Facts and Myths About Water That You Should Know

Last Updated on September 21st, 2020

We all know how important water is and how it can keep us healthy and fit. If you think water is just to get wet the thirsty throat, then you are mistaking it. You should know the health benefits of drinking pure water. You can revisit our very popular post “Benefits of drinking lemon water” to know how water can help you stay healthy.

Many of us must have heard about the saying that “we should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day”. But do we know that it is not a correct saying and this is just not the correct fact that you should follow. Yes we will surprise you with many other facts and myths about water in this post that will help you know water and its science behind keeping body clean and healthy.

Before we move ahead with our learning facts and myths about water, I would recommend you to also read one very important article on “Common mistakes we are making with water & health”. This particular post will give you many insights of water that can help you stay fit with normal routine habits only.


Discover “Facts about Water” and “Myths about Water”

common mistakes with water
common mistakes with water

How Much Water to Drink

Let’s start with the very same thought we told earlier in this post stating that “8 glass of water in necessary to our body”. It is partially true but does not apply to all the human beings. Why am I saying that it cannot apply to all is the fact that everybody has its own chemical equation that differs from person to person. One may or may not require 8 glass of water daily and one may require more than that also.

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What science says is that, human body is made of 70% water and so you require only as much water as your body lose each day to replace the lost liquid. You may lose water through many processes like sweat, urine, breath and other bodily excretions. Mostly it comes up to 8 to 10 cups of water.


Is That All about Water Intake ?

Now another important point to note is that we are taking water in many other forms also.

For instance when you are eating orange, you are having 60% fiber and 40% liquid that also counts in replacing the lost liquid from your body. Similarly we get water from many other sources like fruits, vegetables, roots etc. Beverages like tea, coffee, soda, juice etc. also counts towards your total water intake. It is estimated that we take almost 4 to 5 glasses from these sources and rest comes from direct intake of water.

Now another scenario that comes up is the hot weather or if you are exercising or running too much, your body requirement for water increases drastically. In that case your intake increases which won’t follow the 8 glass rule anyways.

Best way to find out how many glasses your body needs each day is to keep a track of your weight and water intake for 1 week and then analyze how much is required to maintain normal body weight.

So if you’re still feeling thirsty, go & sip more water.


“Drinking Too Much Water is Bad For Health” – Myth ?

myths about water
myths about water

May be you might not be aware of this saying. But this is true and holds a scientific fact to support it.  It is a fact that too much of water intake and that too in one go, can be bad for your body. If you are gulping too much of water for an extended period, you can start feel water intoxication. The kidneys ability to perform excretion (sending urine to the bladder) reduces if body is under physical stress like running, exercises etc. In such scenarios fluid level can build up in your brain and body and making brain cells swell. This will lead to headache, nausea, vomiting or may be disorientation as well.

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We suggest drinking only as much as you body needs and not more than that. Fill your thirst and not your stomach with water. If you want to drink large quantity of water then you can have water with electrolytes and vitamins in it like in Gatorade, Powerade etc. This is common among sports people.

The sodium in sports drinks like Gatorade can help body to retain more fluid as well as replenish your supply of water and hence your requirement for water reduces.


“Use Cold Tap Water And Not Hot Tap Water” – Is It True ?

facts about water
facts about water

Many people think that it is fine to use hot water from tap since they are going to heat it anyway while cooking. But it is not good for your health to use hot tap water. In hot summer day’s water in our pipes usually get hot and we get hot water from taps. We should first let that hot water flow out and then when you start getting warm or cold water then start using it. Now the question that comes to mind is that, why should we do that and what is the harm in using the hot water from tap?

There is science behind this that can explain why this should be followed. The hot water has the power to dissolve tiny lead from your plumbing system or pipes. Even new plumbing that is supposed to be lead free can have lead in the brass fittings and bearings or in copper joints. Boiling this water is of no help. Instead it even concentrates the lead which can even damage the brain and nervous system of your body.


Drinking Water Before Meals Helps Lose Weight :- Myth or True ?

It is true, but no one understands how this works. You should know how it works before you actually apply that weight loss method in your daily life. The water fills up your stomach and blocks you from overeating. Taking water with your meal also reduces your diet. Many believe that water flushes out what you eat quickly, but that is the wrong assumption. Food will take good amount of time to get digested until and unless you have a loose motions happening to you.

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Caution:If you are looking to gain weight then we won’t recommend you to drink water at least 1 hour before meal and 1 hour after meal.


Finally we hope you are now very much aware about water than many others near you. Share it with those who didn’t have the chance to know about it and who are still unknown about these facts and myths about water so that they can also avoid making the same mistake again.

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