Foods Help Boost Sex Drive in Both Males and Females

Mankind has looked for ways for many years to improve their sexual experience, and that also includes trying to discover the best foods for sex. It is said that any healthy food is good for sex, but certain items are beneficial for better sex. One must keep in mind that alcohol is bad for a healthy sex life. It may increase desire, but it decreases performance. There are plenty of foods and drinks that can boost sex drive, including walnuts, strawberries, almonds, watermelon, and coffee. 


8 Foods that Boost Sex Drive and Are Great For Sex Stamina

  1. Avocados 

Folic acid and vitamin B6 are both necessary for a healthy sex life and a lasting drive. Folic acid increases the energy in the body, and vitamin B6 stabilizes the hormones. 


regain sexual stamina
regain sexual stamina
  1. Watermelon

Watermelon helps in improving erection, and it also increases libido. It also contains citrulline that releases amino acids and arginine in the body that is responsible for vascular health. 


  1. Walnuts

Walnuts help in improving the quality of sperm. It is also known to improve the movement, shape, and vitality of the sperm. You can include walnuts in your diet to improve fertility. 


  1. Strawberries

Strawberries are loaded with zinc, and it is essential for both men and women. In men, zinc controls the testosterone level that is responsible for producing sperm. In women, if they have a high level of zinc, so their bodies prepare for sex more easily. It is crucial for men to load up with zinc in their body as it reduces during intercourse


  1. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate releases endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood. It doesn’t improve libido, but it helps to boost your mood and desire for sex. 

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dark-chocolate-helps-prevent heart problems and stroke issues
dark-chocolate-helps-prevent heart problems and stroke issues


  1. Saffron 

Saffron is a natural aphrodisiac. It can boost stamina and energy, and it should be consumed to improve sex drive and performance in bed. 


  1. Coffee

Coffee can stimulate the brain to increase arousal. It is a stimulant, hence boosts your sex drive. 


  1. Steak

Steak contains zinc, vitamin B, iron, and protein that is essential for both men and women to improve their libido. Steak is a great food to boost your sex drive. 


Foods to Boost Libido

Foods that can help people improve their libido are also known as aphrodisiacs. Oysters are one of the most famous aphrodisiacs in history because of the zinc content.

 Zinc is a mineral that the body needs every day to perform vital functions, like cell metabolism, stamina, and regulating levels of testosterone. 

healthy sex tips, sexual health
healthy sex tips, sexual health

Testosterone is the most essential male sex hormone. Oysters have the highest amount of zinc than any other food per serving. There are also other foods with high zinc levels. For example

  1. Crab
  2. Red meat 
  3. Pine nuts
  4. Fortified breakfast cereal 
  5. Lobster 

Sexual desire is complex and has to do with other factors also other than just nutrition, such as an individual’s relationship, stress level, and personal preference. No one’s sex life remains constant throughout. It is quite natural to experience ups and lows in sex life. However, health officials agree that certain foods and dietary changes can help in improvement.


Foods for Circulation and Sex Stamina 

The circulatory system is very essential to be in good working order for sexual health. Better circulation can lead to improved sexual health in both men and women. Cardiac health is also critical for stamina. Also, if the food is good for the heart, it is good for a person’s sex life. Below is the list of recommended diet that is good for circulation and stamina

  1. A wide range of fruits and vegetables
  2. Olive oil and sunflower oil 
  3. Seafood
  4. Nuts 
  5. Whole grains and fiber 
  6. Legumes 


sexually attracted copule, sexual health
sexually attracted copule, sexual health


Foods to Help Maintain an Erection 

When a person has difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, doctors called it erectile dysfunction (ED). There are a few factors that contribute to ED are:

  • Depression, stress and anxiety.
  • Problems with blood flowing and staying in the penis.
  • Damage to nerve centers in the penis. 
  • Side effects of medication, and other medical treatments.
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boost sex drive and libido
boost sex drive and libido

Eating fruits is a good way to reduce the risk of ED. The flavonoid content of many fruits may be responsible for improvement. 

 Foods and drinks rich in flavonoids include:

  • Grapes
  • Citrus Fruits 
  • Apples 
  • Berries 
  • Red Wine
  • Tea
  • Cocoa Products 
  • Hot Peppers


Libido: All that you Need to Know

When it comes to improving your sex life, it makes sense to take measures for sexual wellness. Whether you want to increase your sex desire, resolve premature ejaculation, or just want to increase stamina in the bed, foods that boost libido can help. So, what exactly is libido?

Libido refers to a person’s overall sexual desire or desire for sexual activity. For some, the urge can be very strong, and for others, it can be the average range or low range. However, comparing isn’t usually healthy. We all have unique sex drives. There are a variety of factors that can affect male and female libido.

  1. Social factors, like relationships at work or home.
  2. Psychological factors, such as stress.
  3. Lifestyle factors like diet and exercise. 
  4. Age (the older we get, the less sex drive we have)
  5. Self-image.


Can Food Increase your Libido?

First of all, healthy food is essential for your body to perform activities, including sex. Consuming healthy food results in an optimal circulatory system. Improved health leads to great sexual stamina. Sex first starts in the mind. A healthy diet allows you to think clearly and also helps you to manage mental health. Natural food is a great way to increase libido. 


sex stamina and sex drive in females
sex stamina and sex drive in females

Foods to Boost Libido in Men and Women

  1. Fatty fish

High in vitamin B6 and protein, consuming fatty fish leads to healthier blood production. Only a few foods offer so much protein at low-level calories which means a leaner physique which is better during sex.


  1. Pumpkin seeds

Rich in zinc, iron, fiber, protein, and potassium, pumpkin seeds are one of the best foods for libido improvement. Also, zinc helps to improve eye health, immune function, and wound healing. It is especially good for men. 

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  1. Pomegranates 

Consumption of pomegranates juice helps in increasing testosterone levels in both men and women. It also enhances blood flow, thereby improving libido.


  1. Red Wine

Red wine helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases, and sexual function may also be improved by consuming it. But, keep in mind that consuming too much wine could have the opposite effect on your libido. 

sex life and sex drive in males
sex life and sex drive in males
  1. Garlic 

Garlic has a high level of allicin, which helps with blood flow. Increased blood flow helps men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction and can boost sex drive. 



Overall Outlook

Sex drive in males and females further depend on many other factors. However, the food does play a crucial role. If you eat the right food, you won’t need external help or over the counter medications for a better sex drive. We have listed almost all the significant foods that help boost sex drive in both, males and females.

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