Fitbit Ionic Band & Fitness Tracker Review

Last Updated on May 18th, 2021



A well organised fitness watch, that gives a strong battery life and works amazingly good during your workout sessions. Though, the system is slow, and offers limited music. For a price around $300 (may be less now)), this is a nice smartwatch for its price. It’s not the best smartwatch on the market but it is definitely a great fitness smartwatch gadget that provide all the criteria of a premium smartwatch. This is a very close competition with Garmin Vivo active 3. Fitbit Ionic smartwatch features are ahead of Garmin Vivo active 3. But the unanswered question is did Garmin Vivo active 3 did a better job at Fitness activities than Fitbit Ionic? Lets Find out now.

On an all, it a kind of a smartwatch, one can stop by to give a look to.



  • Strong Battery Life
  • Works well during workout
  • Amazing working of Fitbit Pay


  • Complex Outlook/Design
  • Slow working
  • Less Music Options
fitbit watch reviews and design
fitbit watch reviews and design

What is Fitbit Ionic?

Fitbit Ionic, is the first fitness smartwatch launch by Fitbit in the late 2016, October, 1st with Fitbit’s first fitness headphones, Fitbit Flyer. With these two new devices, Fitbit really trying to expand its name in health and fitness market. Fitbit hit the market with a price marked with $299.95 which amounts to a sum in five digits in INR i.e., 19531.43. Fitbit was loved by its user during its launch phase. The look of the watch was very tempting and it proved to be “iconic” soon in the US market.


Fitbit launched with a price $300 approx. that is nearly 20,256/- in INR. A sum like this, makes a user find all the premium qualities in one watch. But when we look at the competitors of Fitbit Ionic, we see Apple series 3 and Samsung standing strong in the market, where the Apple series is ranging from $300-$700. Almost offering the ‘somewhat same features’ in the best way, Apple still has a high demand in the market as compared to other companies. Now then, does $300 sounds too much? Neh.


fitbit ionic style and looks
fitbit ionic style and looks


  • Aluminum build body and lighter than most smartwatches
  • Either plastic or leather bands that are easy to swap out


At the point when the older version of Fitbit; Fitbit Blaze turned out, it got a considerable amount of preferences in its new workout machine. So, Fitbit worked on its “Fitbit Ionic” mainly focusing on the customer demands. This experimental procedure went on very well with customers right from its launch.

Another Iconic feature: The Fitbit Ionic utilizing Gorilla Glass 3 from Corning. You should expect minimal to none scratches if you are not a heavy user.

ionic fitbit stylish looks and design
ionic fitbit stylish looks and design

Colour and Combinations: The watch comes in 3 combinations: blue dim/silver dim, slate blue/copied orange, and charcoal/smoke dark. Following its legacy from Fitbit Blaze, you additionally need the capacity to switch the band of the watch with variety of combinations and styles. Fitbit constantly is known for their cool customization (colors and combinations).

Fitness Watches in Market

Though Fitbit have a really huge market; but even then, it lacks a great quantity of customers and majorly that is because it has a great resemble with the Garmin Vivoactive3. Nevertheless, I’m on the other side of the table. I trust the plan of Fitbit Ionic is totally different from both Garmin, Apple or some other fitness gadgets. It has the modernize feel yet it keeps it tasteful. I definitely observe a man shaking a charcoaled colour form of watch with a perfect dark tailor suit. By any chance, that you need to look energetic or need to show your young, wild, and free personality; the copied orange and silver dark is the combo that you need. By the day’s end, if you need to compete from your companion’s/co-worker’s watches, at that point the Ionic is certainly for you. Unless your companion wears a similar one!

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fitbit fitness trackers reviews
fitbit fitness trackers reviews


Some of the basic features that most smartwatches have are included in the Ionic. So, you can expect to have sleep, activities, calories, step, heart rate and distant tracker. The SmartTrack feature is still there in addition of swimming. I have to mention that Fitbit has the new heart rate sensor module (Pure Pulse) so the heart rate monitor is a lot better than its brother Fitbit Blaze.

