Fitbit Alta Fitness Watch Reviews, Suggestions and Price

Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

In simple words I can say that it is the fitness tracker specially designed for the personal use. It is customised with the features that not only helps you to control your fitness routine but also gigs up the control while you are not working out. Confused? Let me handle. FitBit Alta belongs to a generation of FitBit fitness watch that incurred the feature of “Heart Beat Tracker” as well. Not only, your heart rate, but now your every step can be controlled and recorded at this fitness gadget or sometimes called as fitness tracker.

fitbit reviews and design comparison
fitbit reviews and design comparison

Here are few Pro’s and Con’s in short, that will help you know this Fitness Gadget even better. Also, while considering these points as a review and a decision to which fitness tracker to choose, I would also request you to share your reviews with us if you have been or you are an avid user of this Fitness Tracker. Write down in comments what you felt after using it.

Good Words:

  • Fitbit’s most stylish tracker
  • Added heart rate sensors
  • Week-long battery life
  • Advanced sleep tracking software

Bad Words:

  • No control over tracking exercises
  • No GPS for accurate distances
  • Tap-sensitive display is annoying


I don’t know about you; however, I’m about prepared for Fitbit fitness watch to drop something truly new on the world. Over the past couple of years, the organisation has put out a couple of new action fitness trackers that appear to bundle a similar stuff — an accelerometer here, a heart rate sensor there — into marginally unique wristbands sold at somewhat extraordinary value focuses. Except for the Burst brilliant wellness watch, Fitbit’s outlines haven’t advanced much. Also, now Fitbit’s most current tracker, the Fitbit Alta HR, looks simply like a year ago Fitbit Alta, with the expansion of heart rate sensors.

fitbit alta looks and features
fitbit alta looks and features

Is FitBit worth a Fit?

But since it’s Fitbit, and Fitbit is the pioneer in the US showcase for lightweight action trackers and fitness watches, individuals are exceptionally keen on it. They need to know whether they should purchase the “new Fitbit fitness watch.” They can’t be rebuked for this: Fitbits, in all their elastomer brilliance, still hold the guarantee of self-advancement without putting excessively weight on their wearers. So, I put on the new Fitbit Alta HR and got step checking and rest following.

fitbit fitness alta features stay healthy
fitbit fitness alta features stay healthy

Amazingly, I loved this new Fitbit gadget. To such an extent that when its battery kicked the bucket while I was voyaging, I was frustrated I couldn’t utilize it that day. On the off chance that you were an aficionado of the Fitbit Alta previously yet have said to yourself about six times finished the previous year, “I wish it read my heart rate,” at that point you are in good fortune. Or on the other hand in the event that you needed a heart rate-following Fitbit watch yet didn’t care for the looks of the Fitbit Charge 2, at that point you are likewise in good fortune. The Fitbit Alta HR may have been yet another unexciting proceed onward the piece of Fitbit, however it additionally appears to me like it was a decent move.

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fitbit alta review and design and price
fitbit alta review and design and price

A few people have asked me whether the Fitbit Alta HR is presently a trade for the Fitbit Charge 2. My answer is: not by any means. They’re a similar cost and both have heart rate sensors. In any case, you can stop and begin practices with the Fitbit Charge 2, and you can’t do that at all with Fitbit Alta HR. The Fitbit Alta HR will naturally perceive in the event that you go for a run, yet it’s not something you can control, and it doesn’t show a clock amid your exercises.

fitbit alta features for fitness tracking
fitbit alta features for fitness tracking

FitBit Alta Features

So, what would this fitbit band be able to do? It does what every Fitbit does. Like, it tracks your means, your separation voyaged (without GPS), your calories consumed, and your rest. Fitbit alta fitness watch also indicates your warnings and approaching calls from your cell phone. What’s new about the Alta HR is that it has optical heart rate sensors incorporated with the underside, so it records your heart rate for the duration of the day, and Fitbit will now demonstrate you further developed rest information in its application. This last element isn’t restricted to only the Alta HR; it will work with any more current Fitbit watch that has heart rate sensors.

fitbit alta fitness watch design and looks
fitbit alta fitness watch design and looks


Undoubtedly, the FitBit Altra comes with a very impressive packing and the instruction book, though many of us might not read it, but it is always advisable to use it when in trouble.

  • A fitness tracker with a solid strap of silicon that is bound to control your grip even when you are in an intense workout session.
  • Opening the cable box, you can see a USB charging clip and a USB adapter which allows you to upload activity wirelessly over your computer. If you’ve got a smartphone made in the last two years, you’ll probably have Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and be able to transfer your data without needing this extra adapter.


