Gamma Knife – Safer Alternative to the Brain Surgery

Last Updated on August 31st, 2022


Interventions on the brain require special skills and caution from brain surgeons like Dr Timothy Steel because every millimeter of brain tissue is vital. Specialists need to destroy a pathological formation and spare surrounding healthy tissues at the same time. Gamma knife radiosurgery is a suitable option for patients with neoplasms, aneurysms or vascular malformations in the functionally significant brain zones, when damaging healthy cerebral tissue can lead to neurological deficit. It is connected with fewer side effects and is safer when compared to conventional interventions. 

When Gamma knife application is the most beneficial

Choosing eligible for the intervention patients is essential as it guarantees beneficial treatment results. Indications include such pathologies:

  • Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) located in the hard-to-reach brain and spinal cord regions.
  • Vascular brain tumors (e.g. hemangioma, hemangioblastoma).
  • Tumor of pituitary gland (pituitary adenoma) and other benign brain tumors.
  • Malignant brain tumors (e.g. glial tumors, melanoma).
  • Metastases of other malignancies in the brain.
  • Metastases of other malignancies in the head and neck region.
  • Neuromas of the facial and acoustic nerves.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia and other functional nerve disorders.
  • Spinal neuromas.
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Gamma knife is often used for the metastatic brain cancer treatment in Germany. This is the only intervention that allows precise metastases destroying with relatively low risks of neurologic complications.

Other potential field of application is therapy of the essential tremor by means of radiofrequency thalamotomy. This can also be beneficial for patients with Parkinson’s disease and traumatic brain injury.

Alternative to the Brain Surgery
Alternative to the Brain Surgery

Advantages of Gamma knife surgery

Radiosurgery attracts patients due to the following significant advantages:

  • No need in skull opening or even performing general anesthesia. This leads to minimal trauma and complications risks.
  • Localization of the pathologic formation is determined by high-precision MRI. Thus, irradiation of the healthy cerebral tissue is minimal.
  • In addition, lower dose of irradiation is required due to the precise targeting of the beam.
  • Preserving or restoring nerve function in patients with nerve neoplasms, e.g. preserving face sensitivity in patients with the facial nerve affection.
  • No need in interrupting systemic medications intake, which is crucial for patients with severe concomitant pathology.
  • Single-session treatment, which can often be outpatient.
  • Absent or mild pain syndrome in the post-procedure period.
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Where a patient can undergo Gamma knife treatment

Systems for the Gamma knife procedure are available only in the best hospitals worldwide as such equipment is high-value, requires special service and training of personnel. Germany was the first country in Europe that has implemented this method into the clinical practice. Thus, it is not surprising that the most famous and successful Gamma knife centers are located here now. These are:

  • Gamma Knife and Radiotherapy Center Krefeld.
  • The Gamma Knife and Radiotherapy Center Hannover.
  • Gamma Knife Center in the University Hospital RWTH Aachen.

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