7 Natural Food Items to Combat Erectile Dysfunction Problem

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

If you were someone who use to love the bedroom time, but now you fear entering your bedroom because of the abnormality with your genital. You think you won’t be able to be the same “you” with your partner. You fear that she might not love you anymore because of your inability, then don’t worry, this article is especially for you guys. Overthinking about your problem or inability issue could impact your self-esteem, and may lead to depression. So, first and foremost thing which I would like to tell you is you need not worry if you suffer erectile dysfunction. This is because it is one of the most common sexual problem that 27% of males all around the world suffer after or even before marriage. This is not a non-curable disease.

Need to Fix it not Run from It

When it comes to sex and penis, most of the men take things to their ego and masculinity. Let me clear one thing, that if you are not able to perform today that doesn’t mean that you are not a man and would never ever be able to do it again. All you need to identify the cause and then act accordingly.

Reasons that are most common causes for erectile dysfunction are:-

  • Obesity 
  • Alcohol intake
  • smoking
  • Heart problems 
  • Diabetes 
  • Age factor
  • Low stamina

So, before starting with any other natural remedy to fight erectile dysfunction, you need to work out with these problems.

sexual health problems
sexual health problems


Simple solutions to these are:

  • Opt for jogging regularly
  • Do exercise
  • Quit smoking & alcohol
  • Have balanced diet
  • Avoid non-veg & other complex items

A good, balanced diet is not just good for health and immunity, but it can also help you get over a number of health issues including sexual issues. But, I have seen when it comes to sexual strength or problems, people generally prefer to go to doctor without thinking that these problems can be cured with the simple natural food items.

Being a part of body your genitals are also dependent upon what you eat. They also get nutrient from the food you eat. So, a little change in your diet can help you overcome your deficiencies. In fact right eating habits can make you champion in the field. And will also protect you from the side effects and dangers of the drugs.

Erectile dysfunction problem
Erectile dysfunction problem

This problem generally is the outcome of these two things. Either your testosterone levels have reduced or your blood circulation is not appropriate to the genital organ. So, some of the food items that can turn these odds and give you the much desired power again are:


  1. Beetroot:

“Beat the ED with beetroot”. When it comes to the sexual health or problems like erectile dysfunction nothing can help you as much beetroots can. This vegetable is filled with all the nutrients that can help beat the problem in a number of ways. Beets are one of the richest source of nitrates amongst all the food items. This nitrate gets converted to nitrites in mouth and when it reaches stomach, stomach coverts it into nitric oxide. This nitric oxide helps dilate blood vessels and thus improves blood circulation to the genitals. This in turn increases the erection ability of penis and also helps last longer.

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Not just this, beetroot is also famous for its ability to help produce blood cells. This also aids in the existing situation by making more blood available when required. So, what are you waiting for, have a glass of juice of beetroot or have it raw or use it in form of salad daily.


  1. Watermelon:

The much famous fruit known for its ability to behave in the manner similar to the blue pill Viagra, is also known as “Natural Viagra”. Watermelon contains L-citrulline and lycopene in high quantities. Both of these compounds can help in fighting erectile dysfunction. Lycopene helps blood vessels relax, which helps improve blood flow. This in turn helps attain erection and maintain it for longer duration. While on the other hand L-citrulline when eaten, gets converted into arginine (amino acid) which improves testosterone level, which is very good for male sexual health. This arginine also helps make nitric oxide, which further facilitates successful erection.

Watermelon for Sexual Health
Watermelon for Sexual Health

Thus, watermelon has a dual action to fight the erectile dysfunction. And watermelon is the tastiest option you can have to cure your problem. Also you can easily have it daily without any extra efforts. Furthermore, if you don’t like eating watermelon daily, you can also opt for a glass of watermelon juice.


  1. Pomegranate:

No other fruit is as nutritious as pomegranate is, so it has potential to provide your genital with the nutrients it is lagging in. Since ancient times, pomegranates have been considered as a symbol of fertility. A glass of pomegranate juice can boost testosterone levels eventually as it contains Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which is a natural hormone produced by the adrenal glands, which gets converted to testosterone inside body which directly affects the sexual ability and helps fight the erection problems.

pomegranate fuits benefits
pomegranate fuits benefits

Furthermore, pomegranate also contains antioxidants which prevent free radical molecules from disrupting circulation that is the root cause of impotence and erectile dysfunction. Plus, it is yet again known to help blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and removing any type of plaque accumulated on arteries. Thus, pomegranate is one of the best known cure of your erection, all you need to do is just make sure either you have a glass full juice of pomegranate or have at least one pomegranate fruit daily.


