Foods You Should Not Have or Avoid During Pregnancy

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Pregnancy is the time when women need to be very much conscious about their diet. No doubt, there are many people in every one’s family and friends who keep suggesting what to eat and what not. But ultimately it’s going to be you who has to remember what to eat and what not to eat. You need to take special care of everything that goes in your mouth and stomach. Your food and diet habits will define your fitness as well as your unborn baby’s health in your womb. If you are not aware of what all things must be eaten in pregnancy either because this is your first or maybe you don’t have anyone around to take care of you, then you need not worry. Today I am going to tell you what all things you have to avoid during pregnancy for coming 9 months.

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avoid during pregnancy
avoid during pregnancy

Even a little carelessness may land you and your baby in a difficult situation, so the best solution is to always stay alert and keep a check on what you are going to eat. There are things that you must be knowing that should be avoided, but there are also food items that you must be thinking are good for health, but during pregnancy a number of changes takes place in body, hence not everything works as usual.

Here’s a list of food items that you are not supposed to eat for coming months whatever may be the situation:


Fruits are always considered good for health no matter what. But, there are some fruits which you should refrain from eating during pregnancy. I have jotted a list of fruits which may be injurious to the health of your unborn baby as well as yours.

a) Papaya:

I have kept papaya at number one spot because since childhood I have heard a lot that papaya must not be eaten in pregnancy, but always wondered, how come a tasty and so beneficial fruit affect baby’s or pregnant women’s health in negative way. I hope many of you might be having the same question in your mind before reading this, so the answer is a big NO. Don’t eat papaya, avoid during pregnancy, until delivery.

Eating papaya has been linked to miscarriage of baby. Not just this, studies have also found that unripe and semi ripe papaya may even lead to the death of baby as they are rich in latex. This latex in papaya can cause pre-mature induction of labour – and thus may induce an abortion or cause abnormalities in the baby. Hence, it must be avoided. No doubt papaya could be beneficial also in a number of ways like keeping constipation and heartburn away, but just to be on a safer side, avoid papaya during pregnancy.

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b) Pineapple:

This one might come as a surprise to you. Pineapple…, yes pineapple has been found to be linked to cause situations of miscarriage. The tasty, and nutritious pineapple, full of nutrients can prove to be a boon to health during pregnancy, but it causes softening of cervix, which leads to early labour. However, it has been found that it can harm in early stages of pregnancy only, but why to take risk. Be 100% sure about whatever you eat.

Actually fresh pineapple contains a protease enzyme known as bromelain which causes abortifacient effects in pregnant ladies. So, it is highly recommended for you to avoid pineapple specially in early stages, but if you are too desperate to eat one, consult your gynecologist first before eating.

foods to avoid during pregnancy
foods to avoid during pregnancy

c) Grape:

Grapes are one fruit which are always in the controversy whether they should be eaten during pregnancy or not. Some medical practitioners suggest not eat whereas some suggest to eat. Majority is with former suggestion. Main reason behind saying no is that it causes heat in the body which is harmful for both baby and mother. Second is the resveratrol present in grapes. It may cause toxicity to expected mother.

So I would suggest you to avoid something which could be even 1% harmful to your baby or you, because same nutrients could be reaped from other food items also. Or else, if you want to have them I will suggest you to better consult your gynecologist before taking any decision on grapes during pregnancy.

 d) Pomegranate:

Here is the last one in the list, but not the least. Being referred to as a “Superfruit”, pomegranate is a fruit with maximum number of nutrients found in any fruit, but yet their consumption is found to be dangerous during the pregnancy. Even in ancient times, pomegranate seeds were used as abortifacient and now even studies back this. Studies have shown that pomegranate have contraceptive effects and one should avoid during pregnancy. It causes contraction of uterine which may cause serious hazard like abortion, when consumed in early stages of pregnancy.

This contraction-stimulating property of pomegranate is because of the seeds inside it, so if you consume pomegranate with seeds during pregnancy, chances are that you may end up with miscarriage. So, I would suggest you to avoid eating pomegranate for this short duration, once the baby is born, after that you can have it in whatever quantity you like.


