Emma Watson Beauty, Workout & Diet Plan

Last Updated on November 15th, 2022

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, very well-known to everyone as Emma Watson is a superstar and a woman of substance. Born on 15 April 1990, she is an immensely popular British actress, model, and activist who was born in Paris and brought up in Oxfordshire. Exceptional acting skills coupled with her fit and fine body have helped her to win the hearts of millions of people of all ages. She has been a superstar ever since her childhood with her golden heart and an excellent physique.


Emma Watson Glamour
Emma Watson Glamour


Emma Watson rose to stardom and earned a magnificent fan following with the Harry Potter film series and has been a successful actress ever since. This Disney Beauty has grabbed many modelling campaigns for renowned brands like Burberry and Lancome due to her perfect and attractive figure. She has also been a fashion consultant. She is a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador who has been advocating gender equality and enabled the UN to launch the HeForShe campaign. People are not only fans of her work but are also huge admirers of her healthy lifestyle.


Hot Emma Watson
Hot Emma Watson


Emma Watson Fitness Regimen:


Emma’s slender and toned figure is a dream body of a lot of girls. She gives a large amount of prominence to physical activities and the food intake because according to her, these are the primary factors that determine the fitness and strength of a person. That is the reason why she performs workouts regularly with great sincerity and is very cautious about her diet plans. Emma has set an impeccable example for all her fans with her fitness regimen and has encouraged all to follow the same.


Emma Watson Vital Statistics:



Height: 5’5’’ or 165 cm


Weight: 50 kg or 110 pounds


Breast Size: 34 inches


Waist Size: 23 inches


Hips Size: 34 inches


Shoe Size: 7 (US)


Dress Size: 6 (US)


Emma Watson does a great deal of hard work to remain physically fit. It is not quite simple to achieve this feat. She has been implementing a wide range of workouts and diet plans in order to look stunning.

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Emma Watson Workout Routine:


Emma Watson is a fitness lover. People might wonder that, to achieve a great body like Emma, one might have to work out nearly the entire day but that is not necessary.

Emma Watson in Black
Emma Watson in Black

Every day, she works out for only 30 to 90 minutes but she makes sure that it has a great impact on her body and is helpful to produce desirable results.

Her workout routine primary focuses on the “Three S’s”, which is stretching, strength, and stillness.

She performs a few postural stretches which are largely focused on the lower body. This includes stretching quads, hamstrings and hip flexors.

Majority of her workout comes in the form of strength training in which there are two 8-minute reps of lunges, squats and step ups, 6-minute stability ball exercises for tightening the core.

Once this is done, she gives emphasis to stillness in order to de-stress and find balance.

Emma Watson is a certified yoga instructor too. She performs yoga regularly and ends it with 3 minutes of breathing meditation.

Apart from her daily routine, she also greatly enjoys playing field hockey, running outdoors, going for hill walking, playing tennis, and dancing to sweat it out and burn calories for staying in shape in a fun-filled way.

She has 5 days per week workout plan that comprises intense cardio in the form of pilates, weightlifting, and sprint running.


Emma Watson Body
Emma Watson Body


Pilates help her to get a leaner and stronger body and gain graceful body movements.

Weightlifting helps her to boost metabolism and tone different parts of the body.

Sprint running plays a vital role in providing a good posture.

Emma’s workout methods are highly effective and are bound to produce exceptional results for anyone who follows these.

Workout alone is waste if not followed by a proper workout routine. Let’s checkout Emma’s diet plan where she has been focusing even more than workout.



Emma Watson Diet Plan:


Emma Watson is very particular about the food that she consumes.

She has very fixed dietary habits that are comprised with high nutritional values. Emma always selects healthy foods that have very low content of saturated fats and salt.

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She avoids junk food because of its unhealthy nature.

Watson opts for a properly balanced diet with a good proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers.

She mostly consumes fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and salads.

Emma does not compromise her love for food and she eats whatever she wants but she also tries to maintain a healthy diet which is heavy on nutritious foods.

Emma Watson eating plan
Emma Watson eating plan

Her day begins with a protein-rich breakfast.

She enjoys cooking for herself and is a massive fan of Mexican food.

Emma prepares guacamole, salsa, scrambled eggs, and tortilla with great excitement.

She has set a rule for herself to have some cheat days for the sake of indulging in chocolates, bagels, and pasta but she makes sure that it does not ever affect her regular nutritious diet.

Emma is very health conscious and therefore she takes Omega 3 supplements which help to reduce the risk of heart disease and she also consumes vitamin C with rose hips to keep the immune system strong.

Along with all the above mentioned dietary rules, Emma also makes sure that she drinks a minimum of 2-3 liters of water everyday. Since it does not only help flush out toxins and keep her hydrated. Water is also responsible for the radiance and glow on her skin. She often asks people to drink water as much as they can.


Emma Watson Beauty Tips:


Emma Watson mentioned the secret behind her gorgeous looks by offering certain beauty tips with the help of which she manages to look beautiful everyday.


Tip #1: Emma gives more importance to skincare rather than the application of makeup. She takes off all the layers of makeup and moisturizers her skin properly to keep it safe and healthy.

Tip #2: She has admitted that the secret behind her glowing skin is regular consumption of coconut water. She feels that it gives an energy boost to her skin.

Tip #3: For the sake of getting round shaped and fuller eyebrows, Emma chooses to get her eyebrows threaded instead of getting them waxed.

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Tip #4: She is highly obsessed about sunscreen and hence she applies it every day before stepping out. According to her, it is a key element for skin protection and she recommends its usage to everyone.

Tip #5: Emma Watson suggests that wearing a tinted lip balm makes the lips look more glamorous and she herself loves using pink-tinted lip balm.


Emma Watson has been able to look gorgeous at all times and stay fully fit because of her exquisite workout regimen and dietary habits that she follows even during the busiest of schedules because she strongly believes in the power of good health and all of this is a great motivation to many people.


Beautiful Emma Watson
Beautiful Emma Watson


So what are you waiting for? Leave that burger and start following Emma and get ready be the next sensational celebrity of the nation.


To know more about Emma, you may follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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