German Hospitals Guide: How to Choose the Right Healthcare Institution

Germany is one of the most popular destinations among the medical travelers. German healthcare institutions offer precise diagnosis making, unique surgical procedures with high success rates, shorter period of the inpatient stay and improving life quality during rehabilitation programs.

The country is also famous for prompt implementation of the innovative drugs and equipment into the clinical practice. Here, results of clinical trials are not “stored”, but work for the benefit of patients. Quality of the healthcare services is controlled at the state level.

Types of German healthcare facilities

Total number of the healthcare institutions in Germany exceeds 2100. It is quite natural, as over 11% of the country’s GDP are invested annually into the development of healthcare sector. Depending on the situation, you can receive medical help in:

  1. University or academic hospitals, multidisciplinary medical institutions that combine clinical practice with scientific research and clinical trials.
  2. Municipal or general hospitals, also multidisciplinary centers, although they may have a narrower range of clinical specialties. The main difference is that municipal clinics do not serve as the training base for medical students.
  3. Private praxes, typically smaller and more specialized (e.g. in cancer treatment, proton therapy, joint replacement surgery) clinics.
treatment and cost in health care institutions
treatment and cost in health care institutions

TOP hospitals – world’s statistics

At the end of each working year German hospitals demonstrate annual qualification report that includes data on results of their scientific and practical work. As a rule, the most favorable results in terms of treatment success are shown by:

  1. The Charite University Hospital, Berlin.
  2. The University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.
  3. The University Hospital Frankfurt am Main.
  4. The University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich.
  5. The University Hospital Halle (Saale).

International patients can receive medical treatment in these leading healthcare institutions along with German citizens.

Cost of treatment – how to estimate it?

Since the 1st January 2004 all German clinics are obliged by law to adjust prices for medical services in accordance with the DRG (Diagnosis-Related Groups) pricing system. The related German law (SGB 5) states that the DRG pricing system is applicable to all patients, irrespective of their insurance company or country of origin.

Basically, the total sum in the final calculation depends on the following:

  • Patient’s age.
  • Type of the medical condition.
  • Presence of comorbidities.
  • Required diagnostic procedures.
  • Required therapy.
  • Duration of a hospital stay.
  • Type of the room (single, double, VIP).

However, it should be noted that cost estimates reflect the approximate treatment prices. There can be substantial differences based on the preferred treatment type, menu, and accommodation.

health care facility and treatment in germany
health care facility and treatment in germany

Arrangement of treatment for the foreign patients

When planning to receive treatment in the German hospitals as an international patient, it is better to contact Booking Health. Booking Health is certified medical tourism operator and official partner of German hospitals. Aim of the company is to facilitate receiving treatment abroad for patients with the diverse medical conditions.

Booking Health will help you in such aspects:

  • Choosing the best academic or general hospital.
  • Establishing communication with treating physician.
  • Preparing basic diagnostic or medical program in advance.
  • Providing favorable costs, excluding overpricing (saving up to 50%).
  • Booking the appointment date.
  • Additional independent monitoring of the medical program.
  • Communication with the clinic after the program completion.
  • Arrangement of control tests, if necessary.
  • High-level organizational services: booking accommodation and plane tickets, transfer.

Leave the request with the health and contact information on the Booking Health website, and preparation to your medical trip will start the same day.



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