Exercise is Directly Proportional to Happiness

The impediment to action advances action,

                that which is in the way becomes the way”

  • by Marcus Aurelius

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Have you ever thought that you have everything but “Are you still happy”? The answer is usually No. Lot of time we get lost in elegance of ambitions, we get lost in art of solving a problem, but the question is, are we really solving the problem? Due to advancement, human care to take complexities rather than simplicity. You have to take sequence of decisions to navigate to act intelligently to solve the problems. Daily people have to come across these Later after discoveries, the conclusion arrived was that happiness is determined by four hormones- Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin.

exercise makes you feel happy and good
exercise makes you feel happy and good

Did you wondered having medicine for happiness? The very first hormone endorphins get releases in our body when we do exercise. Endorphins is secreted naturally by your brain when it recepts intense exertion and pain. Actually, endorphins hormone converts the feeling of pain into feeling of euphoria. This euphoric feeling gives person the optimistic and sparkling approach for further activities. Person automatically starts feeling stress-free and pain-free.

Everything that’s coming in your life you are attracting that in your life. The same case is with sorrows and happiness. So, it is better to inculcate the exercise in your lifestyle, that you would be attracting happiness indirectly. Always remember you can have everything you want. Basically, you want happiness and just need to do exercise for that which actually very interesting to do.

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Happiness is nothing more than good health and bad memory

                                                                             -by Albert Schweitzer

exercise is directly proportional to happiness
exercise is directly proportional to happiness

Lets Find Few Exercises For You to be Happy

Aerobic exercises are best to attain happiness. Music with exercise always gives eternal happiness. Aerobic exercises create more pressure on your muscles resulting in greater emanation of endorphins. Some of aerobic exercises are listed below:


  1. Running is natural motion so, you don’t need to think or stress your brain muscles. Actually, while running you gets personal time to think about the worries and issues continuously disturbing you. In a article published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercises in 2006 stated that 30 minutes of running on a treadmill can lift the mood When you run, your brain pumps out stress for that very moment. Later on, due to secretion of endocannabinoids which is mood-altering chemical your mind feels relaxed and felicitous and you become greatly pleased and content. Running is counted as meditation. As we all know, meditation improves concentration and encourages healthy lifestyle. Running also keeps you away from diseases – arthritis, cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.
exercise makes you feel happy and good
exercise makes you feel happy and good


  1. Swimming is leisure pursuit with low-impact drill. It improves both physical and mental muddle. It’s also superb way to relax and attain tranquility. In swimming, you locomote your entire body in opposition to direction of water without putting tension on joints. Common swimming styles are listed below:
    Front crawl- Front crawl or Forward crawl follows a sequence of principles to focus on:

(a) BODY- Inline position of your shoulder and hips should be maintained with flat and        horizontal body posture.

(b) LEGS- Put your legs straight, close together and kick from your hip.

(c) ARMS- Locomotion of arm is pre-eminent as this from which you get thrust from.

(d) BREATHING- Breathing style is dependent on distance of swimming. Basically, explosive breathing is preferred for shorter gap and trickle breathing is preferred for longer gap.

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swimming keeps yoy healthy and fit ; medictips
swimming keeps yoy healthy and fit ; medictips
  1. Backstroke- Backstroke is most intricate and alluring stroke in swimming, where you enjoy the open sky. It perfectly relies on your actual strength and calibre.
  • Breaststroke- In this stroke, a person lies face down in the water, enlarging the arms in front and aligning the legs and motioning in a frog kick style.
  1. Side stroke- Side stroke is lying sideways in water and alternately moving arms while moving legs in a scissors style.
  2. Butterfly- Butterfly style gives you light-hearted pleasure because of extravaganza and herculean motion. Swimmer faces in the water with arms thrust out at sides together and then forward out of water, and legs are continuously moving up down joined together.


3 Dancing-

What are emotions and feeling? Emotions are unconscious signals which transmit to our mind in form of chemical and electrical vibrations. While dancing, signals get converted into exotic feeling. Dancing elicit an emotional ransom – often that’s facile happiness.

how dancing keeps you fit and healthy
how dancing keeps you fit and healthy

                 Dancing is fun-loving activity. Studies have depicted that stress hormone – cortisol is reduced from our body while dancing. Dancing helps in alleviating your mood during difficult period. Dancing gives rhythm to your body with all parts stretching and workout. Dancing for 30-min can burn 130-250 calories. Dancing improves cholesterol level, heart-rate and control & coordination.

                Dance isn’t just good for your body, it always does wonders for your brain. By assimilating dance in your daily lifestyle, you experience greater happiness. It is well said by Plato that “dance of all the arts, is the one that most influences the soul”.


workout and exercises benefits for health
workout and exercises benefits for health

   Jumping Jacks-

  1. It seems exciting by name itself. Standing with your feet together and your arms by your sides, hop your apart at the same time as bringing your arms above your head bending your arms slightly at the top, quickly hop your feet back together, loan your arms back to your sides, continue this motion for set of number of repetitions. Jumping jacks gives you eternal happiness. Jumping jacks also boosts up your blood circulation and heart rate as a result you burn more calories.
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  1. Skipping is other way of full-body workout where you burn around 250-400 calories in half an hour. It burns fat from your body leading to drastic changes. Skipping helps attaining balance, coordination and agility and tones lower and upper body muscles.


Last day, everybody in this world is doing rat-race to attain happiness and satisfaction. So, don’t run away from it by adopting modern eating habits and laziness in your life. Better run towards it by bringing exercise in your routine life.


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