Best and Effective Natural Ways to Gain Weight and Mass

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

While more than half of the planet is busy looking for the ways to reduce their weight, fight obesity and lose that extra belly, there are still many who are just going in reverse direction – this post is dedicated to all those people. Those people who are really thin, whatever they may eat nothing works out for them and desperately want to gain weight.

gaining mass and weight
gaining mass and weight

There could be several reasons for reduced weight; like unbalanced diet, inadequate eating habits, metabolic disturbances, delayed meal times, prolonged illness, fasting, stress, improper functioning of digestive system or genetic factors. And those people suffering the same; whatever they may do, they are not able to add any excess weight to their body even when they eat lot of junk food because they have a highly active metabolic system.

However, being thin is not that bad as being obese is because you have liberty to eat anything in any quantity, and studies have even showed that thin people lead a longer life when compared to obese people. But, that may not be a reason to celebrate. Because just like being over-weight or obesity, being under-weight is also not good for health. Various health problems that may be associated to underweight people are:

  • Bone loss
  • Heart problems
  • Infertility
  • Anemia
  • Weak immune system
how to increase weight at home
how to increase weight at home

So to fight all this, generally, people take wrong path to gain weight in absence of proper knowledge and start eating high calories food like pizzas, burgers and other junk foods. One can gain weight by doing all this but results would not be favorable at all. All these things may lead to low metabolism, weak digestion system, apart from that high blood pressure, high sugar and other heart related issues may occur. So this is not at all a good way to gain weight.

Yes, I can understand your desperation to gain weight and feelings; how it feels to be the thinnest one in the group and is being teased by everyone. I have been through the same time. But, thank God I find these natural ways to gain weight.

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But, before I start I wish you guys to know the difference between merely weight gain and a healthy weight gain. Your goal should not be only to gain weight; it should be a healthy weight gain; which means “Do not gain fat, gain healthy fat, gain muscles”. Weight Gain diet doesn’t mean you should eat anything. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, effortless & can be done in a short period.

A diet rich in carbohydrates and proteins, followed by a good daily exercises and proper sleep and rest is must to achieve optimum weight.


Natural Ways That Will Help You Gain Weight and Mass Are:

  1. Eat Fruits:

gain weight with natural home remedies
gain weight with natural home remedies

Eating just fruits might not help you gain weight but you might end up losing weight. Here the point is eating the fruits that aid to increase weight. Fruits such as muskmelon, mango and banana help gain weight. These fruits are beneficial for weight gain because of their relatively high calorie count per ounce. These foods also contain fiber and the vital nutrients.

Now, way to consume them. You can either take well ripen banana, mango or muskmelon thrice a day followed by a glass of milk or you can directly consume their milk shake.


  1. Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits can be the helping hand, when you are looking to gain a healthy weight. Raisins, Dates and Figs are popular dry fruits to help gain weight. No doubt you can consume them raw but taking it in proper manner may do wonders. Take 30gm of raisins and 6 figs, soak them in warm milk overnight, next day prepare a shake by mixing them in the same milk and consume it as the first thing in morning. Similar is the process for dates also.

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Doing so regularly will not only help you increase weight but also increases your hemoglobin percentage.


  1. Dairy Products:

Cottage cheese for veg gym diet
Cottage cheese for veg gym diet

The most easy and very effective way to gain weight is consuming dairy products because dairy products have a good measure of calories and are suitable to gain weight. Apart from milk, you can add to your diet like yogurt, cheese and all of which help to add calories.

Milk you can consume while making shakes of fruits and dry fruits as mentioned above, other products like curd, yogurt and cheese should be consumed in the meals. Try and increase your appetite for these dairy products because these won’t only help you gain weight but will also help you overcome the low bone density you might be suffering because of your low weight.


  1. Eat in Small Quantities:

how to gain weight naturally and fast
how to gain weight naturally and fast

Don’t eat too much in one time, eat less but eat often, this is the key to your problem. Now when you know what to eat, it’s really important to know how to eat. Make your daily diet chart. Eat regular three meals, along with the two snack meals in between and the above mentioned shakes also. This improves the metabolic activity and helps you overcome any problem; if there; with the digestive system.


  1. Regular Exercise:

Exercises like walking, running, jogging, swimming or weight training should be a part of your daily routine. Now don’t mismatch it with the concept to lose weight, exercises don’t help lose weight, they help to maintain optimum weight. In your case it will help improve your appetite which is the only thing we want. Plus it has other innumerable benefits also for health.

workout at home and fitness routine
workout at home and fitness routine

If you can opt for yoga that would again be very good for you. Different yoga asanas are renowned to help maintain optimum weight and gain weight.


  1. Proper Sleep:

As important it is to exercise, the same is the importance of sleep and rest in order to achieve optimum weight. It has been found in studies that sleep makes hormones work properly which is further related to the optimum weight. So, sleep for at least 8 hours in night and if possible take a nap of 30 – 60 minutes in afternoon also.

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sleeping women poor habits
sleeping women poor habits
  1. Water:

Yes, yet again, it is always there to help – Water. Drink more water than usual, because it’s really important to consume water when body is about to undergo so many changes. It not only helps body digest food properly but also takes care of your stomach and other organs to adjust with the changes going on with the diet and your habits.

how you should drink, health facts
how you should drink, health facts


These seven remedies mentioned above will not only help you in just weight gain but also make our metabolism and digestion system strong, increase our immunity, will give a glow to your skin and keep you fit and strong. So, don’t waste time and start these seven remedies and achieve what you desire for. And don’t forget to comment; if you have any queries or better ways to combat low weight then do comment.


Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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