Though the fitness gadget has set his mark to amount ranging from INR 12,999/- in India. The product was loved by the people in its initial days. I still remember the hype this fitness gadget created within its launch duration. Also, the most appraisal thing for this gadget was it came with various colors. Users can buy the Classic fitness band accessories in Black, Blue, Teal, and Plum colors at INR 2,999, while Luxe soft and premium hide leather bands in Graphite, Camel and Blush Pink colors can be bought at INR 5,999. A Luxe hand-polished stainless-steel Silver bangle will also be available at INR 9,999, and a Shiny Gold bangle was to be released later this year.

fitbit fitness watch fitbit alta reviews and design
fitbit fitness watch fitbit alta reviews and design


On comparing the FitBit with other ongoing latest fitness tracker, we can also find that not just we have cheap fitness tracker available in the market, but it gives more quality features than FitBit at even half price. Comparing its software and display with the most demanded fitness tracker, FitBit Charge 2, the Alta is a troublesome pitch to any individual who doesn’t organize form over capacity, or the individuals who need more knowledge into their activity experiences because of more constrained usefulness. . Though they both come with almost same outlook and no wide ranges of price.

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While it’s a verifiably sleeker and more appealing wellness tracker than the Fitbit Charge 2, it needs a considerable lot of the further developed highlights making the Charge 2 the best Fitbit for the vast majority, particularly since the rest following changes will touch base as a future refresh.

push limits with fitness watch fitbit
push limits with fitness watch fitbit


The display is quite simple to peruse. You have the alternative to have a vertical or even show with the goal that’s truly pleasant. You can likewise pick which of the information things you need to look through (by tapping) on the screen.

I utilize it as a watch (despite the fact that I wear a watch on my contrary arm!), and to check my means for the day. As a rule, I’ll perceive what number of dynamic minutes I have for that day, yet I by and large have a smart thought in the event that I have to move pretty much.

There are a few things I couldn’t care less for on the show itself – and by taking a gander at the Fitbit client gatherings others concur with me! To start with thing is that once you are more than 10K stages for the day and utilize the vertical show, it doesn’t demonstrate to you the “hundredths” – on the off chance that I have 9800 stages, it indicates 9.8K, however I can’t tell without synchronizing the application in the event that I have 10100 or 10900.

The second thing I’m not a devotee of is the “fast view” highlight. By and large, it’s an awesome plan to keep the show off unless you need it. In any case, you enact it by raising/flicking your wrist (as though you were checking the time) – yet, it doesn’t deactivate that element during the evening when you telephone is in “Do Not Disturb” mode. So, in the event that you move over in bed the show sparkles the time… and it’s quite splendid! I wound up killing fast view until the point that I hear they settle that component.

fitbit alta design
fitbit alta design


I extremely like the application. They discharged another dash board see as of late and enabled clients to test it out by changing a setting in the application. Interestingly, I like it more than the old one. I feel like the design is more helpful for giving me the data I need on the primary screen. Though I haven’t experienced serious difficulties making sense of how to include companions or begin/take an interest in challenges. By and large, it’s been great.



A few people have griped about the battery life. I contemplate 5 days for every charge which is quite tolerable. The one drawback to the charger is that it’s an exclusive fitting, so on the off chance that I lose it I’m out $20 for a real substitution.

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fitness watches fitbit reviews
fitness watches fitbit reviews

FITBIT ALTA Exactness and Inspiration

I’m not persuaded that it’s super exact. I was out with 2 individuals from work and we strolled together for around 45 minutes one night. Amid supper we had examined where we were all at for the day and toward the finish of the walk took a gander at our trackers. There was around a 4000-stage distinction from the most noteworthy to the least measure of steps. However, I saw now that there is a propelled setting in the application to put in your walk length. Maybe that will assist.

In any case, I’ve unquestionably observed a positive contrast in my conduct since utilizing my tracker. Particularly now that I’ve progressed toward becoming Fitbit Companions with some of my associates. I’ll hit the treadmill at 10pm just to make up for lost time with them in case I’m down a couple of thousand stages. Or on the other hand on the off chance that I just need a couple of hundred more to win a test I’ve been pacing in my inn room during the evening!


If you go from the verdict that has been updated on the internet almost every day, you will come across the reviews of many review writers, much similar to ours.

Our article includes points totally from the respective of a particular user. You can always drop messages in the comments and let us know where we could add on more points or come up with updated reviews. Also, you can chime down if you have any experience to share on the same! Waiting!



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