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Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

Fitness is increasingly becoming important for people across the globe. Keeping yourself fit and healthy has become an integral part of everyone’s life. People often resort to exercising in the gym for building and toning their body, along with lifestyle changes. There are a few, on the other hand, who prefer the comfort of their home, for exercising and staying active. What if we tell you that you can create the aura of gym at your home, at your own convenience? Magical, isn’t it. That’s what the fitness mirror workout does!

What Is The Fitness Mirror?

So, what is the fitness mirror that we are talking about? This is not just a mirror, but your very own personal trainer. It is a cardio class, your yoga studio, a boxing ring and so much more.

Mirror, a New York based start up company, launched the fitness mirror in 2018 for Rs 1,495 USD. This mirror machine acts like a trainer and streams on-demand and live workout sessions at the convenience of your home. The fitness mirror looks just like an ordinary mirror and functions using an application.

The mirror can either be wall mounted or be adjusted on the complimentary stand. The mirror comes with an LCD screen that streams video classes for cardio, strength training, barre, yoga, boxing, Pilates, and HIIT. Over 70 classes get added to the album every week.

home workout tips
home workout tips

How Do You Run The Fitness Mirror Workout?

  • You first need to install the application, since the mirror works completely with help of the application. Now, turn on the switch button.
  • Meanwhile, you can wear a smart band on your wrist, that keeps monitoring your heart beat rate.
  • Thereafter, you can choose from a plethora of video classes for your workout schedule and begin training. In the Home tab, you could choose from the recommended workout videos or you could click on the ‘Classes’ tab and scroll through the range of videos. These include 13 different genres.
  • The exercises begin with a small warm up session, and continue to the more advanced exercises gradually. Everything here, is controlled with the help of the application.
  • At the top, you can find two additional tabs, Programs and Collections. You can choose different plans, based on difficulty level, under the Programs tab. The Collections tab has a few theme based video classes such as a 15 Minute workout, an Absolute Beginner workout and so on.
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Working with the fitness mirror is very easy because of a great user interface and easy to use features. You can easily scroll through different tabs and stream the video you like. Let the workout begin!


What Are The Benefits Of Using The Fitness Mirror Workout?

how to do fitness mirror workout
how to do fitness mirror workout
  • First of all, the machine can be used at the comfort of your home, at any time that you want to exercise. You can workout independently, while also having a personal trainer by your side.
  • The other advantage is that the mirror machine offers videos sessions for all forms of exercise including boxing, cardio, yoga, and strength training. The company is also planning to add on features like meditation and therapy to the product.
  • You can see yourself working out, because of the reflective nature of the mirror. This helps you correct your form and posture, as and when required.
  • After some time in the session, a trainer can be seen on the screen, working out along with you.
  • Personalization is the key to the popularity of the machine. The mirror machine notes and stores your data and ensures an extremely personalized experience based on your choices. If you have an injury and have mentioned the same, it will take care of the kind of exercise that you should indulge in.
  • The mirror machine also keeps you going, with constant pop ups and shout outs during the sessions, based on your personalized information.
  • The best part? The mirror hardly takes any space at your home. It can get easily mounted to a wall and would not take up any space in your room.
  • The product is entirely based on technology, and therefore, is very easy to use with the application.
  • The mirror can also be synced with your Spotify account to listen to some amazing music while working out.
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Therefore, it is evident that the fitness mirror comes with an exhaustive set of advantages that are associated with working out with the help of this fitness mirror. Is it worth the investment? Totally. Do you have questions before you invest in one? Read on to find your answers!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fitness Mirror Workout

fitness mirror workout faqs
fitness mirror workout faqs

Q. How is the fitness mirror different from an ordinary mirror?

A. The fitness mirror is much more than an ordinary mirror; It is your personal trainer. It is a machine that helps you workout by accessing over 1,000 video sessions through the LCD screen of the mirror.

Q. How much does the fitness mirror cost?

A. Mirror company’s fitness mirror costs around 1,495 USD.

Q. With a high price, is the investment worth it?

A. If you are a fitness enthusiast but don’t have the time to run to gyms and work out extensively, this is the perfect investment for you. With the fitness mirror, you get a personal trainer, loaded with multiple benefits. Hence, the cost is worth bearing if you are a fitness freak.

Q. What are the specifications of the product?

A. The mirror looks sleek, elegant and modern, in terms of its design. It comes with a bright and vibrant, 40 inch, 1080p display. A five megapixel camera is also part of the mirror, that is used for selfies at the moment. In future, the camera would also be used for personal workout training classes. The mirror also boasts of two clear and crisp 10-watt speakers. It also features a dual band 802. 11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi.

Q. What are the 13 genres of exercise that are present in the application?

A. The 14 different genres include barre, boxing, dance, kickboxing, pre/postnatal, strength, toning, yoga, chair, pilates, and stretch.

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Q. What are the different tabs in the Mirror Application?

A. There are 7 tabs present in the In the ‘Home’ tab, you can find recommended videos based on survey filled by you or your workout history. In the ‘Classes’ tab, you can find all workout videos and pick the one you like. Under the ‘Programs’ tab, you can choose different plans, based on difficulty level. The ‘Collections’ tab has a few theme based video classes. For finding live classes based on day and time, you can go the ‘Live’ tab. In the ‘Progress’ tab, you can find insights, your workout logs and weekly stats as opposed to your target. Lastly, you can go to the ‘Settings’ tab if you want to change any setting or want to connect with applications.



The Mirror has launched an innovative and useful product in the form of a fitness mirror workout. This mirror acts like a personal trainer and fulfills all your requirements of gym training, at the convenience of your home. Though it is a little expensive, the investment is totally worth it. Train yourself, correct your form and posture, workout with personal and expert guidance, and monitor your success – all with one fitness mirror.

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