time for check-up. Dementia can make you mix past events with the present. Also, you can have difficulty identifying dates or days in the week.

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  1. Tasks become a Problem

If you’re noticing that you’re having difficulties in performing simple tasks, you will perform easily. Visit your doctor for a dementia check-up. Simple house tasks like lifting remotes, washing plates, and a list of others become hard. Also, your body repels working no matter how easy they are when you have dementia.


  1. Difficulty in Understanding Virtual Representation

It is hard to assimilate information that displays virtually. Differentiating colors will become very hard for you. Virtual things sometimes become too shaky and blurry for you to understand. For drivers, we advise you to stay away from your vehicle until you get adequate medical attention. 

It can also affect students, teachers, or anybody interested in books, as it causes difficulty in reading. Even runners or land markers who have dementia have to seize work till proper health measures are taken. This is because they find it difficult to evaluate the distance.


  1. Planning or Solving Problems Becomes Challenging

Setting plans turns into a tough job when you have dementia. It gets even worse when you cannot follow already slated plans like device manual, cooking recipe, or road direction. Moreover, solving problems becomes too difficult. You might not solve mathematical problems or bill-related issues. This is likely to affect your finance as you might pay more than the price of a product or get defrauded easily.


early signs of dementia
early signs of dementia
  1. Misplacing Things

It is normal to misplace things just a few times and remember where you left them much later. But, frequent misplacement of properties is caused by dementia. You mostly can’t keep track of where you left one thing or the other, regardless of how important they are.

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  1. Anti-Socialism

Anti-socialism in some people is mostly not from zodiac signs, as they claim. Many of them have dementia, and they are either aware or not. Dementia causes you to stop enjoying the company of your loved ones and start dissociating yourself from them. You might as well avoid social activities like get-togethers, game nights, sports, and other things that will bring people together.

You might reduce or even stop having conversations with people you used to talk to. Even when they talk to you, you don’t pay attention to whatever they have to say.


  1. Bad Decision-Making Skills

Many dementia patients find it hard to make an excellent decision without external help. Possibly, they made wonderful decisions before they got sick. But, they can’t do it anymore due to how bad dementia has eaten through to their system. People with dementia can’t decipher right from wrong, the right approach to a thing, or the bad. They mostly get convinced to do things easily.


  1. Alteration of Mood and Personality

Many times, mood swings don’t just happen out of the normality of it. It comes about because of dementia. Dementia patients often swing from soft to hard, agile to cold, and vice versa. Also, they may act unfitting to the occurring event.


  1. Speaking or Writing Problems

Speaking or writing problems may frequently occur to a dementia patient. This makes their writing less readable and lacks correct punctuation. In addition, they may find communication difficult. They mostly struggle to remember conversation topics, what they are saying, or what the next person just said.

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You don’t have to attribute all stated signs to be sure you have dementia. You just need to have at least two of all the signs to suspect dementia. Once dementia signs are detected, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis. Services such as Care For Family offer in-home care, believing that each individual should be able to live and be supported in their own home, safely and happily for as long as they choose; even if dementia can’t be cured, it can be managed, and the patient can still live a long, happy life. 


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