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Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

Fitness Bands and smart wearable fitness watches are now the trending gadgets all around the world. Many well reputed and big brands have come up in the market with their own fitness smart watch or fitness bands that ensure tracking of your health parameters.

The main concept of all these fitness bands and watches is to help the user to stay healthy and motivate fitness and workout.

Technology has provided us with many options today and sometimes this results in a confusion while making choice among the many options available. To make it easy for you, we have come up with reviews that are based on actual usage of the product and then listing the pros and cons for the same. Now you can make a well-known decision while making your next fitness tracker purchase.

intex fitrist, smart health band and watch review online
intex fitrist, smart health band and watch review online

So we are here to discuss about the fitness tracker watch or band I would say, recently launched by Intex.

It is called the Intex Fitrist.

It looks good and gives you a feeling of sci-fi device but it is no way near to that anyways.

OK let’s open up the box first.

intex fitrist tracker band review by anurag
intex fitrist tracker band review by anurag

Here is the fitness band we are looking for. I ordered it from flipkart and paid Rs.1100 for this. So one thing that is quite exciting about it, is the price which is quite low compared to what we have for other similar products in markets.

But let’s not call this a good price tag until we know how the intex fitrist performance is?


Performance Review

I have been using this watch now for more than 2 month and to be honest, I am not completely satisfied with it.

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Let’s discuss why I think it is not a good match for the price or I should say it needs more updates.

They promise a 7 day battery backup which should be meeting a 4-5 days backup at least. Which is not the case here. After charging I have been getting only 2 and ½ day battery backup which is really a big downfall for this. So again you have to charge it at least 3 times in a 7 day week plan.

After using the watch for 2 months I realize that when you charge the band with data cable connected to laptop, it won’t give you power backup of 3 days. But when you charge it using charging adapter, it gives you 3 days power backup easily. But do not expect more than that.


Now you cannot take this to your long adventurous trips which may last for 4 days or more but trekking or 3 long day journeys are still manageable with this band. This is a very important take for fitness enthusiast.

review of fitness watch by anurag on medictips
review of fitness watch by anurag on medictips


Next is the notification feature for call and text.

Again a big failure. You get a notification for call but you can only see the number on the screen. Which is bad since you do not know who is calling and the doubt “is it necessary to pick or not” remains in your mind.

May be they should update that with name displaying on screen!

Anyhow that was one good idea of having notification since it helps you know if your phone is ringing and you are riding a bike or driving a car. Your wrist band vibrates to notify you.

fitrist fitness tracker and watch by intex honest reviews only
fitrist fitness tracker and watch by intex honest reviews only

The Bluetooth proximity is really less, so the moment you go out of the Bluetooth range you are disconnected and no more notification in your band. This needs some good improvement. Although we know that you can’t expect higher range on Bluetooth but we need something better if we want that feature to be more useful.

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Consider your phone charging in one room and you are sitting in another room, then that notification on your band about a call is much more useful. So to have that, we need better coverage of Bluetooth or some other network connecting band with the mobile.


Next is the message notification which is really bad and seems like was not even tested before including in the chip. It works rarely on your band. So you miss it many times.


The device is having a very good material anyways. Soft in wrist so you never feel like captive.

The display part is also good and great idea with a user button to switch between different options.

fitness watch review intex fitrist band
fitness watch review intex fitrist band

Other Features

Another good part was the music control option which is handy and you need not have to take out your phone every time to change the music.

Although needs enhancement on music control feature. It would have been really good if it would stay on that option until changed by user. Currently the user have to manually reach to the music control option every time he needs to switch music.

The band auto resets to the home location and that is very bad when you are listening to music and looking for changing music using the band. Also if the band can have volume control also, would be great additional feature.

The fitness smart watch and tracker by intex gets best reviewed here
The fitness smart watch and tracker by intex gets best reviewed here

As already discussed one big drawback was the app connectivity which is not good. The moment you are out of range on Bluetooth your device gets disconnected and no more notification features work for you until you reconnect it.

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Also you need to keep the app running at your back end to stay connected which consumes lot of battery on your phone.

Now you have to worry about your phone battery as well.

Overall I would say it is not matching with the price tag they are offering. So we should wait for a better version.

Now it is your turn to tell us what your experience with fitrist band was. Share your views and opinions with us.

Ask us any questions you have with respect to Intex Fitrist and we would surely try and resolve your problem.

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