  • Fitbit Pay:  Similar to Apple Pay, Android Pay, and even Garmin Pay. It enables the client to make an instalment at whatever point contactless payment is acknowledged. Including this component makes this fitness tracker really out of the box because in a way Fitbit is attempting on giving their clients a chance to be phone-free. This component at present is supported by Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx from real issue banks like HSBC, Capital One, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of America, and a couple of others.

Fitbit Pay Downside: With a similar reason I have for the Garmin Pay issue. I believe it’s quite perfect to have an instalment framework appropriate on your watch yet it likewise increment the danger of getting your data spill out. For me, this isn’t a major point drop however you recognize what they say “Can’t be excessively watchful”.

Fitbit Great Storage Specifications

  • Music Storage: Fitbit Ionic has 2.5 GB of inside capacity which approximately 300 song space (though, it sounds like a much less space for me). All you need is a wireless earphone and you’re ready. This is plainly an advantage over fitness tracker like Garmin Vivo active 3 since now you can be without a smartphone for a speedy run around the lake. Furthermore, Ionic clients can likewise utilize some apps like Pandora to download the entire playlists specifically onto the Ionic. In most situations, carrying a smartphone along with you while doing sports/regular exercise is very troublesome and Fitbit resolves that problem.
fitbit ionic features and reviews
fitbit ionic features and reviews
  • Application Gallery: Great news for Ionic clients. Fitbit App Gallery is made for as an application stage for outsider organizations to create applications, particularly for Fitbit Ionic. Starbucks, Flipboard, AccuWeather, … Have already picked up a piece. With this application, the Fitbit Ionic is acting increasingly like a cell phone in some way. I’m pre-assuming that this component will continue growing. Expect they keep on adding the new customized tools all on the same versions.


Fitness Coach Feature

  • Fitbit presents Fitbit Coach as another training highlight on the Ionic. Think about this as the repetition of Fitstar (instructing highlight on the Blaze). The guided exercise sessions are more point by point with the Ionic. At the season of this post, Fitbit Coach at present has 3 diverse exercise worked in. I’m almost certain Fitbit will keep on adding more revised exercise guide as they see the number of users more on their network.


  • Water Resistant: Having water protection is something that most smartwatches, and wellness tracker must have in 2017. Fitbit Ionic water protection up to 50m submerged surface. This is a great news for swimmer since they can wear their Fitbit while swimming and it will track the number of laps you finish, stroke style, and also calculates their gauge calories consumed.
waterproof fitbit watch ionic
waterproof fitbit watch ionic
  • 4 Days Plus Battery Life: Fitbit Ionic battery life is outstanding among other highlights and an unmistakable favorable circumstance from a great deal of different smartwatches like Apple Watches 3 and Samsung Gear S3. From my experience, Fitbit Ionic last from Tuesday morning till Saturday. I used GPS sooner or later for my running and it drained my battery modestly quicker. As I tried, my running took generally around 1 hour and it depleted 15% of my battery. In any case, with a normal smartwatch and exercise utilization, you ought to have the capacity to get four to five days battery life.
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  • Non-Interactive Notifications: A major disadvantage of Fitbit Ionic. Fitbit Ionic will indicate your warnings like instant messages, iMessages, phone calls, Skype, Whatsapp, and some application particular notices. Unfortunately, you won’t have the accessibility to associate with these notices. You can just either erase notice one by one or erase them all. This is something that Apple Watch is improved with, it’s exceptionally natural.
  • Exclusive Charger: Another minor downside, I don’t see individuals say is that Fitbit Ionic as yet utilizing its own restrictive charger. On account of Fitbit, you should acquire another charger your rucksack in the event that you choose to go for one week outdoors trip.



Following actions is really important for anyone who has worn a Fitbit fitness tracker. There’s the standard capacity totally steps seen somewhere else, and the rest following as Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights, both of which appeared with the Fitbit Alta HR and later took off to Fitbit’s other propelled trackers as a product refresh.

fitbit ionic workout features and more
fitbit ionic workout features and more

In the Fitbit application, you can change your motive/routine from the standard advance settings calculating to separate the various sections likes, calories consumed or stairs climbed in the meter. A buzz on your wrist will show when you’ve hit your objective/motive.

