Formula for the Road Safety of School Children

A school kid won’t know what is best for him, but parents would definitely know. Kids are naughty and why shouldn’t they be. This is the age of being naughty and creative. But, with this, comes a responsibility on the parents and elders of making sure that the children are safe as well. Daily we hear about mishaps happening due to various reasons. The main reason being not taking necessary safety precautions, which is not the fault of any single person or entity. This can always be avoided and better ways can be adopted to avoid such situations.


For parents what matters the most is the safety of their child when he is away in school. Delay in transport due to traffic or any other practical problem can stimulate the situation of panic in the minds of the parents. To avoid this, a trust of being in safer hands needs to be developed. Everyone needs to contribute in creating awareness about road safety. Safety of the school children is our responsibility and we need to take this seriously as they are the bright future of India.

Along with educating the drivers, we need to educate the children as well about the importance of road safety and best practices to follow while they are on a bus or on the road.

This will ensure safer travel for school kids. They need to know the Do’s and Don’ts that will help him/her learn about proper behavior in the school bus.


do's and don'ts for road safety of children
do’s and don’ts for road safety of children


Tata Motors is engaged in a Safe Travel Program that is an initiative to safer school bus travel. As a part of the initiative, they have conducted training sessions in various schools across India and trained more than 50,000 bus staff members. Conducting sessions on safer road practices that include messages on how to give students a safer drive to and fro school or home.

They talk about behavior with parents, Etiquette and Manners, responsibilities, positive attitude and avoiding misconduct.

Provides a deeper insight into many safety measures that should be taken to ensure a safer travel for kids on buses, rickshaws or any conveyance.

They cover topics like “How to communicate properly”, “Why to focus on road while traveling”, “How to take care of kids and school children while on the bus or on the road” and much more.


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LAST:-Learn, Apologize, Sorry and Thank you. This is the formula for the drivers that have been brought up by Tata Motors in their #SchoolBusSafety Campaign.


Recently I attended one such session by Tata Motors in Delhi where they called out the transport staff, teacher, bus operators and parents to explain to them about the required road safety measures and best practices to follow. They actively called out all the drivers, conductors, transport department staff members, and school authorities to guide them and show them what needs to be done for ensuring safer school buses and roads.


They transferred the knowledge in the form of games that were played on the spot. Games like Chinese whisper, Grab the bottle, take the name toss the ball etc. were played conveying the message of “proper communication required”, “taking full responsibility for safe transport”, “complete attention on roads is required” respectively.


tata motors road safety initiative
tata motors road safety initiative

Gifts were distributed to the players who were answering the questions correctly to motivate them. The overall experience was really good and inculcated the motive of spreading these further.


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It was good to see drivers and transport authority taking keen interest in the workshops and different event games. Drivers and other staff shared their experiences and feelings with the rest of the staff members. They told how much it hurt them if a child goes through any pain or problem while traveling with them. Transport folks always make sure that the children reach home safely. To ensure the safety of children they were ready to learn the best practices that should be followed, which inspired me the most.


But they are not the only drivers in the life of the children. Parents are also the driver in different forms. While the bus drivers  drive a vehicle, parents drive the thoughts, manners, attitude and behavior of the children. They drive them through the tough times as well as good times. They drive them through various learning and make them independent and strong. Parents should also give them the learning on how to travel safely. They should also teach them the do’s and don’ts to be followed while traveling on the roads, getting in or out of a bus, talking with the transport staff, following the road rules etc. This will make sure they never get into any troublesome situation.

With the same motive I decided to share it here and spread the awareness. I hope we all can contribute to this in one way or the other.

Let’s Take a Pledge to ensure safety of children on road or any transport. Together we need to spread the message of road safety and best road practices.


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Drive safely since nothing is more precious than life itself.


I’ll be happy to know your take on the importance of safe travel in the comments section below.


You can share your views and opinions in the comment section below. If you’re a parent and you wish your kid’s school gets to attend such a session, get in touch with Tata Motors via this link :- Tata Motors Road Safety.

Join this initiative on Facebook and stay updated with the Hamare Bus ki Baat hai program.

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