Are you Following a Good Workout Routine ? Find Best Workout Tips Here

Body needs regular stretching and movement to stay in the best shape and good workout routine is one of the best ways to make sure your body is fit and strong.

Doing 30 min of daily workout is sufficient and you do not have to slog yourself for hours to meet the minimum requirement for staying fit.

What all you can do in a 30 min workout?

There are many things you can do to give yourself a good 30 min workout.

Starting with a 5 min of stretching exercise is good before you start with the core and heavy weight workout. Stretching is necessary and you should not miss it. Stretching helps to heat up the body and prepare it for more heavy workout. Jumping directly to heavy workout can cause muscle strain or muscle rupture also.

Then do 3 different workouts in the interval of 10 min each. By interval I mean each exercise of 3 sets should complete in 10 mins time frame. This is how you break a 30 min workout into 3 exercises of 10 mins each.

Each workout should be of 3 sets each having a repetition of 15 to 20.

So total you are doing 9 sets for 3 exercises. That totals to 180 repetitions in 30 min if you are doing each set of 20 reps.

For example

You decided to do a biceps workout or Legs workout.

So for the first workout exercise start with a medium weight and do 20 reps. 

After a 1 min break, do another set of the same exercise with some what heavy weights. Again follow the same number of reps or may be slightly less. But try to get 20 reps if possible.

Now take a 2 min break and then do the same exercise with a heavy weight and try to do at least 15 reps with that.

This completes 1 cycle of exercise, and you have to do this for 2 more exercise.

Another example where you want to do workout for weight loss. You can divide the 30 min workout like this :- 

10 min on treadmill with low to high speed and just 1 small break of 1 min after 5 min of running.

Next follow up with 10 min crunches. Do 3 sets again with 50 reps each.

Last 10 min you can do 

You can check out what all weight loss exercises you can do in 30 min here in our post.



Good Workout Routine for men and women
Good Workout Routine for men and women

Never go Empty Stomach

Now another important thing that you should remember is never do workouts on empty stomach. It is really bad even if you want to lose weight. Try to have a coffee (if weight loss is your target) or banana shake (if weight gain/muscle gain is your target) before workout. Sprouts are also good pre workout food.

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Other foods like avocado shake, oats meal, raw banana, mix salad, juices are also good pre workout food.

To stay focused and perform your 30 min workout with full energy you need to have something before workout. Also do not jump to workout immediately after eating or drinking something. There should be a 15 min difference between your food and workout session.


What next immediately after the workout?

Now most people after workout, jump to protein shake or eggs. But the correct suggestion is to relax your body for 5 to 10 min after workout and go for a hot water bath. This will help relax your muscles and will refresh you. After bath take a good protein diet which may include eggs, shakes, paneer salad, pulses etc.

You can check out some good protein diet plan for workout.


Workout tips for bodybuilders
Workout tips for bodybuilders


Tips for Healthy You with Workout

When relaxing immediately after workout, do not sit in AC directly after workout. Your body is fully heated up with intensive 30 min workout and you do not want to catch fever or running nose. Avoid AC, cooler, or fan after workout. Sit in normal temperature and relax your muscles.

Good sleep and rest is very important after heavy weight workout when you are planning to gain muscles or some good weight. But if you are planning to lose weight, avoid resting much except for good sleep at night.

Few things that you should always remember while doing workout – 

Slow And Focus

Always do your exercise slowly and with focus. Most of the people complete there reps very fast and think of it as an achievement while it is not. 

Doing the exercise slowly, actually helps you achieve your goal faster. The slow movement of muscles put more pressure and make the workout harder which is why it is more fruitful. You will have more pain but that pain is actually what you need to build muscles.

Usually we do the reps faster and body in motion tries to stay in motion and hence less force is required to complete it. On the other hand if you do your reps slowly, more force will be required to complete the full swing of the exercise which is good and healthy.

how to have Good Workout Routine
how to have Good Workout Routine

Guide or Helper

Another important thing to remember while doing weight lifting workout is that, never do that in the absence of a guide or person to support. Sometimes you think you can complete the last reps and your body gives up. At that instant you need the extra help from outside.


Do not miss your 3rd set

It is because most of the gain is going to happen in your 3rd set of the exercise. It is easy to understand as we know 1st and 2nd set we were doing with medium and slightly heavy weights.

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Always do the exercise in the correct posture. 

This is really important because if you are doing wrong workout, it won’t be helpful. Instead it may create new issues for you. Every exercise is build to help some part of the body. You must know which part of the body should be under pressure and force when doing a particular workout. No other body part should be getting the unnecessary pain or force.

An easy example to help you understand is the biceps workout with dumbbells. When you are doing it, you should be seeing extra pressure on your biceps and not on your legs or backbone. But people while pulling the dumbbells, move their back to get the extra force and pressure to swing the dumbbells which is wrong. You should not use any other part of body for getting the required swing or pressure on biceps.

If this is the case, reduce the weight as your body is simply not able to carry that much weight on biceps. Or reduce the reps if that is happening after some time.

Another good example is with squats in legs workout.

While doing squats, make sure your posture is correct and you are doing it properly. Wrong posture can lead to many problems, hernia or pain in the abdomen being one of them.


Music as a motivator and healer.

Try to have music in the background if your are doing intense workout. Music helps to motivate you while doing workout. Some good music will help you sail through the workout session easily. You won’t even notice where your 30 mins are gone.

You can check out the complete info on how music helps in workout here in our post.


best workout tips
best workout tips

Workout in Morning or Evening

Do you workout in the morning time. Morning is the best time to take the good workout routine or yoga exercises due to multiple reasons.

  1. The air is good and will help you perform better.
  2. The natural climate and temperature is pleasant and most suitable for exercises.
  3. You won’t be missing workouts if you take morning routine. Most of the time evenings are occupied with something or the other. We tends to book evening for spending some family time hence better to go for morning workout routine.
  4. Your body is in good state to take the heat of workout and exercise. By evening most of the people gets tired with daily routine work and miss the good workout routine.
  5. Yoga and meditation works well with fresh air in the morning and so do workout and exercise. You can give your 100 percent there.
  6. Your mind is not preoccupied with any other work in the morning because you have just woke up from dreams and this is the best time to focus on your body.
  7. Sweating in the morning and then taking a good hot water bath is very much already part of your daily routine. Starting a day with good mood is all you need.
  8. You feel energetic and confident after workout and this will help you throughout the day.
  9. Evening workouts are tired-some and you are left with no other choice but to eat and suffice with 1 single diet for the rest of the day.
  10. With morning workout you have the complete day to fulfil your diet needs and thus helping your body to recover faster.
  11. You cannot eat much in night after evening workouts. Your body health very much depends on this famous statement :- “In breakfast eat like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. Conclusion of the statement is very simple – Breakfast is the most important and crucial meal of the day. Never miss the breakfast.
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Note :- Many people who are on weight loss diet plan or follow some diet plan for the same, often thinks that skipping breakfast will help them losing weight. This is not the right assumption. They couldn’t be more wrong.


What diet routine to follow for the rest of the day?

Usually workouts are hectic so you will be feeling hungry the complete day. Try to fill in with good protein diet. Have more water throughout the day. Taking a good amount of water will help in healing faster and removing toxic from body. Eat different types of dry fruits and nuts along with juices and shakes. Have more green vegetables in your diet. Do not forget to make sure you are not skipping your 3 important meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner.


So you are now able to get the correct understanding of many important workout routine tips and facts. With these in mind start your good workout routine now and make a good difference in your health and fitness.


Stay Healthy Stay Fit

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