Say Good Bye to Calories Without Gym !

Last Updated on December 2nd, 2020

Calories count is very hot topic these days . Everyone is conscious of their figure and weight. But doing long hours of workout at fitness centers or gym is not everybody’s cup of tea. So, here are some easy and alternative ways to reduce your calories and weight, without going to any fitness centers :

lose weight without dieting
lose weight without dietingStand in front of mirror and Eat :
  1. Stand in front of mirror and Eat:

Except for the normal diet, if you feel hungry at any other time, avoid eating food on dining table or sofa set. Stand in front of mirror and eat! According to a research, it is observed that if a person eats in front of mirror then the person is more conscious of their body fitness. Thus, the person will instantly think whether what he/she is eating is good for health or not or if it can cause an increase in body weight.

  1. Wash your Clothes:

People have become so dependable on electronic gadgets like washing machines and vaccum cleaners and this dependency is causing adverse effect on their health. In olden days, people use to do their work on their own whether it be cleaning house or washing clothes and hence, problems like obesity and overweight didn’t persist at that time. So, from today say bye bye to washing machines and start washing clothes with hand. And when you wash your clothes and put them to dry, this complete 30-minute practice will help you burn 120 calories! I hope this information will boost you to follow this activity.

  1. Do other household works:

Apart from washing clothes, there are many other activities which you can do. Think of these activities as daily workout practices. And you will be astonished to know that while cleaning and mobbing, you burn 130 calories, while ironing you can burn 90 calories and while dusting one can burn 100 calories.

  1. Try different Dresses:

If you feel doing household works is boring, then this is a simple activity, and no one had ever thought of it as a way of reducing calories. Just try different dresses of your wardrobe for half to one hour. It’s hard to believe that this simple activity can burn calories but just work it out and you will feel the change.

  1. Go out for shopping:

Going out for shopping is a good way of reducing calories. Even if you do not need anything, just go out for window shopping because you burn lot of calories while roaming in mall. Researchers have confirmed that walking in mall for 3 -4 hours with shopping bags in hand is sure to reduce your weight.

  1. Dance:

Just play your favorite song and dance on! Don’t worry even if you don’t know how to dance, practice dancing in your private area like your room or study where you can lock. The main objective is to let go your body with the flow. Dancing burns a lot of calories. It is a perfect exercise with enjoyment. Or you can call your friends at home on weekend and plan a dance party.

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zumba or dance fun workout
zumba or dance fun workout


  1. Stability Ball:

The easiest replacement of workout at home is stability ball. Use of stability ball can burn many unit of calories. While surfing on internet or reading newspaper, sit on stability ball instead of a sofa or chair.

  1. Eating Chewing-Gums:

Eating chewing gums, is a good way of mouth exercise. It is proven that chewing gum for a long duration can actually cut the fay content at facial areas, specially cheeks and chins. Apart from this, it also reduces your temptation of eating anything else while you are chewing it, hence it cuts the diet and in the mean time the requirement of energy is fulfilled by the food already inside, hence helps reducing the belly.


lose weight at home
lose weight at home

Try these easy activities and say good bye to calories . We can easily live a healthy life , by just making a little bit changes in day-to-day activities . You can make a new year resolution of following any of these activities daily and feel the change. Have a Happy and Healthy Life !

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