Best and Effective Natural Home Remedies for Stomach Ache

Last Updated on August 24th, 2020

Have you ever suffered from stomach ache? Please, don’t say “No” as Stomach ache is a most common problem found among all ages, children to adults. We all know the common symptom that is a sudden pain in the abdominal area. In some cases, the additional symptoms are there like Fever, loss of appetite, vomiting and disorder in bowel habit .There are various reasons for the abdominal pain thus different causes have different remedies. General people always try to cure stomach ache by home remedies but we should first understand the reason behind the problem.

So, if we list few main causes those are the behind this trouble, then we are going to have following cases:  











simple natural home remedies for stomach ache
simple natural home remedies for stomach ache



Ginger is antioxidant thus helps us to prevent indigestion means a quick remedy that we can find easily in our kitchen. It is a source of free radicals and catalyse digestive juice secretion in stomach to digest food. Having ginger tea twice a day helps us to reduce your stomach ache.  


The mostly used natural product that comes in everyone’s mind to get rid of stomach pain is lemon. Its acidic properties help to digest the undigested food. Squeeze some lemon in a glass of cold or hot water (the one in which you are comfortable in) stir it well. If needed you may add some amount of honey to taste it sweet and drink up. A palatable and economic homemade solution that we can prepare in five minutes.  

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You may use peppermint in several ways to fight against stomach ache. You can add mint to a cup of tea and have it or may have it directly. It will work both ways.


The most ancient and famous home remedy for stomach pain is ajwain and undoubtedly, it is the most effective and popular solution. You can prepare it very easily by roasting few grams of Ajwains with salt and use it whenever it is required.  You may also have it directly chewing it properly.   

how to avoid stomach ache
how to avoid stomach ache


You may have some backing soda for bad stomach ache.  Just add some backing soda to a cup of hot water and drink it up. You may also add some lemon to it. It maintains the PH of the body and helps to treat for stomach problems. If you have been suffering from high blood-pressure, then we are not recommending this for you. 


For stomach ache due to indigestion, fennel seeds gives quick break as they have carminative, diuretic and antimicrobial properties means a quick solution to the normal indigestion problem. They give relief from other indigestion problems like gas and bloating.  

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Asafetida or hing, has antispasmodic properties which helps to treat abdominal pain caused by gas or indigestion. You may take some in your palm and mix it with few drops of water and rub it on your belly. Or mix a little bit in a glass of warm water and drink it.  

substitute medicine and their benefits
substitute medicine and their benefits


Chamomile soothes stomach pain and relax the muscles of digestive tracts. If Stomach ache is due to indigestion, chamomile is the correct thing for you. Keep some chamomile and pour some hot water and cover it, keep it for few minutes and sip it slowly.  


Use one and half “Cinnamon” in one cup of lukewarm water. Leave it for few minutes in order to precipitate it. Now, sip it slowly. Cinnamon works excellently in curing abdominal pain.  


The most useful and effective remedy for stomach ache is water. Drink up a glass of cold water every morning. This will increase your metabolism and help to prevent indigestion. You may also have some hot water with few drops of lemon juice to prevent stomach pain. One effective habit that helps to get rid of this nuisance is drinking sufficient amount of water daily to prevent stomach problems.

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stomach ache problems and remedies
stomach ache problems and remedies

Well, we have discussed few quick and effective remedies for stomach-ache and all the ingredients are easily available in our kitchen. For persisting problem always consult a doctor for proper medication to Stay safe and stay healthy.


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