Discover the Fitness Mantra of Indian PM Narendra Modi

Last Updated on December 2nd, 2020

How Narendra Modi manages to stay healthy and fit even after so frequent international travelling without breaks and working on the heavy responsibility of maintaining peace and security in India.

The PM of India holding a very high position and a crown of responsibilities have to represent India on the International platform. His presentation & speaking skills are no doubt very influential and motivating. With the same momentum and energy working continuously and travelling on international agenda is not an easy to do task if you are not healthy. Narendra Modi is a person who takes fitness seriously and works over his fitness whenever he gets time.

There are many things which are impressive about narendra modi and his fitness mantra is something that can be a lesson to many.

fitness secret of narendra modi, indian PM
fitness secret of narendra modi, indian PM

What Drives him Towards Fitness?

Narendra Modi has a very clean vision that if you are fit, you will be capable to do anything and in the lack of good health, achieving anything is a far sighted goal.

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Narendra Modi despite being a workaholic manages to keep himself healthy and fit because he practices yoga every morning at 5.

Combination of exercises and proper diets are secret to his energetic and fit body.

Modi has been praised and admired for his growth model in Gujrat which was the result of his amazing vigour and energy to communicate his ideas.


narendra modi fitness mantra, practising yoga
narendra modi fitness mantra, practising yoga


Narendra Modi Fitness Routine

You will be shocked to know that Narendra Modi practices yoga almost every day without taking any day off in between.Β  He gets up early well before 5 AM. He does 1 hour of yoga daily. Yoga keeps him healthy and fit both mentally and physically also.

He is a vegetarian and has simple food-habits like having Bhakhri (rotis) and khichdi in Gujarati style.

Many studies have shown that vegetarian people have a much healthier lifestyle compared to non-vegetarians. Also vegetarian people have a lower risk of heart problems and diabetes as well.

He snacks on food like idli, dosa and poha.

Amazing think to note is that he fasts during navratra every year.

He likes to look fresh and fit while making sure he is working on his full potential even if he has to work till late nights.

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Surprisingly sometimes he sleeps for five or four hours but he makes sure he wakes up early at 5 am. Studies have shown that those who wake up early in morning are tend to stay more healthy and happy in life and report lesser risk of depression.

Barack Obama is also impressed by the way Narendra Modi keeps himself fit even at this age.

Being a speaker and represented for India, Modi has to give speeches at many times and thus has to take good care of his throat. For that he consumes lukewarm water to prevent sore throat.

So take the motivation from Narendra Modi and start living a healthy life with yoga. Follow simple basic lifestyle with vegetarian food and make your way to a healthy living.

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