Beverages to Avoid During Pregnancy:

All women have to make lifestyle changes during pregnancy or when they are planning to become pregnant. Starting from your favorite coffee to beer or any form of alcohol should be totally refrained.

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Avoid alcohol during pregnancy
Avoid alcohol during pregnancy

a) Alcohol (Beer/Whisky):

Alcohol is not even recommended to be consumed in daily routine because of the side effects it leaves to your health, then it must be avoided fully in pregnancy at least. It affect the unborn baby for longer than it affects you. Even from the very start of your pregnancy, alcohol can have serious and permanent consequences.

Studies have shown that if consumed during pregnancy, the baby becomes the victim of it, it may cause to develop certain abnormalities in the baby. The abnormalities may cause restricted growth, facial abnormalities or even permanent brain damage in a number of cases. Hence it is highly recommended to avoid any form of alcohol during pregnancy.

b) Caffeine:

This is going to be the biggest thing that I am going to ask from you. Anything that contains caffeine should be avoided (including your favorite coffee). You must be wondering how? The answer is here. When you drink tea, coffee, or any other beverage containing caffeine, your body digests it but your baby’s body take time to process this caffeine. And chances are, if you drink more coffee or tea during pregnancy than you give birth to baby who were small for their gestational age. So avoid during pregnancy.

Furthermore, during pregnancy your body’s ability also goes down to digest caffeine. Which means caffeine stays for longer duration in body and this caffeine resists your body to absorb iron – the much required nutrient during pregnancy essential for healthy you and baby.

non veg food to avoid during pregnancy
non veg food to avoid during pregnancy


By the term non-veg here I refer to complete category of non-veg (raw meat, sea food, poultry) including eggs. During pregnancy your body is at high risk of bacterial food poisoning compared to when you are not. So it is better to avoid non-veg food during pregnancy at least because when compared to veg food, or any other form of food non-veg is more susceptible to bacteria stimulation.

Plus, seafood contains high amount of mercury, older the seafood more is the content of mercury on it. It may even kill you and your baby as well. It directly damages the nervous system of baby and causes poisonous affect inside humans. While eggs on the other hand carry salmonella bacteria, which is harmful and one should avoid during pregnancy. It may develop situations of high cholesterol, food poisoning and conditions which makes the baby uncomfortable inside womb and susceptible to a number of diseases.


Smoking :

I know this is quite obvious, and many of you won’t be a smoker, but this is for the remaining readers who smoke and specially to the husbands of pregnant women’s to show that how even their company could affect their baby’s health. Smoke of the cigarette contains more than 4000 chemicals and none of them is good for you or your baby. Smoke of cigarette causes various adverse effect on baby. Most common of them are premature birth. If pregnant women smokes during pregnancy there are more chances that baby will be born underweight. Risk of stillbirth is almost double during pregnancy.

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Smoking not only affects the lungs of pregnant women but it has adverse effect on lungs of baby also. There might be chances that baby may spend few weeks after birth on artificial respiratory system. Even when they start respiration by their own they may continue to have breathing problems like asthma. So, don’t just avoid smoking, avoid the company of smokers also because active or passive both smoking have same effect.


Final Words

These are the four special food categories that you need to take care now. I know this might develop a feeling of fear inside you that if by chance you eat one, as 9 months is not a shorter duration. So, don’t worry, just note these food items somewhere in your cell phone and whenever you go for eating check and eat. Because in the end it’s only you who can make a difference.

Apart from everything don’t forget to smile. Because, you are going through the best days of your life. Pregnancy has been termed as the best period of a women’s life knowing that in today’s date 25% women are not able to get pregnant because of many possible reasons.

And don’t feel shy to ask any sort of queries related to your pregnancy, we’ll definitely solve your queries and help you in every turn of pregnancy. And don’t forget to share it with your loved ones who are sharing the same phase of life.


Eat Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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