Himalaya FootCare Cream; The Solution To Your Feet Problems

Last Updated on June 25th, 2020

We are all aware of the cracked heels problem and ladies are the main victims to this issue due to their soft toned heels. According to a survey almost 80% of the people are suffering from feet related problems and majority of those are very common, like cracked, dry and rough heels skin problems. These rough and cracked heels can be very painful to deal with. There are many reasons behind these problems, like walking bare foot, bacterial infection, overweight, improper washing of the feet, hard water wash, wearing tight footwear, not wearing socks with shoes, keeping feet in detergent water for too long etc.


There are many ways to tackle these problems. But the best way to deal with cracked or dry heels is by using a foot Care Cream with herbal or medicinal properties. And Himalaya FootCare Cream Is what comes to our mind when we talk about herbal and we have been using this cream for a very long time now and it has given us really quick and wonderful results. The fragrance of the cream is very soothing. And the Himalaya FootCare Cream will be a wonderful gift for you this winter season and let’s find out why.

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The Himalaya foot care cream is composed of all the natural ingredients including Honey and turmeric powder, which are considered to be the healer elements of nature.

himalaya natural cream for healthy feet
himalaya natural cream for healthy feet

This cream is an herbal component enriched with the goodness of Honey, Turmeric, Fenugreek seeds and Sal Tree extract. Each of these ingredients has its own role in making your feet look smooth and soft.


  • Sal Tree extract fights skin diseases and its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties help heal cracked heels.
  • Honey, with its bactericidal and antiseptic properties, is extremely important such situations. Also it is most effective moisturizing agent.
  • Turmeric is known for its antiseptic properties. The herb also contains strong anti-inflammatory properties, which soothe your feet gently.
  • Fenugreek is again an excellent moisturizer, specially formulated to hydrate dry skin.
  • Ginger is used externally as a local circulatory stimulant which keeps the feet warm, preventing the skin from cracking due to the cold.
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himalaya foot care cream for healthy feet
himalaya foot care cream for healthy feet

The herbal properties in Himalaya foot care cream make it one of the best creams for all your common foot or heel problems. No more cracked or dry heels this holiday season. Give your feet the care it deserves.


Use Natural…!! Stay Healthy…!!


Like all my earlier posts, I always suggest home remedies to my readers. But, this time it’s different as Himalaya FootCare Cream has been in my family for a very long time and I think there’s no better remedy for cracked or dry heels than this cream.  It’s easily available in the market and is cost effective. Despite all the other FootCare creams that are available in market, Himalaya FootCare Cream is totally natural and does not have any side effects and I’ll strongly recommend you to go and grab one for yourself.

Have A Happy Healthy Feet !!

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