Fulfilling The Nutritional Needs of Your Body

Last Updated on December 24th, 2020

The human body is an incredibly complicated machine. There are so many intricate parts that work in harmony to keep our body functional, and us alive. A machine as complex as our body requires plenty of care in order to ensure that it doesn’t wear out too quickly. This care comes in many forms; physical exercise, mental exercise, and healthy eating being just a few. Healthy eating is a really important form of bodily care. The human body requires energy in order to function and a plethora of nutrition in order to keep itself in great shape.

An average humans needs a combination of fibre, proteins, vitamins, carbs, and minerals in order to keep themselves functional. All of these nutrients are obtained from a single source; the food that we eat. Now, that is a lot of variety that we have to get into our bodies through a single source. This is why it is important to eat healthy. Healthy eating means consuming food items that provide your body with a mix of all the essential nutrients we listed above. Healthy eating sounds pretty simple, but unfortunately, many of us are very bad at making sure that we eat healthily. This is due to a number of reasons. There are loads of low quality ingredients available in the market that aren’t nutritive enough. There are also easier to consume food options that come loaded with bad carbs and sugars.

green foods for healthy eating
green foods for healthy eating

Basically, modern society makes healthy eating difficult. As a result, many of us have a hard time meeting our bodies’ nutritive requirements properly. Once the human body fails to get the right type and amount of nutrition, a variety of problems can begin occurring. An online meal service such as ActivEats can really help you plan a healthy diet and stick to it. Or you can always learn how to make healthy meals by yourself.

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Ensuring that you do not fall victim to any nutrition deficiency is a multi-step process. It starts with you getting rid of all junk and processed food from your diet. This will make sure that you sop consuming harmful substances that do a number on your body. Once you have gotten rid of junk food, you begin filling in this gap with more beneficial foods. We’re going to list a number of food items that are loaded with useful nutrients.

Foods that comprise of Healthy eating are :-


For proteins, there are a number of vegan and non-vegan options that one can choose from. If you are a meat eater then red meats and white meats are a superb source of proteins. The quality of meat depends on how it was raised. As someone who is health conscious, you would want to make sure that your meat comes from grass fed, free range animals. Eggs are another source of protein as well. You can have it with the yolk or without it.

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If meat is not an option for you then you can find a plethora of proteins in other sources as well. There is research that suggests that a plant based diet can easily provide you with the same level of protein as a meat based one. In fact, even if you are not strictly vegetarian, meat should be eaten sparingly. Excessive consumption of meat is bad for the heart and it also increases the likelihood of developing cancer.

healthy eating food items
healthy eating food items


Fibre is an essential nutrient that aids in our body’s ability to digest food. It can be sourced from leafy greens, fruits, pulses and grains, and a number of other sources as well. Leafy greens are a better source for fibre since they are also packed with a number of beneficial nutrients.  For people who want to avoid gluten, they can substitute wheat flour with something like almond flour or arrowroot flour.


We humans have a love hate relationship with carbs. We need them since they flood our bodies with energy, but they also have the ability to make us fat. Carbs should be taken in moderation, and from healthy sources. Starchy vegetables should be your go to source for carbs. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are both superb examples. These can be added to a large variety of meals for a quick burst of healthy carbs.

Vitamins And Minerals

Vitamins and minerals can be found abundantly in natural sources. Fruits, vegetables, and even other food items such as meats can provide you with a variety of vitamins and minerals. A great thing about fruits is that they can also be used to take care of one’s sugar cravings. Sugar cravings can make switching over to a healthier diet really tough. A bowl or two of fruits can help cull these cravings and provide your body with a burst of beneficial nutrition at the same time.

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