Similarly, you can turn on move updates and set what number of hours you need in a day. These are hours where you plan to hit in excess of 250 stages; in case you’re somewhat short as you approach the finish of great importance, an update will buzz on your wrist to tell you what number of more advances you have to take to remain on course. This is incredible in case you’re work area bound or get yourself stationary throughout the day.

The rest following is one of my most loved usages from a wearable, offering a fair level of data with respect to time spent in various rest stages. It’s currently far simpler to process every one of the information caught overnight, with simple to-peruse diagrams and benchmark information in respect to your 30-day normal and other individuals in a similar statistic.

fitbit ionic display and design
fitbit ionic display and design

Therefore, it’s far less demanding to decide the real nature of your rest, as opposed to just taking a look at the rest time. Regardless of whether you’re accomplishing eight hours of rest a night, you may at present end up awakening tired; a look at your rest stages may uncover the thinking for it.

Various Alerts and Alarm

Quiet alerts are accessible from the Alarm application on the watch. These buzz away on your wrist to wake you toward the beginning of the day, which is quit a bad thing, if you aren’t looking forward for waking up on some days, particularly.

With respect to full exercise following, there are alternate ways for Run, Bike, Swim, Treadmill, Weights, Interval Timer and a general Workout, available as a matter of course from the Exercise application. These seven spaces are customizable from the Fitbit versatile application by any chance that you need to swap them out.

For exercise, for example, running and cycling, the GPS rushes to bolt. This implied that one can set their timer in such a way that after a lapse is over, it buzzes and meanwhile it gets you ready for the next lapse, you can prepare yourself.

Before a run, for instance, the screen is divided into three details openings. The best and base are settled to whatever you need, for example, separation or calories consumed, while the centre detail can demonstrate numerous diverse measurements by swiping at the show.

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Other Added Advantages of FitBit

Amid various 10K trials on official courses, the Fitbit Ionic tended to over-judge the separation, regularly by around 1-200m. The Spark 3 and Apple Watch Series 2 got substantially more like a 10km account, taking into account some additional separation for deviations from a straight way around the course.

Heart rate observing was at any rate close between the different test gadgets, and the Ionic’s PurePulse sensor performed much superior to anything the Fitbit Charge 2 did as far as how rapidly it balanced for a comeback heart rate post-race. The heart rate data is additionally utilized for Fitbit’s Cardio Fitness score, which is basically your VO2 Max. This is an extraordinary method to watch out for your general fitness level.

fashion and fitness bands for healthy body
fashion and fitness bands for healthy body

Having physical devices to utilize while swimming is something we all look forward to, only on the fact that touchscreens truly don’t function at its best when used with water. The Ionic can naturally track lengths, however, you’ll have to set the pool length in the Fitbit application.

The lap-checking worked, nailing the right separation of my tests. Unfortunately, it isn’t able to get any heart rate data with every lapse of swimming, but nevertheless, you can see calorie consume and the effect on your day’s workout levels.

At long last, on the wellness side is Fitbit Coach, the complete alternate for Fitstar. The Ionic accompanies three exercises on the watch: 10-Minute Abs, 7-Minute Workout and the longest-term Treasure Chest, which keeps running for 20 minutes.

The exercises are extraordinary for those unfit to get to a record centre or force them to go out for a run. While these three exercises are accessible off the bat on the Ionic, Fitbit Coach is a membership benefit, and gives a more prominent determination of exercises. Fitbit has said sound(audio) training will go to the Ionic in 2018, as well.

Lets Compare Now

If you compare Fitbit with other Fitness Trackers say, Apple Series 3, and series of Garmin than you would definitely find that these fitness trackers have amazing hardware and app facility that makes it more flexible for users. Though every device comes with its own pro’s and con’s but if you ask me, then Garmin and Fitbit Blaze would be a better option than Fitbit Ionic in terms of Design, Hardware, Fitness Activity and Monitoring Purpose.

Overall, to say, Ionic is Iconic in its own way. If you are one of those Ionic user, let us know what you felt after using it.


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