Emily Skye Fitness Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Last Updated on July 1st, 2020

Emily Skye is a fitness role model with several fitness products and also an ambassador for multiple fitness and sports companies. With over  2 million followers on Instagram and facebook each which accounts for a total of 10m followers in social media she has a very big reach which makes it easier to preach fitness. She is an inspiration when it comes to fitness goals. Emily is also a trained beautician and makeup artist which a complete expert on maintaining a healthy body. She was entitled to the cosmo’s women of the year awards.

fitness expert emily skye workout
fitness expert emily skye workout

Emily Skye Fitness Workout

She was born on 7th January 1985 in Australia and was raised by a single. With the history with her father fleeing the family, Emily grew up with a lot of insecurities and was depressed as a teenager. To counter her mental sickness, she started her modeling career as an effort to raise her self-esteem. She was not always healthy as she is portrayed now. Realisation sunk in and she decided to look healthy rather than being just perfect. She diverted herself into everyday gym activities and moved away from modeling.

This is how she became an agent of fitness. She considered her fitness routine and plans as ideas worth spreading. Hence she became a certified online personal trainer and a beautician. She has proved herself time and again that she is good at what she does.

emily skye workout routine and diet plan
emily skye workout routine and diet plan

She made it her full-time business to provide online counsel at fixed charges for different training menus and goals. Emily has a huge number of followers and many who have benefited from her workout plan have now become a part of her success story.

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fitness trainer and expert emily skye
fitness trainer and expert emily skye

She is a fitness icon for many across the world.

It is not just her body fitness but the way she used it as a tool to overcome her depression and insecurities has inspired many and encouraged them to do the same.

Her success is seen as a milestone to achieve by her followers and subscribers.

Emily Skye latest vital stats.

Weight              56-58kgs

Height               5’7

Bodyfat             15%

Waist size         24 inches

Hip size             35 inches


These vital stats belong to a very able-bodied person. No wonder why she has a body which amuses and inspires everyone.

Fitness according to Emily is different than what it means to others.

She says ” I always change up my workouts and do something different. I barely ever repeat the same workout unless it has been a while since I last did it.

This way my body is always guessing and it does not get used to it”. This way she maintains her regular workout sheets by not spending hours at the gym but getting it done quickly and effectively as everyone sees.

Her metabolism is active and able thanks to her clean but not strict diet plan where she does not totally neglect carbs and sugar but consume at a recommended amount.


Emily’s workout plan

Emily being a personal trainer herself she knows very well how to measure her body limits and devise a worksheet accordingly.

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beach body fitness workout
beach body fitness workout

She likes to train intensely and limits the time between the sets for better progress. Just like professional athletes, she likes to switch her training programs every now and then. Rather than lifting heavy weights, she achieves competent results through training involving circuits, Tabata, intervals, and sprints which she quotes as her favorites.

She believes that rest is more important than training and thus even named a day in her week for resting. Emily trains her abs 3 times a week and leg twice a week. She advises the same to her subscribers.

Emily’s diet plan.

Emily believes in a complete diet rather than a regulated diet unless there is a need. Eating clean as given the best results which everyone seeks. She eats a whole variety of food, almost a paleolithic diet but includes sweet potato, cottage cheese, brown rice and healthy meat. Her previous experience where strict diet followed for a competition compromised her metabolic activities helped her decide the proper diet course.

She takes 6 eggs per day along with chopped asparagus and mushrooms. She includes green vegetable and not many fruits in her daily diet. Although she consumes banana as it has less sugar. She sticks to gluten-free and almost sugar-free meals every day. Only these food items and groceries can be found in her fridge along with some milk, vegetables, and red meat.

emily skye healthy diet plan
emily skye healthy diet plan

She does not believe in protein shakes as they tend to upset the stomach. She takes have amino acids while training, L-glutamine a couple of times a day & after training. Emily believes supplements are not necessary for nutrition but a balanced diet with adequate nutrients is.

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Her advise on doing a proper research on diet plans and well-spread workout sheets often produce fruitful outcomes. She feels it is important to focus more the technique than the weight involved.

If you have a dream, you have to do it. Anything is possible with dedicated effort and Emily is a living testimonial is support of this.



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