Why Eating Cloves Is A Healthy Habit

Last Updated on December 20th, 2020

Cloves are one of those magical spices mentioned in Ayurveda, which is used in maximum number of homemade remedies to cure diseases or health ailments, then may that problem be as common as cold or may it be as serious as cancer, cloves help in all conditions. Clove oil is also one of the products obtained from cloves which are popular worldwide for curing several problems/diseases because studies have shown that cloves contain highest number of antioxidants amongst any food item known till date, that’s why it is used alone or may be in combination with other oils to carry out oil pulling therapy.

Not just are these medicinal properties that make cloves this popular, but it is also used as flavoring agent in a number of cuisines across the world but specially in Asia, because cloves are native of Asia.

I don’t know whether you are aware of this or not, but cloves are actually the dried flower bud of Eugenia aromatic tree (aka Evergreen Tree). You would also feel it is actually a flower bud if you’ll have a closer look at clove. Now, you must be curious to know how come something as small as clove could help fighting against such severe diseases. Then it’s turn to know the nutritional compounds present in clove which makes clove so good for health.

Cloves are full of vitamins, namely vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K along with protein, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and sodium, plus dietary fiber. Furthermore, cloves also contain certain bioactive compounds (eugenol oil primarily). Eugenol oil is the most active component of clove which constitutes around 60-80% of each clove. Because of this oil only clove has got its antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties.

Health Benefits of Cloves
Health Benefits of Cloves

Now, without wasting anytime coming directly to the health benefits offered by cloves if taken properly:


  1. Oral Health with Cloves:

There is a reason why I have mentioned oral health at number one spot, because since my childhood I have known clove for oral health problems majorly. Whenever I had tooth ache problem or bad breath, one stop solution given by my mom was clove. In India it is mostly a trend to keep a clove in your mouth whenever and wherever your tooth or gum aches and you will soon get relief. This only is the reason why every herbal toothpaste consists of clove.

Not just tooth ache and bad breath even it has been found that clove can help avoid cavities, gingivitis and tartar problem, because the antiseptic and antibacterial property of eugenol oil doesn’t let any kind of bacteria or virus to stuck to tooth and calcium content keeps them strong and problem free. Thus, whatever may be the problem related to mouth, just take a clove and keep it in your mouth and witness the magic.

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  1. Boosts Immunity:

Being high in antioxidants, cloves help your cells from the damage by the attack of free radicals. These free radicals are generated during metabolism and the high quantity of such free radicals could be dangerous for health as these free radicals damage your cells by oxidative stress which is the key reason for a number of degenerative diseases like cancer, heart problems, premature aging, skin related problems, diabetes and more.

Not just it increases the ability of body to fight against free radicals, but cloves is also known to rejuvenate the immune system by increasing the count of white blood cells; better known as body guards, which fights against the disease causing bodies and thus protects you from a number of health hazards. Those who easily get cold, cough and other disorders should have cloves twice weekly in order to boost the immunity.

improve immunity of body
improve immunity of body
  1. Digestive Health:

Amongst various other uses, cloves have been used as a natural remedy to deal with all the digestion related problems. There are different benefits of cloves when it comes to digestive problems. Being carminative, it doesn’t allow formation of gas in gastrointestinal tract. Plus, there are certain antioxidants found in cloves which are known to have medicinal properties to cure loose stool, indigestion and flatulence problem.

Actually these antioxidants are known to stimulate the secretion of enzymes responsible for digestion and taking care of waste. Furthermore, there are many other benefits disclosed by studies which states that cloves are also helpful in relieving diarrhea and vomiting.


  1. Prevents Diabetes:

Yes, cloves is one amongst the treasure of herbal spice that can help you get over the problem of increased blood sugar levels. It is beneficial for both type 1 and type 2 category of diabetic patients. For those, suffering from type 1 diabetes, whose body stops the production of insulin or is not able to produce enough insulin, the antioxidants present in cloves stimulate the production of insulin that is lowered due to any reasons, and thus insulin plays its role and lowers the blood sugar levels.

natural cure for diabetes
natural cure for diabetes

While for type 2 diabetes patients whose body develops a resistance against insulin, it induces a certain insulin like activity that helps beat the insulin resistance and thus helps reducing sugar levels in type 2 diabetic patients as well. Furthermore, cloves also help maintain the fluid levels in body, which is also a key factor in controlling the blood sugar levels. Studies have also shown that, if eaten properly and timely one can beat this incurable disease by the use of cloves plus those who have hereditary problem of diabetes, if they start taking it before diabetes overcome their bodies, they can also protect themselves from this parasitic disease.

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  1. Controls Cholesterol Levels:

Increased cholesterol levels are not at all good for heart health. The bad cholesterol or LDL gets oxidized and sticks to the walls of arteries blocking the way of blood and hence leading to the conditions of stroke or heart attack. But, the good news is cloves can help you get rid off this bad cholesterol. Studies have shown that adding mere 10 gm of clove or clove powder in your diet can reduce cholesterol levels significantly.

The high antioxidants present in clove combats the oxidation of LDL, reduces the production of LDL and repairs the arteries for better blood flow. Furthermore, it has been also found that cloves also stimulate the production of good cholesterol which further helps to improve the cholesterol levels and benefits heart. It is highly recommended to add cloves to the patients of cholesterol, because if not controlled cholesterol levels could prove to be life threatening.

foods for lower cholesterol levels
foods for lower cholesterol levels
  1. Flawless Skin:

Being anti-bacterial and astringent in nature, the eugenol oil of cloves can prove to be your skins best friend. Studies have shown that cloves when eaten or applied tropically on the skin can protect the skin from all kind of ailments and disorders specially acne and blemishes. You might have tried every possible pharmaceutical cream and soaps to cure blemishes and acne, but this economic and cheap clove could have easily handled your problem.

Clove when crushed and mixed with suitable applicant (like honey and lemon) and applied on skin can do wonders and can help you get rid off any kind of skin problem from very first use. Plus, eating clove powder or cloves, help cleansing blood, which further takes care of skin problems and also help maintain even and fairer skin tone.


  1. Anti-Inflammatory:

Whatever may be the cause of inflammation, if cloves are there you need not worry. Science has proven that cloves can act as a magical potion for those suffering from arthritis and inflammation related to it. And cloves are able to do this all because of the presence of eugenol in it. Actually eugenol does is it stimulates the pain receptors and thus reduces the pain related to inflammation. And may that inflammation be external or internal, cloves works on both.

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All you need to is, heat some cloves and wrap them in a soft cloth, now wrap that soft cloth over the inflammation area or alternatively warm the clove oil and apply it over the joint or the inflammation area or simply just add a few drops of clove oil into your bathing water, it will automatically take care of all the inflammation related problems.



These seven are not just it, there are infinite number of benefits that cloves offer when taken in definite proportion. These are also related to maintaining healthy bone density, cure headaches, sore throat, a number of cancers including colon and breast cancer, fight stress, insomnia. But, being so high in antioxidants, sometimes cloves could be harmful to your health if taken in indefinite proportions. It may lower the blood sugar levels excessively, can cause burning sensations and may also lead to excessive bleeding.

All you need to take care is never consume or use them in excess because it is basic human mentality that whenever you feel that something is doing well in this less quantity if I would take in more then I’ll get relief faster, but instead of helping, it starts taking toll on your health. But, you need not worry, just pay a little attention while using.

Share your thoughts about its benefits and do tell us if you have got benefit from cloves. We would love to hear from you and as always, keep sharing with your loved ones because sharing is caring.


Eat Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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