  1. Oats:

You may find this quite surprising but these oats which look so powerless, can do wonders with your sexual health. Oats are generally known for their ability to lower the cholesterol levels and fight obesity. But only few would be knowing its ability to strengthen your sexual organs.

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Oats are really high in amino acid called arginine (also found in watermelon). Studies have shown that eating oats on regular basis help free the bound testosterone in blood which means more active testosterones. This one factor is enough to fight the low performance and erection issues. But, it also helps reduce cholesterol levels which helps heart to improve its ability to pump more blood.

The more blood your heart will pump, the more will reach to your genitals and lesser would be the chances of erectile dysfunction. To get the best results you can have oat meal in the breakfast, as an evening snack or even in dinner. All you need to do is, just make sure that you have them regularly.


  1. Pistachios:

Pistachios are often overseen in front of other nuts like almond and walnut. But when it comes to sexual health and specially in erection problem, no other nut can help you as much pistachios can. Pistachios are full of nutrients that can improve sexual ability as well as virility. Pistachios are an excellent source of protein and healthy fats in our diets which contribute to health as well as fight erectile dysfunction.

health benefits of pistachio or pista
health benefits of pistachio or pista

Apart from other nutrients, pistachios are specifically high in L-arginine, which our body converts into nitric oxide. And this nitric oxide in turn relaxes blood vessels and improves blood circulation, which ultimately fights erection problems and even improves libido. Apart from improving blood flow, eating pistachios also help heart. It does that by lowering cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure, which also helps to achieve erection and combat the factors leading to erectile dysfunction.

Studies have shown that eating pistachios continuously for 3 weeks can show improvement in not just erectile dysfunction but also improves the sexual desire and longevity in bed. So, just have a handful of pistachios and see your champ turning into beast again.


  1. Berries:

Berries amongst all food items contain maximum number of antioxidants, due to which berries are always considered good for health. But, you might not be knowing this that berries can also help boost sexual health. They help to fight problems related to sexual health. When I say berry that means any of the berry blueberries, cherries, strawberries, blackberries, and black currants.

Studies have found that the flavonoid found in berries is very good for sexual health. They are really helpful specially to combat conditions like erectile dysfunction. Actually erectile dysfunction is all about blood flow and flavonoids can improve blood pressure. They can improve blood flow, and make our arteries more flexible. This is the reason why eating a handful of berries is considered great for sexual health.

Amazing tasty strawberry health benefits
Amazing tasty strawberry health benefits

You might have also encountered a number of results related to sex where girls eat strawberries. This is the reason why strawberry is considered as a symbol of sex. And I guess eating a handful of berries is the easiest task, knowing they can help you get the erection problem away.

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  1. Tomatoes:

By this time you might have got an idea that whatever helps blood circulation, helps erection. The same is the way in which tomatoes help. Actually tomatoes are exceptionally rich in lycopene (phytonutrient). This phytonutrient (also found in watermelon) helps blood vessels relax, which helps improve blood flow. This in turn helps attain erection and maintain it for longer duration.

There are other fruits also which are a good source of lycopene, but other fruits can interact with any kind of medication and can cause more harms than good. That’s why tomato is given preference over those fruits when it comes to sexual performance. If you don’t like eating tomato, you can get the same benefits from tomato juice, tomato soup, tomato sauce and even ketchups.

Foods that cure ED
Foods that cure ED

Concluding Words

These are the top rated 7 food items, discovered by scientists that can act equal to the drugs used for the same purpose. The main advantage of these food items is that you don’t have to be afraid of the side effects unlike in the case of drugs. Drugs like Viagra or Levitra may increase the blood flow to penis and give you the much required strength for the time. But they have certain side effects like nasal congestion, headache, poor vision, dizziness, upset stomachs and much more.

I can’t force you to have these food items, but before going for any drug give them a trial for 15-20 days. I am sure you will yourself witness the magic and see the odds turning.

And as always, don’t forget to share this piece of information with your friends and loved ones. Problems may come to anyone. And if you want to have some more information over the topic or have some queries you can also right to us in mail.

Eat Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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