Everything About Power Yoga, You Must Know

Last Updated on July 1st, 2020


There is always an emerging question, why Yoga? And does it actually help shaping you in size and fit from mind and body! If you ask this to me, then the answer is yes, it does!

Yoga has always been the most secured key for fitness. Yoga is a form of exercise that is known for revitalizing balance and strength. Now, what is “POWER YOGA”? what does power yoga means? Is it more efficient than Yoga? What are power yoga benefits? Does it help you to shed those extra grams from your body in less time? What if the new exercise techniques react reversely on our body? Well, these questions usually linger around the mind of the people who have been doing yoga for a long time now.

fitness power yoga for beginners
fitness power yoga for beginners

 The Power Yoga, in recent times is getting a more of reverberating effect, but a lot of people until now is confused with Yoga and Power Yoga. Just for starter, I would say, Power Yoga, is an offshoot of Ashtanga Yoga, the poses and exercises demand a lot of body movement, expeditiously and hence provides with more cardio output. Most of the yoga trainers, term this as “Gym Yoga” while some term it as “Dynamic Yoga”. While a simple Yoga, focuses more on postures or poses as it doesn’t necessitate a lot of movement. There are numerous power yoga benefits that we shall discuss in detail here.


You will be glad to know that, Power Yoga has manifested to be the most significant upshot method, with maximal number of remedies output. Power Yoga, unlike the simple yoga, not just makes the body flexible and enables strength but it also helps in burning fair proportion of calories, boosts the metabolism, releases tension and stress to a very considerable amount and also helps flex and strengthen the toned or inactive muscles.

It is said that, Power Yoga is a cutting-edge type of yoga that is a decent combination of the customary estimations of yoga with the need of great importance – robustness and weight reduction. Consequently, this is an extremely playful type of yoga, which makes it fascinating and more looked after yoga practice. Yoga of this kind does the trick, the need of the individuals who feel that they have had a decent exercise and that they have abundantly sweated.

meditation for soul and fitness
meditation for soul and fitness

However, nowadays, everybody has their own interpretation of what truly constitutes a Power Yoga alone. A few rooms are warmed, while others keep it cool. A few educators take after a similar arrangement of exercise, while others blend things up each class. The most ideal approach to figure out any Power Yoga is to converse with an educator in advance to perceive what her class is all about.

However, with every one of these things considered, there are some distinct fundamental topics that are clear in the greater part of Power Yoga classes. Power yoga benefits are not only limited to these yoga classes but can also be gained at home workout yoga. So although power yoga can be practised at home, here are some things you should know before you power through one of these classes out of the blue!

yoga fit and health guide
yoga fit and health guide


  • Foundation of Ashtanga: Power Yoga unquestionably takes its signals from the training influenced well known from Ashtanga to ace Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.
  • It is quicker process: Power Yoga, is undoubtedly a power packed workout, that can make you sweat inconsiderably. The postures and power yoga poses are premeditated in such a manner that it makes you hold the breath for a quite longer time before moving on to the vinyasa. Hence it is said that Power Yoga moves with the quick rhythm.
  • Helps in strength gaining process: Though Yoga too claims to helps in rejuvenating strength and toned muscles, but in Power Yoga, there is a slight change is exercise pattern, the fitness enthusiast holds his or her entire body weight, constantly. In some way, gives way to your cardiovascular exercise.
  • It makes you feel vitalized: Some might consider Power Yoga as an intense workout, and gradually an exercise that makes them tired easily. But, Power Yoga works, reversely, even after the non-stop intense workout, the person tends to feel fire inside that helps in vigorous weight loss.
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Now, that we have a rough estimate about the Power Yoga, we can easily evaluate the benefits that comes along with it.

effective power yoga and meditation
effective power yoga and meditation


  • Strengthens body muscles
  • Simulates metabolism
  • Activates toned muscles
  • Helps burn fair amount of calories
  • Increases stamina and flexibility
  • You become more focused and relaxed
  • Releases tension and stress to a considerable amount


Here are 5 fantastic Power Yoga poses along with a short description and power yoga tips. Sharing the power yoga benefits that we get from the yoga workout, that not only helps you to lose ample number of pounds from your body but also, helps regenerate your lost toned muscles.

5 simple power yoga for beginners can include these exercises.  



As the pattern follows, all exercise constituting Yoga, begins with Surya Namaskar, it actually helps you to get warmed up and perform the cardiovascular exercises more efficiently further.

power yoga basic squats
power yoga basic squats

So, after the basic step we move on to the Utkatasana or simple squats. It helps in toning or tighten the thigh muscles. The exercise follows with a simple doing down half-way, keeping your back straight and coming back with the same pace. Not to forget the breathing exercise that comes with it.

In a hurry? Read it here:

  • Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Push your hips back and slowly bend your knees.
  • Keep your back straight and your eyes looking forward.
  • Raise yourself back up when your knees reach a 90 degree angle.
  • Maintain the breath while going down and up.
  • Continue doing it, till you are comfortable.

NOTE: Maintaining a posture of 90 degree is important here. Take the help from the trainer just in case you feel you are doing it other way round.


