More Power on wrist with Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Smartwatch

Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

The Garmin Fenix 6S Pro is the little watch in Garmin’s newest Fenix 6 series, yet don’t let the small size fool you. The GPS watch is as rugged and slimmer and lighter as its bigger siblings. The Garmin Fenix goes about 20 versions – and the Fenix 6S is the smallest of all. While a chunky build is synonymous with the Garmin Fenix, the Fenix 6S shrinks everything down into a more wearable package – although at $599 it’s despite everything as much as possible for a sports watch. It’s positively the best Garmin Fitness smartwatch for women and similarly perfect for any individual who believes that the bigger size of Fenix watches is looking massive on the wrist.

The Fenix series was designed to be vigorous and withstand the brutal components of great outdoors – it’s intended to get sloppy, slammed around, great outdoors and endured temperatures. Also, the Fenix 6 is the best Garmin watch which has ever delivered for doing as such. One of the most relevant updates is to Fenix 6’s heart rate sensor. Already, you needed to buy an extra chest lash to follow your heart rate while swimming.

However, Garmin has figured out how to change the sensor so it would now be able to measure heart rate underwater. Utilizing GPS was a doddle, initiating immediately after hitting the beginning action the following catch, with a “GPS connected” message springing up following some moments. Concerning charging – that is generally quick, as well, taking under three hours to fill the battery from totally flat.

Yet, is the Fenix 6S still worthy sports watch and are there amends made to empower this littler form? Let’s find out.

garmin fenix 6s pro reviews
garmin fenix 6s pro reviews

Garmin Fenix 6S Pro key highlights:

  • 1.2-inch
  • 42mm case size
  • 240 x 240 pixels
  • 61g
  • Six information fields
  • 20mm lash
  • Nine days smartwatch
  • 25 hours GPS
  • 50 hours Max Battery following
  • Heart rate Ox, altimeter, gauge, compass
  • Heart rate, VO2 Max
  • TOPO mapping
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Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Review

The Fenix 6 Pro has enhanced a couple of main features, similar to battery execution and screen size, all the while not expanding the overall physical size or weight of the watch. The F6 Pro is likewise thinner than the F5+ (14.7 mm versus 15.8 mm).

The screen size has been moved up to 1.3″ from the F5+’s 1.2″ just as the resolution of the screen. The additional screen space effectively used while showing six data fields in running mode.

The internal memory is twice as large as it was in the Fenix 5 Plus (32 GB instead of the F5+’s 16 GB), which comes convenient when you need to store music on the Garmin Fenix 6S Pro, which you can by matching up tunes from Spotify (or Deezer and so forth). After uploading your running playlist, you can hook attach it with a Bluetooth headset, and off you go.

Battery life has radically improved to the diverse battery modes that can lengthen the battery life as long as 46 days. This mode is called ‘Expedition’ to ensure we understand who the objective market for this purpose is.

Swimmers and triathlon athletes will cheer to discover that the Garmin Fenix 6S Pro would now be able to learn heart rate on your wrist even underwater. The precision isn’t as high as utilizing a chest strap, however adequate for most.

garmin smartwatch review
garmin smartwatch review

Subtle design changes to improve things

What’s inside the watch may have changed but the natural looks are flawless on the Fenix 6S Pro. The organization stayed with its traditional 5-button design and rough fibre-fortified polymer casing; it closely resembles a Garmin watch.

To safeguard the display, Garmin got rid of the chemically-strengthened glass material and replaced it with Gorilla Glass 3. However, you currently can pick between Gorilla Glass 3 and the more costly sapphire crystal for their display lens material. Sapphire is that which is on exclusive watches and is an ample tougher material. If you much of the time scrapes up your watches while outdoors, the sapphire model is worth shelling.

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Pacing Like a Pro

Garmin included new fitness features; however, it likewise moved existing features, similar to body battery and preparing load focus, to the six series. What you end up with is a balanced watch that does nearly everything.

New to the Fenix 6 Series is a feature called PacePro, which is a digital version of pace groups worn by marathoners and other long-distance runners. Rather than physically figuring split times and target paces for every mile or lap in a course, the Garmin Connect application does it for you. The best part is that the app looks at the distance as well as thinks about rising while deciding your pace and split times.

Fenix 6S running and trekking

There’s no distinction in the running tracking – or any games from that issue – from the primary Fenix 6. It’s outstanding amongst other running watches available. You can have up to six pages of data to cycle through – all set up from the watch itself.

Reports incorporate pace, distance-time data – yet also lap data, rhythm, heart rate, zones and more. It’s a top running experience, yet the same as top-end Forerunners as mentioned.

We saw GPS accuracy as a first-class over a scope of tests and certified races.

garmin smartwatch 6s pro
garmin smartwatch 6s pro

Fitness tracking

As a fitness tracker, you’re getting basic step counting, sleep monitoring and throughout the day stress tracking. What’s more, you have Garmin fitness tracker staples like its Move Bar, Body Battery energy monitor, and adaptive auto step objectives to offer more inspiration.

It’s probably the complete fitness tracking experience out there and more outfitted to sports darlings than, state, Fitbit or Apple. If you’re a lively person then step counts may mean almost no to you, so it’s pleasant than Garmin’s Fenix fitness tracking goes beyond the basics.

The sleep tracking experience is additionally detailed and can utilize the heart rate Ox feature to screen your breathing, just as a heart rate in profound, light and REM sleep stages. It’s probably the most data-rich rest sleep tracking we’ve utilized – however, there’s very little analysis or important/reasonable information.

garmin fenix 6s pro smartwatch
garmin fenix 6s pro smartwatch

Quick verdict

The question remains: would it be advisable for you to purchase the Garmin Fenix 6S Pro?

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Much of the time, the definite answer is a yes. If you are thinking about purchasing a multi-sport fitness smartwatch, the Garmin F6 Pro will cover the vast majority of your fitness tracking needs and more.

The build quality of the Garmin Fenix 6S Pro is excellent. It feels premium, and although it is lighter and thinner than the Fenix 5 Plus, the screen is good with a higher resolution. The big screen used effectively with up to six different stats showed real-time when you run.

The Garmin Fenix 6S Pro is the best fitness smartwatch and recommended strongly. The tested version is a bit higher on the significant side to be the go-to decision for runners. For that reason, pick in for the Titanium version which is lighter, or the Garmin Forerunner 945, if you need a more luminous running watch with similar functionality. Garmin Fenix 6S Pro has fall detection that spots when you fall and inform others. Without a doubt Garmin Fenix 6S Pro is the best fitness smartwatch you can buy.

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