Give your Mother Special Healthy Gift this Mothers Day

Last Updated on July 29th, 2022

A mother spends her entire life in making sure that her family is eating healthy, drinking healthy, sleeping healthy and living healthy. She makes this happens on the account of keeping her own health at stake. Mother wakes up early morning to cook delicious food for you; she sleeps late at night after making sure that everyone is having a sound sleep. As a Mother she also does your laundry, washes your cloth so that you can wear nice clean clothes. She cleans the house and does many more house hold chores.

It is now time for her to take a healthy routine and fitness regime.

This Mothers day let’s gift our mothers something special and healthy.

We encourage every mother to make their health and fitness a priority, because only if she is healthy, her family stays healthy. Mothers are considered next to God and so she makes sure she cares for her family.


mothers day fitness regime
mothers day fitness regime

There are many Healthy Things that Every Mother should Do and we have discussed many such things here.

Moms of every age should follow these steps to live healthy, fitter and safer life.

Eat Healthy

Yes that is really important for mothers specially. Mothers cook food but eats whatever is left over in fridge which is not good for health. Make sure this is now avoided in any case. Take good food and vegetables, freshly cooked food in your diet to stay healthy. Unnecessary fasting is another way she does big torture on her body. Let’s say no to these kind of full day fasting and live healthy lifestyle.


Diet plan which include fruits and vegetables should be followed. This will reduce the risk of many health ailments. Fruits and vegetables helps in making sure body gets all desired nutrients, minerals and fibre that are necessary for fitter body.

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Milk and other protein and calcium rich products should be taken regularly.

A woman tends to have calcium deficiency as they age. To avoid this they should take calcium tablets as well.


Add Walking or Jogging in your Routine

This is really important part that should be included in the daily practice. Most of the days mothers stay at home (housewife) and they have very less physical exercises to do. This tends to reduce their body stamina and efficiency over time. To help save the stamina, regular morning and evening walks or jogging is really a efficient and best way.


There are many benefits of moving your body for physical workout. Some are:-

It helps in controlling your weight, thus helping you in maintain a proper BMI.

Regular walks and jogging helps keep your heart healthy and prevent risk of cardiovascular problems.

Regular walks also helps in keeping problems like back pain, diabetes, thigh problems, joint pains under control.

It also helps in improving your mental and emotional health. Help in keeping you in good mood.


Proper Timely Sleep

Proper 6 hours of minimum sleep is required which should be taken to ensure good health.

Insufficient sleep leads to many problems and also reduces your efficiency over time. It also leads to obesity and depression problems.


Regular Checkups

Yes this is really important because sometimes we neglect the small- small things and end up with really major health problems. To avoid such late risk taking, regular checkups are really important.

Avoid threats common in women like breast cancer, depression and heart problems by having regular checkups. Depression is more common among women than men, science facts explain.

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This helps you understand how your body is performing and how you can better take care of it.

Being a mother is not an easy task and for that she needs to take care of herself of make sure she is able to take care of her family as well.

mothers day healthy tips
mothers day healthy tips

This Mother’s Day, you can skip the flowers and chocolates and give your mother one thing which she really needs— the gift of good health.


Imagine of celebrating mother’s day for very long term by gifting her health and fitness ensuring her well-being.  We are not asking you to gift her gym pass or the treadmill for workout. Give her the health tips and fitness tips and ask her to follow that.

We came up with some pretty good list of healthy gift ideas for every mom.

  • If you feel of gifting her something sweet to show your love and affection towards her, then go for dark chocolate. They are healthy for heart and skin, science explains. It has natural cocoa which is good for heart. It also has antioxidants which help in keeping your skin young and glowing.
  • Take your Mother on some good healthy vacation. Sometimes a family outing helps you keep refreshed and energetic and add days to your life and life to your days.
  • Gift your mom a special health kart coupon and this will make sure she buys something healthy.
  • Take away all the tension from your mother and fix them for her. She is really working out with many tension and problems. Why not to share it and reduce her pain and burden.
  • Let’s do something that your mother wants you to do and you were continuously neglecting it for a long time.
  • Let’s help your mother reduce her work load by providing a helping hand to her. Like a maid, a house cleaner or may be a child care taker.
  • Finally you can make the day special for her by cooking great healthy food for her and letting her know that you are always there to share the love and food with her. And of course, do not forget to clean the kitchen after you are done with making food.
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No Matter whichever way you choose to celebrate her special day for the most special women in your life, do it with love and respect for all that she does for you.


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