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Last Updated on February 23rd, 2022

Gigi Hadid is one of the greatest model of all times. She has set a new milestone in the field of modeling by breaking a number of records. She is in the news all-around the year. Often considered as “The Supermodel“, she has walked for various brands including Guess, Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger. Adding to the golden feather to her crown she even walked Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show thrice in a row which is a really huge achievement.


Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid


Sometimes I wonder what is more in the news, her Instagram feeds, her tousled blond waves, her super cute face or her boyfriend Zayn Malik (which is by the way official now). She is always on the go. Year 2017 is the third consecutive year when she walked for Victoria’s Secret and trust me this is really a big achievement if you’ll ask any aspiring model. It’s never easy to win those wings, you have to earn those with your hard work and continuous learning and improvisation.

As they say the early you start the further you go. Born on 23 April 1995 in Los Angeles, California, United States, Gigi was scouted for modeling at a tender age of 2 for Guess. She is the daughter of Yolanda Hadid (who was also a model) but now divorced with her husband due to some disputes. Her sister Bella Hadid is also one of the top rated models having won best model awards.


Gigi Hadid Instagram
Gigi Hadid Instagram


It is hard to pin point just one characteristic of Gigi which makes her so attractive and absolutely ravishing. For me it is the rock hard abs which are quite visible from the crop tops and low hung jeans. Let’s checkout her latest vital stats which are the talk of the town.


Gigi Hadid Vital Stats:


Gigi Hadid Vital Stats
Gigi Hadid Vital Stats

Height: 5’10” or 179 cm


Weight: 57 kg or 125 lbs


Breast Size: 35 inches


Waist: 25 inches


Hips Size: 35 inches


Dress Size: 4 (US)


Shoe Size: 8 (US)


A complete hourglass figure that she has managed to achieve at this age, I sometimes wonder she will definitely create a new milestone in creating a figure which nobody could achieve.

In the beginning of her career, she was continuously criticized for being fat for a model. It is onerous to believe that after seeing her physique right now but yes she was slut shammed.

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Gigi Hadid Latest look
Gigi Hadid Latest look


She has earned all this with her rigorous workout which she even follows till date and often states that this is the best learning of her life. So let’s take a look at her workout regime which has helped her achieve what she is today.


Gigi Hadid Workout Routine:


She is a fitness freak now and loves to workout in a gym with her personal trainer – Rob Piela.

Gigi Hadid Lifestyle
Gigi Hadid Lifestyle

Being extremely sporty in nature has worked in her favor. She believes in not just being skinny but physically fit as well, since such is the requirement of her long work assignments. It’s really hard to survive as a model if you ain’t physically fit, because one complete modelling session may last for up to 10 hours including makeup and ramp walk to closing ceremony. And the worst part is you can’t eat anything in between.


Gigi along opts for a 4 Hour long session in gym everyday. According to Gigi, these workout sessions are more of a stress buster in her long working schedule. She tries to incorporate new exercise regimes to manage boredom and enjoy a new workout. Rob has often opted for an out of the box regime from boxing to weight lifting, he always gives Hadid with something new which is not just to avoid boredom but something that actually gives results. 


Gigi Hadid Gym Exercise:


Some of the most loved workouts of Gigi in gym are as below:



The most difficult form of exercise is planks. But Gigi loves the challenges given by Rob while doing planks. She is an absolute lover of planks. Planks help her maintain those super hard abs. She has now built so much stamina that now she can hold her position for more than 10 minutes in a row which is a record time in itself. You will surely realize her strength when you will try planks yourself.


Gigi Hadid Workout
Gigi Hadid Workout


Jump Rope:

She also lays her hand on jump rope to tone down those perfect legs. The jump rope is actually a cardio training. But Gigi believes that there is no better way to slim legs and my-my we all know she is quite right! Plus, there is a significant importance of cardio in maintaining a perfect figure with fitness.


Gigi Hadid Boxing
Gigi Hadid Boxing


Gigi loves boxing. According to her the best thing about boxing is that while you are in the ring you tend to forget that you are exercising. Boxing helps her maintain her core which is absolutely essential.

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It also helps her to warm up before starting actual workout exercises. She starts with 10 minutes of boxing to warm up her core to gain further strength, and then she jumps into workout sessions.

Gigi is so much into boxing that she has become official brand ambassador Adidas boxing apparels and gears.




These are an absolutely essential part of all core exercise. Gigi too swears by crunches. She starts by performing three sets of 40 crunches each. Followed by 10 min. of boxing. Then again three sets of 40 bicycle crunches. Crunches are an intense part of her workout routine. 


Gigi Hadid eating food
Gigi Hadid eating food

These are just a few amongst the set of exercises and training being done by Gigi in her long 4 hour workout sessions. After such long sessions, body do requires a great nutrient rich diet, and so is done by Gigi.

She is no doubt too much fond of food (all those who follow her on Instagram would know this), but she is very consious and particular about what she eats, as food is most essential to maintain those curves and to keep that skin shining as well. Let’s see what is being served in her plates.



Gigi Hadid Diet Plan:


If you are following Gigi for a past few months on Instagram then you would definitely know her love for burgers and fries. Imagine how difficult it would have been for her to curb her cravings while having all these mouth watering dishes in front of you. But yes she manages it all and that too so well.


Gigi Hadid Diet Plan
Gigi Hadid Diet Plan

Gigi always indulges in a healthy diet. She always makes food herself with the help of her juice presser while sitting at the corner of her apartment. Actually Hadid knows how important is it to eat a homemade diet.

She makes sure to drink a lot of water, minimum 3-4 litres each day. It not only helps her stay active and hydrated, but also helps to keep her skin glowing and radiant.

Gigi often avoids evening snacks and loves to grab a glass of juice or eat frsh fruit and vegeatble salad, as it does not adds extra calories, plus provides her body with the vital nutrients.

Gigi has recently been heard saying that she is now more diverted towards vegetarian diet since it is easy to digest, keeps her skin glowing and helps her stay active and fit.

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She relies on natural sources of protein to fulfill her body’s demand of protein instead of having artificial proteins; unlike many other models.

One mantra is that she never forgets to miss her breakfast. She starts her day with a heavy breakfast with coffee before heading for her day.

Eat clean to stay clean and exercise regularly’ is her fitness motto.


Beautiful Gigi Hadid
Beautiful Gigi Hadid


Being Gigi Hadid is not that easy, she is the unparalleled queen of the Fashion World. Always on her toes, lots of assignments and busy workload all this requires her to manage her stamina strength as well as fitness. But she has managed to achieve this, so why can’t you? Just follow her tips and get ready to rock the world with your new avtar.


To know more about Gigi you may follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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