Fitness and Weight Loss Journey of Sapna Vyas Patel

Last Updated on July 6th, 2020

Sapna Vyas Patel, an inspiration for all those who think they cannot lose weight. She is example to all who have lost all the hopes of getting those good curves in which they always dream to be. Yes she is one good example to show how strong determination and will power to get shaped up into healthy body can be converted into good figure. Her weight loss journey is simply a motivation for all the fat people who are willing to take the workout pain to gain healthy body.
She lost more than 33Kgs in 1 year. That is not all. She now guides people on how to lose weight and has successfully helped more than 5000 people in reducing weight and gaining that sexy great curves.

She herself looks very pretty with great body curves that she is able to achieve after loads of workout and healthy diet.

weight loss journey of sapna vyas patel
best pics of fitness and weight loss expert sapna vyas patel

Although the physical change is visible to all but the fact is, that is not the only change she went through while on her weight loss journey. The change happened from inside as well that taught her discipline, dedication and most importantly patience which is lacked by most. Sometimes you need to be patience to see the real change. Good things never come fast and that is what makes them precious.

She became more confident about her body and personality. To achieve what she did, one has to modify her lifestyle and thought process. These were all part of her weight loss journey which she accomplished, and soon became a light of hope for many more people who wanted to work on their fitness and go through a similar type of weight loss journey in their life. 


We would like to share some of her very popular pics that inspire people to do that workout and stay fit.


sapna vyas patel gym workout and butt workout routine


fitness enthusiast and fitness trainer sapna vyas patel
fitness enthusiast and fitness trainer sapna vyas patel


sexy figure of sapna vyas patel
gym workout by sapna vyas patel


Sapna Vyas Patel was 86 Kgs when she started her weight loss journey and gain that healthy fit body. The path to fitness was never so easy for her. But her focus and desire to get into that perfect body shape helped her in landing over that 55kg mark in just 1 year.

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This is the photo of her before the transformation.


sapna vyas patel weight loss journey secrets
sapna vyas patel weight loss journey secrets


About Sapna Vyas Patel

Sapna Vyas Patel says that when she was fat, she loved her body and skin. But when she used to find that a beautiful piece of cloth was not fitting into her body structure, she used to feel sad and depressed. She was perceived more than her age and that deep down used to hurt her. She said that she once was mistakenly judged to be the mother of her niece when she was just 19 years of age.

These Incidents made her feel sad. That is when she decided to work on her body and get into the perfect shape. Most people who are fat face such issues. They tend to ignore it as they feel that it is not possible for them to get into good shape. But Sapna vyas patel does not accepted things as they were and instead started working on her fitness.


She is running her own fitness online training with the name “Stay Wow”. She teaches people how to stay healthy and avoid the lifestyle diseases.

Sapna Vyas Patel is a doctoral student and a Certified Reebok fitness professional. She has helped many people in losing weight and achieve fitness with her knowledge and experience through various mediums like social media, online website and offline campaigns as well without charging a single penny.


fitness and weight loss expert sapna vyas patel
fitness and weight loss expert sapna vyas patel


What extra she did in her Weight Loss Journey

Not only workout helped her in her combat against obesity but her diet routine also played an equally important role as well. She followed a very planned and proper diet routine.

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She believes in having the right food and not in going on fasting. Starving is not the right way to reduce weight and it can never help the body.

Eating what is right and at the right time matters a lot for the body. She never did crash dieting in order to bring down her weight. Cardio and weight training along with proper diet is enough to make sure you lose weight from necessary part of the body in the required amount.

She plans her diet in a very good manner. She makes sure that she will never feel hungry. Sapna tries to have something almost every 2 hours but may be in small quantity. It is the desire to eat more, especially the food that we love the most, leads to fat in our body. Our body craves for the food that is loved by our tongue. The best way to deal with this situation is to make sure you have it in very limited quantity. This way your body does not crave for it after some time. She always keep a check on her proteins, fat and carb sources in diet plan.


sapna vyas patel fitness mantra for weight loss
sapna vyas patel fitness mantra for weight loss

Some important points that she always says in her comments are:-

There is no short cuts to weight loss and one should not try and follow any. Everything that is worth achieving comes with lots of hard work and constant efforts. Same applies to those who want to gain weight.

Fitness is the way of life and it should be healthy and always the priority. There are no magic pills that can help you achieve that fitness benchmark you are trying for. Only constant effort and motivation will help you on that way.

Artificial diet may put your body at health risks. It is not at all wise to play with your body health with artificial diet. They may show quick results but in the long run they have bad effect on your body. It is always suggested to go with the natural way.

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It always seems difficult and impossible until it is actually done. If you think you don’t have a knowledge of how to start and how to begin then you can always refer for best tips, the natural way. And of course Sapna vyas patel is always sharing her “How to lose weight” knowledge with her readers or followers.

Chose to Stay Healthy! Chose to Stay Wow!


fitness and weight loss mantra of sapna vyas patel
fitness and weight loss mantra of sapna vyas patel


There is no big secret in how some people are able to achieve their fitness goal or how they are able to walk through the path of weight loss journey. The only thing that makes them stand different from others is the fact that they never give up. They keep on working on their fitness and health. Unfortunately, many people who start with a great plan for their fitness goal never accomplish it because they give up soon.

The Mantra for fitness or the secret is the “Never Give Up” attitude.

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