  • Downward Dog to Half Plank-

As a major aspect of our traditional Surya Namaskar practise, we progress from descending confronting dog to half plank. This is incredible for building abdominal area quality, particularly if you are new to Yoga or to say a beginner.

downward dog half plank power yoga
downward dog half plank power yoga

In a hurry? Read it here:

  • Wrist are placed under the shoulders
  • Wrist face front of the mat, fingers spread; root down through the wrists and bulges equally
  • Elbow crumple faces each other OR forward
  • Pull navel inside and up (engage the stomach muscles)
  • Bring elbows close to body slowly
  • As you exhale, with a firm stomach, bring your upper body forward and downward in one straight line, taking shoulders slightly past away from your wrists then,
  • The trick is to just move the upper body while the legs stay firm and grounded
  • Upper arm will be parallel to the floor and in line with the upper body

NOTE: The exercise will take time to get on a pace, don’t get dishearten if you are able to do, 10 at a time or even less. It comes with constant practise.

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  • Small Dog to Plank-

Excellent power yoga workout for those who are aiming for weight loss. This exercise helps in strengthening the core muscles and also makes the muscles strong simultaneously.

small dog to plank power yoga
small dog to plank power yoga

In a hurry? Read it here:

  • Arms and legs should remain straight so that your body looks like an upside-down V
  • Spread your fingers wide so that the middle finger points to the front corners of your mat
  • Ears should be level with your biceps so that your neck is in a continuation with your spine
  • Suck your abdomen in and up
  • Stretch your heels down towards the mat
  • Stay at the same position as long as you can, with constant breathing,


NOTE: You have to come back to rest very carefully, usually out of tiredness, people leave themselves lose and tend to hurt their arms and shoulders. But the best way to come back to the initial position is to-

  • Lift your heels
  • Put your knee down towards the mat
  • And rest



  • Standing Leg Raise Exercise-

The power yoga exercise that involves your knees, thighs and entire lower body. It has proved to be the best cure for the weight loss and strengthen thigh muscles at the same time.

standing leg raise power yoga
standing leg raise power yoga

The exercise is quite simple as compared to one’s in above. All we have to do is to focus on the inhaling of our breathe after lifting the leg side-way upwards, towards the ceiling. This causes a contraction in the mid-section of the abdomen.


In a hurry? Read it here:

  • The initial standing position should be straight, keeping your shoulder in the alignment with your feet,
  • Hold your hands to your waist,
  • Start with your right side, take your left leg behind you, squeeze your butt at the top of the motion and slowly lower your and bring back to rest,
  • Take at least 10 seconds to complete one side,
  • Follow the same with the left leg.

NOTE: Breathing goes side by side, keep your focus constant with the movement as well as the breathing.


  • The Markat Asana-

Markat Asana is an incredible power yoga exercise for enhancing adaptability of the spine and it benefits the stomach related framework organs. This exercise is otherwise called Monkey Pose as Markat is the Sanskrit name for monkey.

power yoga markat asana
power yoga markat asana

In a hurry? Read it here:

  • Lie on your back, join your toes and heels together,
  • Bend your knees and place your heels close to your butt,
  • Place your left hand under your head and right hand under your left hand,
  • Join knees and feet together, now take the right side and bend your knees and feet while your neck towards the left,
  • Try touching the knees on the floor as much as possible and try looking left and far as possible,
  • Stay in the position as long as you are comfortable, initially you will notice that you are unable to touch your knees on the ground (Don’t worry it comes with constant practise!), make sure your head and hands are held firmly to the ground,
  • Come back to rest (initial position),
  • Start the same for the left side.

NOTE: You inhale the breath while you bend your knees and feet and move towards right/left, and exhale only when you come back to initial position.


As mentioned earlier, Power Yoga is not confined with these specific exercises, it has a complete power yoga workout set. These are the five easy to do, from the set of many power yoga poses. Or you can say these are 5 power yoga for beginners.

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power yoga for weight loss
power yoga for weight loss

The stream of Yoga usually depends upon the type of aim you are looking for. If you are more focused with the thigh exercise one always looks for Squats with balls, side planks, lunges and other related exercises. While some focuses more on muscles and lower abdomen, then the best suited for them is Sit ups, downward dog to side plank and others.

But if you are in physical pain and you are looking for healing practise, then no, yoga is not for you. Also, it is best to avoid yoga at certain circumstances,

  • During Pregnancy (during last trimester)
  • Serious Injuries
  • Disease with physical disorder
  • Went through recent surgery


More About Power Yoga

Usually people compare the result of Cardio exercise with the Power Yoga benefits, well, to be honest, cardio does gives a result better than Power Yoga alone. In the event that you complete a serious hour-long session of cardio, you will lose double the quantity of calories when contrasted with the amount you will lose with Power Yoga.

yoga exercises and workout
yoga exercises and workout

Power Yoga encourages the muscles. It takes a shot at the centre and streamlines your body, fabricating the centre muscles. Building fit muscles is successful for weight reduction, and it likewise shows an expanded digestion, which implies a wear out of a lot of fat.

Burning calories in cardio session doesn’t necessarily means that you lose fat as well. Doing a lot of cardio exercise can also harm your muscles in long run time, hence if you are looking forward for weight loss, it is always advisable to add, two-three, Power Yoga exercises, in between your regular cardio sessions every week. The combination of Cardio and Power Yoga has proved to be of more sustainable weight loss and muscles tighten. Talking about some other scenario, if you are a professional weight lifter or an athletic, the continuous practise of cardio can make your muscles contract.

power yoga workout exercises
power yoga workout exercises

While Power Yoga benefits include, helping you re-generate your active muscles and lengthen those muscles through intense stretching. Thus, it only helps your muscles to gain flexibility and robustness. 


Power Yoga has turned into somewhat of an aggregate term for various classes, so I’m interested about your own understanding. Have you taken Power Yoga? Has it benefited you? Ring in beneath!



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